3D or 5D: What is this big dimensional mess?

Whatever the disciplines, there is always a specific terminology which annoys a lot of those who are not aware of it. However nowadays, considering the “new world” terminology, the descriptions as per 3D, 4D, 5D are very trendy.

3D means the 3rd dimension, and of course, everybody is thinking of the x, y, and z three-dimensional space. A few clever clogs push the boundaries till the 4D that represents the time (time-space). However, they are completely wondering about the 5D! Please, Maestro, be kind enough to give us some explanations…

To remain in the vein of time-space, we might very well dream that the 5th dimension would be that of the heart, that of true love. In fact, it is too of an embryonic parameter (with a very tiny development) within the humans.

When I am mentioning humans, in fact, to be more accurate I should rather say pre-humans*. Indeed, if we really were to integrate the true Love in our relationships, we would never again experience neither wars nor fights. For, no separation from the “other” worlds would simply take place anymore.

*pre-human is our current state of evolution as we haven’t achieved our full human potential.

Please, let me dream of a next space where the energy of love (love-energy) would be fully displayed. Then, we might very well feel like cool dudes, fortunately without smoking any herbs.

Well, it would be so great being zen among other zen people. People would be liable without being too much serious. They would be respectful but subject to no life codes, neither to more and more restrictive laws which confine us within the showing off.

I can’t help waiting for being in the 5D, this famous 5th Dimension, whose information will be broadcast on 3D TV …. When pigs fly! Just think about the true incompatibility between the 3D journalism and what is going to happen in 5D.

Well, this preamble has not yet described what the 5D is, isn’t it? In fact, it is the one that comes right after the 4D, the one we have absolutely ignored when we “fell down” to 3D. However, we might imagine that there is also a 2D and a 1D.

Yes, of course, # 1 is the first to start, because, at 0, we were still in the inter-dimensional vacuum wondering what kind of occupation we could implement! That’s the reason why we incarnated within a density, commonly called “Dimension”.

Indeed, as we were an idle soul, we have decided to incarnate ourselves within the 1st Dimension which belongs to the mineral world. Yes indeed, before our incarnation as a human being, we happily started our experimentation life as a stone.

Far from being pejorative, a stone is to be considered much more than a stone, for this latter is a crystal which is going to display a crystalline Light vibration. Then, within its structure, this crystal will record the information harbored in the Solar Light.

A stone is always cold because its level of “evolution” is not high enough to contain the Light of Life as we are experiencing it. This Light of Life is the one which provides the heat together with the movement, especially that one.

For example, a soul has succeeded with an incarnation into a dense material called a crystal. When it is finished with its experience with the different colors of the rainbow (diamond, ruby, emerald, and so on… pertaining to “purity”) then it will look for an incarnation in any kind of minerals in order to reach the next class, that is the 2D.

At that level, the soul group will be called Devas or Spirits. Of course, they are necessarily in a very close relationship with the 4 elements. And so it is also with the related energies being completely active in the 2D.

The 2nd dimension is the vegetal world. A plant is a mineral in motion. It is being built according to the instructions that are forwarded by the solar Light and breathed by the Light of Life.

That kind of collective souls is known as having a certain number of names. In our tales and stories, our forefathers could communicate with them. Further on, we will see why nowadays and, in most of the cases, this communication is impossible for the normal human being we are. They have been called elves, fairies, salamander, dwarfs, sylphs, and water sprites.

And once, because our soul was very tired from being anchored to the Earth, it decided to experience the concept of movement. That is to be able to escape when somebody is somewhat bothering you.

This world of evolution is called the 3D, that is to say, the place where the animals dwell. This extends from insects to mammals bearing any ramifications we know, such as the fishes, the birds, snakes, crawling animals and any species related to them.

Thus, the 3D is a dimension dedicated to learning and incarnation for the most trained and experienced and strongest entities. This is because it generates a physical movement but also a certain kind of power.

In fact, neither the tree nor the plant, are wondering either where they have to go, or what they will have to eat, or with whom they could get well along with. However, the animal has to make decisions and react accordingly.

These decisions are based on the instinct and immediate survival of the species. Thus it seems that there is a kind of collective memory to whom each individual is permanently connected. Therefore, here we can speak about collective souls one per species. However, they are having various kinds of experiments.

You may as well be a horse together being once a pony as well, and also a work-horse or may be a thoroughbred… The 3D world is a world showing a certain “competition”. Usually balanced by nature, this process is being called ecology.

Well, we had a challenge: either graze the cabbage leaf when we were a caterpillar or eat up one’s neighbor or eat up small beings (the law of the jungle). However, there is another group of human beings, let’s admit a certain elite, who have made up their mind. This group is now ready to upgrade towards the 4D.

The 4D is the dimension where the upgrading entity will experience what free will is. i.e. the ability to change its own way according to its desires. Therefore, the soul had to become individual so as to undertake its own choices (with a lack of democracy).

The responsibility regarding these choices and decisions led necessarily to the creation of an individual memory. The aim of that was for the soul to rectify what has not been understood or incorrectly experienced formerly (same meaning). It is being called Karma.

Precisely, only a human being is experiencing karma. Therefore, he is the only one to receive cuffs even though his mother was a saint! As compared to the human beings, the animals and the plants are enveloped by a kind of cotton cloud. In fact, should the carnivorous pike eats up 3 baby frogs nobody will punish this fish because he is, understandably, doing its job.

The 4D implies a brain management through a kind of « ethic » or a code of good behavior with regard to the Creation. Thus, the individual received a “heart” being the link with the Divine Spark well hidden within. Hence, the purpose of that heart was to enable the individual to listen to his Little Inner Voice.

Upon the Earth, and as it seemed to be promising, the original idea was to promote the human being as the chief-guardian of the Creation which had been set up within this world. Everything went right during a certain amount of time, nevertheless…

It was so beautiful that a few « aliens » claimed for themselves the right to operate and change the process at the very time the human soul was still so innocent. Rapidly, we fell downwards in the 3D.

As a result, we have started our living like animals do, however, our “mechanic” was recording everything. In fact, this is still valid just in case you would be ready to make your neighbor full of regrets to have been born, together with your whole entourage too.

Precisely, we are on a bad trip, especially when the cosmic clock (the one dealing with the planet revolutions) has organized our possible moving to 5D as of the end of 2012. This is the end of a time.

At school, it is possible to repeat grades during a certain amount of time. Regarding our stay on Earth, this is also possible, this will not, however, be feasible as far as all our lives are concerned. Would you imagine a guy that starts school in the first grade when he is 5, and then who is still attending the same classroom 70 years later? It’s not exactly what is expected, is it? Since we have been repeating our grades for 8.000 years!

Really, the 5D is waiting for us with open arms however we are absolutely not ready at all. Let me give you some more information so as you may understand what’s that all about.

The 1D is associated with your 1st chakra (root). That’s the Earth energy which goes up and flows between our legs. It’s the crystal strength, and also that of Mother Earth core, which is called Agartha. For the human being, a perfect health within a perfect body is thus brought to evidence.

The 2D is associated with your 2nd chakra (navel). It is the home of sexuality, and the family, and the social aspect. As a matter of fact, a stone has no reproductive capacity. However the vegetal world, through all its flowers is a wonderful reproductive medium.

Since Mother Nature is so generous, some categories of cattle have been especially dedicated to meadows mowing. These ones belong to the 3D and thus will be controlled by specific predators. This is our 3rd chakra level (solar plexus).

Thus, this is a brain (plants don’t have any) and, therefore, it is an approach to a decision-making power with the possibility to claim who is allowed to live or who has to die. There is no distinction at that level anyhow, whoever the newborn or the old person will have no choice but abide by or try to escape.

In a word, at this 3rd level, the living is according to one’s instinct, and survival, and reproduction and power. All the animals are naturally listening to their Little Inner Voice whose origin is the soul group. Otherwise, all of them would have grown very fat…

Then comes the 4D, which is associated with the 4th chakra (the heart chakra), where unconditional love is to be found. Besides being the chakra of unconditional Love, this is the chakra of loving-kindness, and of compassion, and of respect. At that level, one is fully responsible of himself, and of its thoughts, and of his words, and of his actions.

Indeed, I can conceive that the human being has remained quite a long time in this dimension. In fact, all the ancient writings do mention that. However, since then, water has flowed under the bridges. In fact, it’s exactly since the deluge that we have been caught very deeply by the involution.

Precisely, since we fell back to 3D with 4D potential, as a result, historically we are the biggest predator. Since we are doing what we are expected to do so seriously, we are destroying everything as much as possible, for we have forgotten how to listen to our Little Inner Voice.

In other words, we all became « Rambo » within a world without a true defense system. Thus it’s very easy to proclaim that we are the best ones. It’s unequal, like the clay pot against the iron pot, we all know who is going to win, don’t we?

Here is another information, as follows: being a vegan, will help your second chakra to be in accordance with your digestive system related to it. Should you feed it with any 3D grown food, it might very well lead to its death. Therefore your 2nd chakra will somewhat restrain the straight energy flow. Using this technique only a minimum of energy is flowing to your 1st chakra. This is inducing old-age and diseases, and so on…

However, as far as the pre-human is concerned it seems normal to him to be a meat eater. Would you ever put any diesel fuel in your gasoline tank? I wouldn’t even mention sexuality, which could be almost compared with that of the animals, apart from the “love” period which has been extended to the whole year (a “gift” from the 4D!).

Don’t you think there is anything wrong with all that? Well, the 5D is eagerly awaiting us, and in a few years from now, we are going to feel like a young student jumping from the 3rd grade, or even perhaps from the 1st grade to the 6th grade.

I just can’t imagine how an individual who has been used to attend a single class with a single teacher (ref. the institutions) could be able to move on. As a matter of fact, this individual will have to truly find a way to learn and grow by himself.

For sure, my strongest recommendation for you is: do love yourself unconditionally. Thus, it means that we will have to assimilate in a few years what could have taken a few millennia to learn.

At our level, the 4D is going to be extremely short since moving from 3D to 5D will happen almost directly. Thus, it is quite understandable that it will be difficult for a certain number of people to catch what’s going on. They will probably react according to the 3D rules, that is to say, “like in the old times”.

We might very well see a big human mess around us, either because the people won’t find anymore their social standing (i.e. for the hard-working ones and for the Unions leaders). That is either because they will be starving (for the emerging countries) or because they won’t be able to put their set of ethics forth (the religions).

To be clear, as well the forthcoming 5D is going to offer us what we desire at the utmost (that is peace, and joy, and respect), and a great deal of the human beings will be tearing at each other, as well.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to:

  • remain centered and to try to keep this state of consciousness,

  • not to be hooked-up to duality while staring outside or making a judgment,

  • listen to your heart instead of your quite unsteady intellect,

  • be full of compassion, but do not be subject to the others’ emotions as well as yours,

  • unconditionally accept who you are, for you have no more time to settle your scores,

  • love and be respectful to your body and acknowledge it as your temple within,

  • no longer get involved in the others’ life or that of the institutions, either directly or indirectly,

  • let go anything holding you tight, for each link will be a rope that will make you go downwards while the boat is sinking,

  • learn how to live with the essential things, for life and the others will remove the unnecessary from you.

Whether you agree or not, our passing exam has begun and the Celestial mechanics won’t just stop due to our everlasting complaints. On the other side of the veil, they are really tired of such attitudes, even though they keep telling us that they do love us very much. It is the similar thing with our young children, we do love them very much, even though they are given us a hard time…

We are going to receive a warning shot, hence we’d better remain as fluid as the air element. Be airy, for the density is going to be shaken as it has never been previously.

To be clear, the people who won’t be able to pass the examination will be forwarded to another 3D world (there are lots of them in our universe). The beings who will have succeeded in being transferred to the 5D (those being able to bear the new energies as well physically, and emotionally, and mentally) will have to deal with the elimination of “a few” residual impurities.

The soul is remaining in a timeless environment. Thus the beings who have been successful with their passing test will be requested to assist those who will have to repeat their class. In fact, the human Soul is ONE and indivisible even though it is individualized during its incarnations.

That’s why, later on when we have all reached the 5D at least (some of us will dwell in the 6D already, and perhaps be further in the 7D), we shall be in charge of a teaching mission. This will be mentioned in one of the forthcoming articles.

Nevertheless, for the more assiduous ones, you could have a good assessment as per the 6D & 7D when reading about the characteristics of the related chakras. It is truly fascinating, for we can be connected with these various levels in our daily life, as opposed to our thinking which is much too linear, unfortunately.

As a matter of fact, we have 7 physical chakras very well nested within despite our 7 original planes of being. Thus we can experience telepathy (6D) even though we are still living in the 3D. The only difficult thing is to remain permanently in such a state.

In 5D, we will be able to physically materialize anything we have in our mind. Therefore, you may imagine that we are going to see some fun upon our arrival in the upper class. This will especially be true for it will be impossible neither to lie nor to hide anything from anybody since we shall be telepathic beings…

Join us for a follow-up in a forthcoming episode!

Laurent DUREAU

Article originally published on the blog “Boost your influence” on June 8th, 2009 and updated on August 2, 2012 – blog 345D.

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