The 3 laws that govern the whole Universe

14 August 2018 0

Once again this is some rubbish behind a misleading title just to get you like a trap would get mosquitoes. Perhaps you might think that but when you’ll reach the end of this article you […]

3D or 5D: What is this big dimensional mess?

13 August 2018 0

Whatever the disciplines, there is always a specific terminology which annoys a lot of those who are not aware of it. However nowadays, considering the “new world” terminology, the descriptions as per 3D, 4D, 5D […]

The Humanity’s cube, watzehek?

1 August 2018 0

Is this again a drift or a vision of the raving chief who particularly likes small cubes? The answer is no, but I have to proceed gradually because, as you know, we have a lot […]

The Sun, the 3 grids and the DNA

26 June 2018 0

Before we understand what « Sun » really means, not like scientist’s small-thinking who only see in it, hydrogen and helium burning on millions of degrees, let’s continue like the previous article « The Moon, its secrets […]

The Dweller on the Threshold

13 June 2018 0

Within spiritual mythology, there is an individual that pre-human beings* call the Dweller of Threshold. This one is not the type of character seen in some films or comics. In fact, he has no representation, […]

The moon, its secrets and its effects

8 June 2018 1

The moon has always inspired poets as much as authors of scary novels since men kind feels that this astronomical body possesses a powerful influence on them. They have no clues how they know but […]

What makes Urantia-Gaia so special?

18 May 2018 0

If you ask this question to a pre-human he will answer you that it is because that the human-kind is the most evolved creature in the Universe. This extra egotistic behavior is of no surprise. […]

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