The Sun, the 3 grids and the DNA

Before we understand what « Sun » really means, not like scientist’s small-thinking who only see in it, hydrogen and helium burning on millions of degrees, let’s continue like the previous article « The Moon, its secrets and its effects ».

The Sun is at first, the residence of a Guiding Spirit who has reached the Mother-Father level that is the ultimate link of an explicit experimentation. At this moment, things are still unclear because I have not written about it yet.

With one idea, you can have a lot of different options. When you choose one way rather than another, the idea gets increased in all the ways of possible choices like a tree with its branches.

A process exists to move from the conceptual world to the real world and it takes some time. So a “first idea” created a « Super universe » which began to create as many local-universes as possible choices at the first level.

Then, level by level, we arrive at a level where the Sun has the mission to test 10 different options and one of these options will bring together all the untested options.

It means that every Sun throws out of himself as many planets as he needs to try each of the 9 main options out. On the 10th planet, everything else should be tried out. This latter is like an « all-possible-melting-pot » planet.

The best evidence is that Urantia is, as a matter of fact, the « mess-planet », the only place in the system where you can do everything. In fact, a Venusian has never been in war because on his planet, there is only one ancestry, with the same color of skin and the same mental program. That is why it is easy to stay in the flow of love and peace.

On Earth, it is more complicated. Even if we have the same color of blood, we still fight to the death because one has white skin, the other has black skin, red skin, yellow skin, is smaller or taller, has a different education or language. Imagine when we speak the same language (the universal language) when racialism is over, and we follow the same rules! It is gonna be a great change!

Our Sun is the house of the couple Mother-Father Vesta and Helios. Their goal is to have babies and make sure that each of them is comfortable to feed himself, to grow up and to welcome the instructions.

They were children before they became Mother-Father, as well as pre-humans, we used to be children before we became parents. When we are “crowned”, that means that we have stood in front of the Almighty in his chapel, where our upward spirit has got married with our downward spirit.

Soon you will read an article which explains how one day we will become parents, Father-Mother, Sun or galaxies in the next Super-universe of the second atomic life circle.

We are the next seeds, but for now, the Almighty is waiting to choose the best seeds to get sowed at the right moment, at the right place and with the best circumstances. This is why we have to move on to the 4D5D.

Our Sun provides life on Earth like a parent. He warms us up, lights us and educates us. His sunbeams warm up and light up all of us, while the moonbeams educate us (see the article: The Moon, its secrets and its effects).

To give birth to a child (meaning a planet), the Sun has to throw out a fetus (the core) whom position has already been told. The propelled core belongs to the crystalline structure which is a highly advanced mathematics of the Almighty; this explains how powerful the crystal masters are.

Then once the core is put into orbit, a substance will take place at a certain distance from the core and wrap it (like a planet around the sun or the moon around the Earth).

The principal core is spherical because of the feminine aspect (the circle), the masculine aspect is represented by powerful vibratory mathematics codes (the sacred geometry).

This earth’s crust will be formed at the exact middle between the atomic grid (4 vital forces, the 4 elements) and the crystalline grid (which will contain the life programs we have to try).

Without these 3 grids, life could not expand itself. The solar grid is the vibratory skeleton which is in charge to create a holographic room.

This three-dimensional system allows the 4 elements to get organized and have a specific form from the atomic grid.

Then the magnetic grid put in form the organization and interaction between all forms of life that would have been created by the 4 elements.

We can understand that each disturbance or charging inside the crystalline grid level will definitely impact all the system. It means that Kryeon has sewed our magnetic grid back on, tore up by our mental and emotional emanations.

Then, the collective Soria did the same thing at the level of the atomic grid of male nature (the awareness and the knowledge). Plainly, the real knowledge was breathed into the human beings during their sleep and is friendly trumpeted by some having finally opened their eyes.

Via channeling, printed books, and blogs, this awareness becomes more and more accessible to those who want to go farther to their understanding of the “real” world!

When we speak about new energies, people often think of a comet or something which comes from space but believe me, it comes especially from the inside.

As such, when we have evolved enough (by accepting that the earth is hollow), we can get back in touch with our inner-earth brothers who are already there in 4D5D. You go to tell me that it is normal because they are closer to the Source…

Yes, the interstellar journeys will not pass by rockets, but by the core’s center of the Earth where all the inter-dimensional vortex are connected. The Stargate is under our feet and it leads directly to our sun and to the other planets of the solar system.

It is only after the harmonization of our solar system that we shall be authorized to go on other suns to meet other forms of life. It will not prevent a few extraterrestrials from giving a hand to us, because anyway, they pass through the center of the Earth…

Understand that the inter-dimensional pipes (vortexes) follow very specific routes, as umbilical cords connect the baby to the mum. Thus, Urantia has her own string, a silver string which makes that she is alive.

At the level of a human being, the process is identical in the outside. You know, it is about the microcosm and the macrocosm… You know, this light which says that all which is inside is also outside. Well, to realize it is already a big step towards the ascent.

Then, not so long ago, we were told that there had been finally an alignment of the magnetic grid with the atomic grid. Those who were between both were aligned!

These famous energies about which we speak, and which give us some strange symptoms (see the article “Symptoms connected to the new energies”), are in fact that the result of an alignment between our feminine side and masculine side.

The matter reacts strongly to it as we do too while preparing us for the new dimension which comes. This new dimension is only a higher vibration than the older, that of the 3D.

So, when you are told that it is necessary to let go and to walk straight ahead with faith towards the 4D, it is because we cannot really live in both dimensions at the same time, physically speaking.

By freeing us at the mental level, we get free at the level of the body which then can be reorganized itself according to the new energies and the instructions. You understand that to love our body became vital for those who will want to ascend while staying in a vehicle of material.

Now that the 3D is not going to be fed anymore (date of the beginning of the stop 9.9.2009 and date of the end planned by the stop on 12.12.2012), it is going to have severe floating in the three-dimensional organization of the 3D there.

Says otherwise, when your body is sick and when you are on your deathbed, it is necessary to expect some very real pains while facing a total disconnection with the outside to concentrate you on yourself (no thinking about how are my rosebushes watered and my doggie well fed?).

Now, I hope that you understand better the channellings which tell you not to worry too much about your material assets, about your pension and some more about your job. That is going to gun down hard in that respect!

The last speaker is the Cristal-master who comes to revisit the core of Urantia to realign directly Urantia herself. We understand that there are memory failures at the employees to this ascent because, in fact,  in a way, we are going to pass from Windows to a Linux.

We are going to be able to protect one or two files on a USB key whereas our hard disk will be totally reformated. You understand that the souvenir of the holidays or the close friends (deceased or not) is going to become obsolete.

Then, for those who have already taken the way of the 4D5D, it is not necessarily a picnic but you can imagine how it is for those who still live in full 3D by saying all the rest it is only bullshit.

They are going be aligned triply: magnetically (the feelings are going to dance in all the corners – in other words, an all-out emotional mess), Atomically with a profound mental reorganization, and finally “crystallinely” by a reorganization of their physical body via the DNA.

Indeed, each of the grid is connected to a stalk of DNA. Strands 1 and 2 were for the double helix so that we can live between 2 electrodes that are the magnetic and atomic grids.

The 3rd physical strand corresponds to the crystalline grid. The coming of the crystal master means that our body is going to mutate towards a new race which will be compatible with the inter-dimensional travels.

For the record, I put you this small board where I had colored in blue, red and pink 3 helixes of our dense DNA.

So if you look closer, you will understand that the realignment of our DNA by the Crystal Master (in front of 1D) is necessarily going to blow up the veil of oblivion, because when we are reconnected we will be able to talk the universal language used by animals because we shall be in the 4D ( red line).

I smile beforehand when you begin to hear your dog telling you that he’s fed up with your moaning and that your industrial dry food makes him constipated! Keep the faith, you will need to keep faith to accept that you don’t become crazy, then imagine those who believe only what they see!

So, by putting everyone on agreement on line 1 (the 1D – minerals), it will complete the work made by Kryeon on the 3rd line (the blue) and by the Soria collective on the line 2 who will have put our concepts straight.

By the same plan, we understand that our passage in 4D5D is directly connected to the crystalline grid situated in 4D. Remind yourselves the 3 floors rocket (body, spirit, soul).

If our body is in 4D, the soul will be in 5D, and thus our spirit in 6D. It is the reason why the title ” Being Human” is in front of the line of the 5D. Well, we shall be very completely on the upper floor, at the level of the subtle bodies…

[About that, you can so deduct the other titles ” Being Solar ” and ” Being Divine ” by looking closer at the board and how the hexagrams are linked]

And then, just a little time will be needed to clean the line of 6D where still be some emotional slags cornered in our current carcass.

If we want to ascend with our current body, a physical reorganization will be done, but this will not necessarily impact the cleaning in the emotional, mental or spiritual body.

Let say that we shall have made a tiny bit of housework, and more work will be asked before we really put us in the job in our next allocation.

It is planned a timeless time for it. We are going to be done up mechanically, but later it will be necessary for us to roll up the sleeves and our biological meter will be disconnected for that purpose.

Well, we will not grow old until we have finished cleaning. On the other side, the time does not really exist, and as anyway, we shall not have rent or taxes anymore to be paid, we can pause a little, but not too long all the same…

Laurent Dureau

Article published originally on the 4D5D blog on September, 12th 2009 and updated on the 345D Blog on August, 4th 2012

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