Divine and Cosmic Laws to Settle-down the New World (1)

When, most of the time, you are hearing about the Laws of One, or about the Divine Laws or about the Cosmic Laws, for sure we can become confused. In order for you to have a clearer idea, let me quote some of them while bearing in mind that nothing is set in stone.

There is not really a hierarchy concerning these laws, even though one of them may be considered as above all of the other ones. As a matter of fact, that one will be the end-purpose. Therefore, first of all, the next paragraph will be dedicated to this law. However, regarding the other ones the ranking is not important since that IS. Nevertheless, it has to be noticed that some of these laws have been somewhat “reviewed”. In fact, it was done so as to comply with the ego’s will, thus the result is rather poor if not zero.

The Law of One or the Law of Oneness or ONE-ness

It could seem quite odd, but even though we are different in our shapes and vibrations, all of us are completely linked to the ONE. As a matter of fact, we are an individual part of Him. In other words, whatever we are looking at, either within us or around us, it is fueled by the same essence, and, it contributes to the same end result. That is the unconditional sharing of information, aiming at going the way the ONE by Himself has breathed.

In that, we are all unique as far as our shape is concerned. However, we are all similar basically speaking. Feeling ONEness within is purely feeling the ONE in our Beingness. That is feeling ONE-ness while knowing we are in the ONE, united to the ONE, and also knowing that being in the eternal here & now is being within the ONE-ness.

The Law of the Spirit

Whatever the Spirit may be, either a Guiding Spirit or a Spirit particle or a Spirit spark, even a Christ-germ, all that is just an extremely tiny fraction of the Almighty (the masculine aspect of the ONE). Its objective is to consciously experiment a concept, or an idea according to the original intent which has been projected in a Maya supplied by The Source (the feminine aspect of the ONE).

The Spirit, whatever its version (the SPIRIT = the BEING, or the Spirit = the Higher Self, or the spirit = the Lower Self), it is nothing but vibrations of Beingness referring to a frequency range. This latter is ranging over 24 dimensions and as a whole is ranging over the 4 octaves ruling within a galaxy that we could call a play (we all play a role on Earth) or a game (it has its own rules).

Thus, when a pre-human* is boasting about having a good “spirit”, generally speaking, this depicts a self-congratulating mental-ego showing its pettiness. He thinks he uses the brain (6th chakra), but he is just enhancing the 3rd chakra which is related to the mental on the quest for power. Well, as a metaphoric assertion, it could be compared with “the frog and the ox(1)” … whose “ox” has not even realized it was in the middle of a meadow being on the surface of a huge planet… The frog, which thinks it’s an ox, in its pond, has absolutely no idea that there is an ocean…

The moral of this fable is: “Self-conceit may lead to self-destruction”

The Law of Duality

The very role of duality is to help the Spirit discover what it IS. As a matter of fact, duality is offering the playground so as the experience may take place. On one hand, this has been implemented in order to allow the Spirit to be aware of his being individualized. On the other hand, it will have to find out its Oneness, while finding out the TRInity, that is to say, that 2 makes 1.

Duality seems, at first, to be committed as a means of opposition. However being in association with the Law of ONE, it can be understood as working in synergy. Being in a state of opposition is leading to comparison making and thus be judgmental. As a consequence, this induces suffering since our essence is to be ONEness.

Should the uncomfortable pressure of suffering be experienced, which is characterized by an imbalance of polarities (for instance: good/bad, beautiful/ugly, and so on…). Then, of course, the individual (the divided ONE) will be chosen to match its polarities harmoniously arranged through a couple. This latter making a revolution around the same point called point Zero.

The purpose of the law of duality is to help find a “Center” where the individual is becoming an observer. This is the opposite with someone who is reacting all the time when facing a polarity. As an observer, the individual will be able to play with the opposing forces in order to raise its frequencies. Hence, it means that he/she will be centered and fully conscious of what IS, and of what he/she IS.

The Law of Balance

This is one of the consequences of the law of duality. No polarity can be on top of the other one. Thus, everything can flow freely, for what is removed from one side is given back to the other side. Hence, this is leading to being respectful towards the Creation, and especially to understand what the law of abundance is. As a matter of fact, Life will be as generous to you as you are to Life.

Therefore, when it can’t be worked out, do understand that your Ego is being frightened. So, due to its fear of lacking this will induce a broken flow within exchanges. As a whole, the more you will be storing anything, the more you will be showing your lack of confidence towards the law of abundance. Therefore, this should mean that you have not understood the law of balance.

This law can also be described as the law of « giving & receiving ». Thus, should you give nothing, be sure that you will receive very few, this will just strengthen the feeling that you are lacking. As a matter of fact, then you will be in a state of greater greed inducing an even greater state of imbalance.

A so-called law, whose given name is “the law of the middle path” is trying to make us understand this fact. However, this latter is being subject to dual conceptions, since it is necessary to compare whether we are either in the middle or not. In other words, should this “middle path” seem to be in correct resonance with the mental “hearing”, however it is in a complete opposition with that of the heart.

Within the heart, there is no “law of the middle path” because it is the law of Love and of unconditional sharing. This law is thus a personal conception between “giving & receiving”. Thus, should you give very little you will receive almost nothing (apart from some unpleasant comments). However, should you refuse to receive then your gifts won’t be valid.

As a matter of fact, many people offer gifts, however, they give with their brain but they don’t give with their heart. Their ego is requesting them to give in order to manipulate and to keep the lines of communications open. Very simply, another purpose is just to receive love and attention. This is none of a gift, this is called a bargain, and this is an unacknowledged corruption as per the law of balance.

When a gift is being offered with the heart, then no return of any kind is supposed to be awaited. Just realize that The Source is giving us endlessly, requesting nothing as a return. The Sun is also giving its his light and loving warmth to any kind of Life upon Earth and he doesn’t bother whether you are conscious or not of all his gifts. A gift coming from the heart is innocence. It is not calculated according to any social rules. For instance, that may be related to a spontaneous smile versus a commercial smile (or it could also be like making a face when being at a burial…).

The Law of Free Will

This law is also following the law of Duality. As a matter of fact, without any duality, there is no free will since you are the ONE Himself… Therefore, the more a wayfarer is raising his/her vibrations, the more he/she is discovering that his/her previous free will has absolutely nothing to do with what he is experiencing at present.

As a matter of fact, the free will is requesting to make up your mind regarding the pros and cons. This is normal, for we are in a state of opposition. Then in 4D, it may be understood that when we abide by the Little Inner Voice, this is leading to reaching better results (and especially much less annoying things!). Therefore, we can catch another side of the free will (which is no longer then what can be called free will).

Then, once the 5D vibration is being reached, the free will has really completely vanished. In fact, since there is no more judgment, nor questioning, nor any decision-making, we may discover that the correct path to follow is not a determined path where determinism is also absent. However, it is rather quite an opened field offered to the incarnate Creator we are. Thus, we can experience intentions and attention. Hence, we experience no more any choices subject to any evaluations, neither to any judgment.

For instance, you are leisurely boating on a river and you may give paddle strokes to the right or to the left according to any feelings coming from your heart. In this way, you feel quite confident to be guided towards the destination already foreseen for you by the Almighty.

It is simple, smooth and your neurons won’t have to get involved. As you may have noticed it, that is the way to live in the present moment. Thus, you are deeply & completely confident with who you are, for you are United to the ONE.

The Law of Attraction

This law has been completely and very much overused by the 3D4D merchants of the temple. As far as the heart is concerned, this law is still remaining misinterpreted. In fact, despite all their efforts, many people are disappointed with their so poor results. And, should they have got a result, it is often so tiny compared with those that could have been achieved. Let me explain:

An individual’s willingness to obtain something generally reflects the lack of “that something”. Since lacking is enhanced in his vibration, as a result he will vibrate his lack of something. Therefore, and according to the law of attraction, he won’t get what he is lacking. Hence, he will obtain exactly what is in accordance with his lack. As a matter of fact, should the law of attraction be a law of polarity-duality, however, the law of resonance is magnifying everything.

This law of attraction is matching with all that is on the same wavelength. However, the law of resonance is that of magnitude (things may be added or may be subtracted to each other according to the phase difference). For instance: should I be thinking of “potatoes”, for I need them to prepare my meal, then I am vibrating “potatoes”. Therefore my body and my eyes will match to see if there are any potatoes in the vicinity.

Thus, should you see some carrots, since the color and the shape are obviously not matching with your expectations, you won’t pay attention to them. In fact, they are not bearing the same vibration. Conversely, should you see potatoes on the market stall, then you will go to get them.

At your arrival in front of this market stall, the law of resonance will start. Then you will wonder “how many of them do I need?” This will happen according to the possible phase difference you may experience with these potatoes (are they nice looking, or are they big ones, or are they gnarled, or do they have a smooth or thick skin? and so on…).

So it is the law of the number where things can either be more or less added or not at all.

Please, imagine that the word potatoes is now replaced by the word money, therefore you will have to go to the bank(ster). For this purpose, you have made an appointment with this institution in order to request a loan. However, since it was what your mind had suggested you (and not your heart), you won’t exactly reflect the correct vibration. As a matter of fact, you are perhaps having some small doubts, such as your banker might not accommodate your request.

As he is probably feeling your doubts, the latter will require a certain number of guarantees. At last, in the worst of the cases, you might very well have signed for any kind of insurance. Hence, this insurance will cost you some money, but you still haven’t been able to obtain your loan. Or, in the best case scenario, you will have obtained a loan which is far beyond your hopes and, you feel happy about that, except that…

Except that… it was a request coming from your mind and not from your heart. In fact in a few months from now, what you don’t know is that you might probably have a big problem with your car (or any other kind of event). Hence, you may be broke encountering difficulties to reimburse your loan. Your bank account will then show a negative balance, hence, you will have lots of penalties.

In other words, what could have seemed to you as being a good bargain will lead you to an even more difficult time. Lacking is calling for lacking. When the law of resonance is installed, for sure the result will drive you in the wrong direction. The first chakra was shown as an example. However, this is valid at any level whatever your stories, either the ones pertaining to the heart or those dealing with the spiritual side, the result will be the same.

Whether you are calling them the soul-sister, or the twin-flame, or the Divine or the way to obtain some “powers”, be sure that if it is a demonstration of your mental-ego (the one reacting based on your body of desire) you might be very disappointed with the final results. In this case, using this law of attraction, are you still ready to impose your will to your destiny?

Should you be affirmative, be aware that your mental-ego is your manager, and that you will have to bear all the consequences of its desires. Hence, when a contract is being signed, the contracting party is bound by the terms of the contract. If, however, you stay away from this law, then your heart will be able to take advantage of it without your even noticing it.

I am quite aware that you might be skeptical about that. Nevertheless, let me give you an example. For instance, you are feeling peace within, what will happen?

In fact, people being in resonance with the same frequency will come to you. Since you are in the appropriate environment with people experiencing peace, then the law of resonance will apply. Thus, this peace will be enhanced and spreading in much bigger proportions.

Of course, all of those who participate will receive the greatest benefit out of that. As you may have noticed it, this is simple and natural, and very efficient. Moreover, there won’t be any contribution from your neurons!!!

Well, that’s all for the moment. To read the follow-up, let’s meet in my next writings.

Laurent DUREAU

(1)The frog & the ox – Fables – Jean de la Fontaine –

translated into English https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Frog_and_the_Ox


* Laurent is calling pre-human, a human who has not yet awoken his/her consciousness

Article originally published on the blog 7D12D March 19, 2014.

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