When Human Love will evolve (2): The different types of Love-Energy

In my previous post, I spoke about the obvious contradictions of the famous human love that leads Humanity to its destruction. In addition to the creation of misfortunes and suffering, human love is simply a melting pot of several distinct energies.

I suggest we explore more deeply the 6 fundamental energies that go through the human being. Each energy corresponds to a type of love that each of us will recognize because each human being lives them at every moment according to proportions that belong to him or her.

Thus, in my previous article, I talked about love-energy and love-feeling. Let’s see now, one by one, how the human being physiologically approaches each of his/her energies. As a matter of fact, each energy will be experienced in a sequence related to the development of the body, then the heart and finally the spirit.

So, in relation with the body-soul-spirit trinity, let’s begin with the body.

1 – The physical love

Every living organism, whatever it may be, needs to reproduce itself to ensure the renewal of the species to which it belongs. It is the most innate primal force that is found in the category of instincts.

The first instinct is that of eating, and the second one that follows is to reproduce. We can understand that some like to eat well, but what would life be without sex? You might answer “a monastic life”, and you would be right.

Sexual energy is the most powerful of all the energies we are going to discuss. Unfortunately, it is difficult to master in return. We’re dealing with some gunpowder that can explode at any moment.

It is a raw strength in its magnificence, like the masculine energies of the 1st chakra. Like for a rape by a male, the 1st chakra’s energy pushes to act: even if the head says no. It is a reproductive energy.

2 – The maternal love

After the act of masculine energy, the energy of the 2nd chakra can come into action softening the hard edges. It is the energy of life that says: “protect me”. This love is so strong that the woman will sacrifice herself to save her offspring, whatever the cost.

It is an energy of devotion so instinctive that even the man is ready to kill to save his family. At this level, we are dealing with tribal behaviors with all the consequences that we can imagine.

The woman will suffer real oppression from the head of the family and the tribe. Any deviation will be very harmful to her. Disowned, beaten, killed, stoned for the slightest misconduct. Failing in her loyalty is punished at once. We understand why she is so tied up to this reproductive dedication: her life depends on it.

3 – The emotion love

It’s the energy of the 3rd chakra which is masculine. It is therefore often brutal and unpredictable. In its extreme, it is called passion. It is the masculine facet of the energy of the soul.

Physical love and maternal love belong to the body, and therefore to what we call instincts, this physical and material willingness to survive whatever happens. They seem indestructible and timeless.

On the other hand, love-emotion, as well as love-feeling, belong to the soul. They are therefore temporary and they have an end. When we talk about emotion, we inevitably talk about affect. You know the affection, which is emotional. And then, when something goes wrong, we are affected.

Love emotion affects us a lot because it is the energy of the movement that gives fuel to the body in order to survive. The immune defenses of an affected person will deteriorate rapidly while the opposite will occur for a person in joy.

4 – The love feeling

The feminine facet of 4th chakra energy, love feeling is an energy of the soul that no longer belongs to the body. It no longer belongs to the world of matter but to the world of Heaven.

This energy is not essential for reproduction however women especially await it. It is their way of balancing the brutal force of the men with strength and emotions. A woman believes a man loves her for her feelings…

She dreams and devotes herself while the man pours out his instincts with passion… Love feeling is a soul-to-soul connection energy, sharing a certain mutual respect.

The woman might say “he beats me but I love him” while the man says “she kills me but I love her”. The love feeling is unclear and hardly understandable as it confuses. It is of the same nature as love emotion except that its duration seems longer.

5 – The love tenderness

Reaching the 5th chakra, of masculine essence, one perceives a relaxation of the attitude. We move into the world of the spirit where the caress of the words will express tenderness, some kind of beneficial love, an inclination of consideration, a desire to do the good.

But this masculine energy is clumsy because straight and brittle. Hence, the man struggles to express himself and does not dare to say how he feels. He is awfully clumsy. Teenagers pay the price during their first dates.

The girls laugh but the young man suffers from all his body, as he feels stupid. So dumb, unable to properly express his desire to be fondled, his longing for tenderness, his wish to share. He is stuck between friendship and sleeping with her…

Love tenderness is the masculine energy with a hard time to say: “I love you”.

6 – The love energy

We are now at the 6th chakra, the feminine essence of the spirit. It is an energy that perceives Love, that feels love and that does not need to speak to say: “I love you”. It is a silent love energy that can only be read in the eyes.

Men really struggle to say I love you, however, women simply show it at every moment. Noise for one and Silence for the other. Any child can feel if his/her mother loves him/her and that whatever she says.

The clarity of this energy will be all the greater as the clarity of the feelings will be. When a woman is clear about the feelings she has for others (her partner, her friends, her children), she shines like a sun in the middle of the sky.

I voluntarily stereotyped each kind of love by talking about man or woman to evoke the masculine and feminine energies but the reality is that each person has all of these energies.

No human being can live with a closed chakra because the energy chain would be broken causing inevitable physical death. Each individual has indeed a variable proportion of these different energies but, according to his/her sex, he/she will experience more one side than another.

By revisiting the articles on the human being’s 7 plans of harmonization, you will be able to better visualize how the energies travel within us.

When you are in love at the spirit levels (love energy and love tenderness) you are closest to the Gods. But for that, you will need to develop enough the previous stage which is love feeling.

The love feeling can only truly thrive if you manage to master enough the emotion love as well as its below neighbors. There is no secret: only with a minimal control of instinct by channeling will you take off the rocket that will take you to the Heaven.

The survival of your relationships but also that of Humanity will depend on your desire to cultivate the energies-love of the 3 upper floors.

But without going that far, it is especially the one at your personal level. Will you be able to have enough love achievement to say that your life has been great and you will come back for another round: a little extra reincarnation?

And then, do not make the mistake of looking for the ideal partner through the 3 lower chakras, as this will inevitably lead you to disappointment. Begin with those from the top and, sooner or later, others will wake up giving you great happiness. But, do not put the cart before the horse!

Laurent DUREAU

Article originally published on the blog Boost Your Influence August 5, 2008, and updated on the blog 345D July 20, 2012.

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