What is multidimensionality?

It is true that everyone is talking about it but, to tell the truth, no one truly understands what that means exactly. Everyone tries to get a small idea about it, and not to look foolish while discussing but, in the end, it is far from being clear!

Nowadays, when indeed the 3rd, the 4th and the 5th dimensions (“3D”, “4D” & “5D”) begin to emerge in the dictionary of connected people, the notion of “dimension” is only scratching the surface. It’s easy to prove. You just need to listen to the questions about it, but particularly to realize how deep is already anchored the belief: “am I in 3D, 4D or 5D?”

Just asking the question like this, shows a profound ignorance of what a dimension is but, above all, what is the famous multidimensionality. This last word is made up of “multi” which means several. Therefore, how to answer: “am I in 5D?” when one is in several of them at the same time?

Now, you see how easy it is to prove that many people on the path of ascension use words without really knowing what it is. You will tell me that it is not new because all bunch of other words got shredded by guessing such as Love, Freedom, Brotherhood and many others!

So, before unraveling all this, let’s start with an axis of multidimensionality that every human being knows and lives daily. As a matter of fact, by definition, every living organism is a cluster of several simultaneous dimensions otherwise it simply could not exist.

Let’s simply take the 1st dimension of matter. Without matter, you would not have a physical body. Considering the latter, you understand that, in itself, it’s already a huge exploration. Indeed, this body is made of numerous parts that are all interdependent and interlock.

If they weren’t, you simply couldn’t walk, move an arm or even just do anything in this world. If the official medicine has taken so many centuries to discover “how it works” to be able to repair it, just imagine the complexity of how the physical body works.

Hence, the physical body is a dimension and it is the one with the lowest vibration. I call it the vehicle or the equivalent of a complete car. It is a dimension to which we must pay our attention regularly (for instance washing, walking and doing some exercise), and if there is a piece missing (an arm, a leg or a breast), it will necessarily change your life and your worldview.

The 2nd dimension is what animates it. This is the energetic body (or etheric if you prefer). Usually, we rather see this body as the health one. Indeed, who does not have to care for his/her health and to be in good shape? Everyone is concerned, even when one is young and careless to the point of ruining it quickly (his/her youth) by ways of mass destruction (cigarettes, alcohol, sugars and junk food).

Sooner or later, you will have to deal with this topic with full awareness because it will really be part of your everyday life. Look, there are already two dimensions to live at the same time and it is far from being straightforward, especially when you start to age… These 2 dimensions alone fill plenty of hours of your day (repair, care and use, healing, to wash, to eat, getting your ass moving not to become a vegetable…).

So now, let’s move on to the 3rd dimension: the mental body. The aim of the latter is to properly manage the 1st two dimensions in 3D (with the action in a material environment) and to obey another dimension called Soul. It is, in a way, the car driver or the driver of the soul taxi.

Imagine that this dimension includes the driving of the vehicle (reading, writing, understanding the dialect and local customs to get the driver’s license) while accumulating the function of obeying orders and performing them joyfully and in a good mood. In other words, “be at the service of…” the 4th dimension that is our Soul.

This “3D” is also very time-consuming in our lives. Especially as it is stuck with something called the emotional body. The latter is really out of this world because it also gives a hard time to many of us. This emotional body is in some way a 3D degeneration of something called feelings.

Indeed, the feeling is the body that animates the 4D (the Heart – the Soul) but which, in contact with the mental-ego, has become something as twisted as the ego itself. I could almost say that emotions are ego’s rags. Without emotion, your ego could not have control over you… And as the ego manipulates our mind according to its rules, emotions go in the same direction…

Simply put, when we will have ascended, our emotional body will have roughly gone through the same fate than the ego: the graveyard. I know it may be tough for some of you (men and women), but it will not change anything about it. It’s only when you will know the difference between feeling and emotion that you will truly understand what I’m talking about.

The feeling belongs to the 4D, and it has nothing to do with 3D’s emotions. So, those who want the adrenaline rush to feel alive and exist will simply not ascend. In 5D, peace and harmony cannot be compatible with anger, resentment, irritation, and impatience all emanating from the egotism…

In other words, it is not the taxi driver, with his moods, who will lead upon his delirious ideas. This taxi driver, if he wants to ascend, will have to recognize that he does not decide the destination and that his first role is to drive with skills and serenity this embodiment taxi, this vehicle of experiments within duality. And, this is a full-time job, a fixed-term contract (FTC) that will be rewarded by a universal currency called unconditional love.

The clicking of unconditional love coins is called joy, and you can hear it loud and clear when you are at peace! This is why, when you are in joy, people come to you… You have some change and they want to do business with you!

The 4th dimension is, therefore, that of the “Universal Treasure” where the vibration of the heart increases the meter of your inner wealth. We all know that when one is rich inside, the outer one is of much lesser importance. The latter attracts more the “tax collectors” who, in some way or another, will fleece you anyway (wealth that you will not take with you to Heaven…)!

This 4th dimension also requires a lot of attention because being the home of our inner child, we need to be attentive to his/her babbling. It’s as much work as a personified baby except that, in this case, you don’t need bucks to feed him/her… Thus, as the saying goes: each one will receive according to her/his vibration, i.e. according to his/her inner richness.

Much of the first two dimensions (physical and energetic body) are the Earth generator, the 3rd and 4th dimensions form the Human generator. The material part is managed by the 3D (the mind) while the alive one is in the 4D (the heart).

You can easily figure out that the fifth and the sixth dimensions are the Sky generator. Its lower part (5D), also supporting the Creation, is in connection with the 3D and the 1D. As a matter of fact, your masculine chakras (1D-3D-5D) are the support (like an electric motor) where the energy of the feminine chakras (2D-4D-6D) will flow (the electric current).

Your physical body (electric generator) is powered by your energetic body (electricity) in order to be able to move, therefore, offering a vehicle of manifestation in a material environment. This is the generator belonging to the Earth…

Then, your mental body is the support, the electric motor where will be able to flow the energy called feeling and that we call the emotional body. This emotional body is indeed only a falsified by-product of the body of feeling that is the Soul or the inner child. Here lies the human generator.

Finally, the Celestial generator consists of a material part (the generator called “Word”) that will be powered by the current of the invisible called dream, intuition or equivalent. This part is related to the Buddhist and Atmic (Christlike) bodies on which I won’t go into today.

There is a body, however, that is said to be spiritual that is like the emotional body, a “human” by-product of the direct emanation of the small Self materially located in your physical heart but which is connected with the Sky motor, the motor of the Invisible, the motor of a vibrational consciousness which is higher than that of the first two motors (that of the Earth and the Human).

Here again, to the great dismay of “Spiritualists”, we will no longer speak of spirituality in 5D because each one will be his/her own master and will not follow any “spiritual” teaching because he/she will have incorporated the law of ONE. Indeed, spirituality is only an external thing, a mental reflexion of the Being but not the Beingness itself.

To be clear, will only ascend people actually living, experiencing things and not those who think they live them. In short, Being is, therefore, a level of awareness in the action of the now, of the here presently and not a projection of anything, even divine.

We will only be able to own our body of Beingness on condition that we abandon our spiritual and emotional bodies that are only by-products of the ego that will also pass away. In other words, as long as your ego is in control, pretending it is the boss, and that it will keep governing at all costs with every good reason in the world (egotistical), you will continue to be its slave.

Summarizing a bit, you will agree that we live our current multidimensionalities as a single one, while intimately and logically we know that they are nested within each other like Russian dolls dimensionally distinct but vibrationally connected.

So, what about when someone wonders if he/she lives in 3D, 4D or 5D? This only confirms his/her ignorance of the multidimensionality that dwells within. It is how our ego can lead us by the nose. Behind its “I divert” (egoistical change of course), it is his/her whole diverting (fun) that unfolds.

But once you have become aware of the independent existence of each of your bodies, you will know better to master them (which does not mean taking control of them!). So, when an emotion comes to wreak havoc, look at it for what it is and simply say hello, without judgment.

Likewise, for physical, mental or any other pain, you will find out that, all of a sudden, everything is simpler. This will enable you to take a step back, to be an attentive observer of your different aspects and therefore, thanks to the law of One, picking up the pieces even antagonistic ones.

Indeed, by being in a world of duality, it is unrealistic to believe that you can keep the positive and get rid of the negative. This is only an illusion based on a belief of separation. Technically, where there is a minus, there will be a plus because everything is in balance. Acknowledging this will enable you to realize that Life with duality is a constant paradox.

It is by bringing the opposites-complementaries together with unconditional love (and therefore without judgment) that you can retrieve Oneness. It is by being in whole acceptance of All that you are and are experiencing that you will find enough unity to get out of the illusory merry-go-round of duality.

So, there is nothing else to work, to purify, but only to accept everything in peace and humility. By becoming aware of your multidimensionalities present in you, you will demonstrate in a vibratory and undeniable way that you have understood that you are only a consciousness becoming aware of itself.

Love yourself and the world will belong to you. By discovering your oneness, you will discover that you are also the Whole. It is a paradox that simply tells that you are above duality, above the separation between a plus and a minus, between a “myself” and an “us”, because as you already know, we are One. We are each and every one of us a facet that gives the greatest light to the diamond called the Source.

Without us, without each facet of all Life forms, the Source would just be a big raw rock. The Source, as a diamond, is like the electric motor while we are like the vibration that travels through it.

By understanding our multidimensionalities, we are only providing a less noisy current. It can only result in a better performance, a better usefulness in order to make this diamond even shinier. We are here to brighten the Creation with our most beautiful vibrations, so let’s start to discover that we already are beings playing in multiple dimensions, here and now by thriving and clarifying ourselves.

It is simple, we only need to be sincere in relation to all that makes us who we are; to make no judgment, to no longer separate and then, automatically, the program gathering orphan parts of our being will occur within us first; and then, we will find out that it also happens outside of us.

Reconnecting to our inner multidimensionalities will result in the reconnection of our external ones, for instance, all the life forms that currently surround us (both visible and invisible).

So, stop believing that you only have one dimension, that of your ego. The latter will only talk to you about 3D by making you wonder if you are in 4D or 5D… Thus, if by miracle you believe that you are in 4D (or 5D or 6D…), know that this is only a projection and therefore, another illusion to fool you.

You are at the same time in all the above-mentioned dimensions and it is only your consciousness that wanders in one of them or that looks at what is happening between all your internal and external dimensions interactively. Don’t get the wrong idea that you are a monobloc design while in fact, you are multi-layered!

Observe yourself and accept unconditionally what is happening there, and you will see that everything will become more and more fluid. By letting go of your resistances, your blocking points will become insignificant facing the torrent of Love that pours into you. Reopen the doors to the present moment, in all sincerity and humility, and you will realize that it was not that complicated!

In Lakesh!

Laurent DUREAU

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Article originally published on the blog 4D5D on July 1, 2011, and updated on the blog 345D on September 26, 2012.

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