When human love will evolve: the colors

31 January 2019 0

In a different article, I talked briefly about the big rules that allowed us to understand why the piano keys are laid in a certain way and why the whole world agree with it. I […]

The 7 levels of harmonization (1): chakras (1)

24 October 2018 0

Several sciences describe in their own way what the 7 planes of the human being’s existence are. They are actually 12 but in the physical plane, we can only acces the first six knowing that the 7th is a […]

The Evolution of the Atomic Circle of Life

29 September 2018 0

Well as promised in “other revelations on the Atomic circle”, I now address what happened before the ascension to then find out what’s going to happen during and after. In fact, everything is changing, everything […]

The Super Universes and Us

19 September 2018 0

In a recent past, it seems that we were believing that we were alone in the Universe.   Of course, there was less access to information than today, but it’s not the most amazing. Which leaves […]

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