Divine and Cosmic Laws to Settle-down the New World (2)

Do you think that an important quantity of Divine and Cosmic laws could be released? In fact, there aren’t so many of them. However, they could be sorted out into many other multiples, in such a way that any new wayfarer might very well be feeling blue.

By the way, in order to make a lot of money, the merchants of the temple are really very clever and creative regarding the kind of vocabulary they are to use (the one that sounds divine, and mysterious, and captivating. They are using pharaonic descriptions to make you believe that you also can become gods on our Earth oily playground…

Thus, unlike the previous article where you could find the essential information regarding this subject, let’s review other laws into details. In fact, they are multiples of what has already been mentioned.

The Law of Abundance

This is just following the law of attraction which is itself nothing but a sub-multiple of the law of balance. In short, abundance will hit you exactly when you have stopped chasing it. As a matter of fact, should you be chasing it, the significance would then be clear: you are lacking. Hence, here is where the real issue remains.

Yes but, Laurent, would you be telling me… Yes, a significant “yes but…” for it is the mental-ego’s own signature. Thus, when you happen to say: “yes but…”, be sure that you are counteracting the significance of what was said. Hence, this is despite the “yes” which should mean that you are in agreement with what was just being said.

This is a facade acknowledgment. It could also be called a diplomatic acknowledgment. In fact, your fake-ego is hidden behind this attitude, it is trying to take advantage of a situation according to his own proceedings. You very well know, and so do I, that our tightrope walker within (our personality or fake-ego) is always trying to take advantage upon a situation. In fact, it was deeply hit and it was just attempting to recover.

Therefore, each time you realize you are using “yes but…” it is highly recommended that you make a step backward. Then do observe who is leading. Imagine you are watching a flower pot just crushing on a theater stage. And then, you are looking at all the small hands just coming out of the curtain to clean everything…

… And you are discovering all of those beings hidden beyond the dark side. Often, they are dressed in black, like our fears… Then you are able to count them (or at least some of them) and what are you going to do? Let’s imagine that you could send them to an unemployment agency especially dedicated to them. And thus you would make a proposal to each of them that is: make money without doing any work. What do you think about that?

The Law of Dharma

As you may probably know it, personally I am not very keen on using any foreign words that I don’t understand. Briefly, this law means very simply: “live here and now”. You see, it is very easy. In fact, it is very attractive because it is bound with the Buddhism notion.

In other words, the grass is always greener somewhere else other than in your courtyard. So, please, could you tell me whether your Guiding Spirit would be so stupid to have organized your place of birth somewhere else but in the country dedicated to this religion? Should it carry the whole Truth, as a consequence no more other human race would ever exist on Earth…

The law of permanence and impermanence

As you will notice it, I am going to remain some more in the East-Oriental field. In fact, a certain number of us went over there during this life, since we were thinking it was really better there, rather than in the country we were born in. Nevertheless, it is true that a culture shift may be of a great help, especially when we are back home.

Thus, we can all realize how blind we were glaring truths. In fact, it’s a good thing to have another overview. However, it doesn’t mean that we should all become followers. In fact, our incarnation in one of the Occidental countries has been done on purpose!

In short, let’s come back to this so resonant law. In fact, speaking about impermanence requires having at least an idea about any spiritual education, haven’t you? Let me tell you about my personal experience: I had been married for 14 years to a young lady born (and educated) in the Far East. Should my parents (mother or father) were told about that law, I know they would have had a strange look at me because they would have had no clue.

Finally, this law, so nice to hear, is meaning nothing but that everything is in motion. Hence, you won’t absolutely be able to change any movement of the planets… Thus should you wish to relive something that happened in the past. Moreover, should you hope it will happen again in the future is completely unrealistic. In fact, there is only one law, that of being in your “here and now”, that is being in your present moment and nothing else.

It is not unusual to meet people who want to give a new breath to their couple (with a new baby for instance). Thus it can be understood how far from any change they are. It may be similar for an individual who is feeling that he has to find a new job to resume a “normal life”. It is a very logical and a clear 3D vision. However, it is far away from listening to the heart and the Little Inner Voice.

As a conclusion, the Law of Impermanence still has numerous customers to approach.

The Law of Detachment

Let’s remain in the same Far Oriental field. From the occidental point of view, this Law of Detachment is perceived as a pure and total abandonment of its responsibilities. As it can be noted this is a super 3D vision to your inner call indicating “aren’t you fed up with working?”.

As you may have noticed it, the Law of Detachment is nothing but a let go of what seems to be important to us, you will experience it while moving to the 5D, that is to the New World. However, to whom is that important? Would it be important for our false- ego, or for our personality, or would it be rather for our heart?

Once again, should the importance be truly for your heart? Maybe you should wonder: is it my heart-ego or rather my heart only who is expressing? As a matter of fact, you just realize that everything is fluid as you are bathing within the law of ONE-ness. Therefore, everything is brought to you just in time, and at the very place, and transmitted by the right people. So, why should you wish retaining anything, unless you are being afraid of losing something?

This well-known law of Detachment can be explained through an upper view of the situation in order to become our own being’s observer. This is not made to drive us away from our responsibilities. It is a way to reach another point of view allowing us to take the easiest way to go on especially with least effort.

The Law of Least Effort

This law is nothing but a sub-multiple of the Law of Spirit combined with the Law of Balance. It is also linked with the Law of Duality. Let’s see how an occidental being may understand it… that could be: “the laziest I am, the best I will feel”. In a way, it is not completely untrue. In fact, our falsified 3D world has arranged things so that we have to go on working to prevent us from stepping back.

As a rule, our holidays and weekends should be dedicated to introspection. However, we usually are finding lots of things to do or things we’d like to do in order to fill-in our expectations, or our personal needs. We may also wish to comply with other people’s needs. Needs, that we feel as absolutely compulsory, otherwise we wouldn’t be ready to do it!

The Law of Least Effort doesn’t mean anything else but: if you were to make a step back you would save time, and thus you would avoid lots of big problems. As a matter of fact, who has never noticed how many important and urgent things (around 90% of cases) just happen to be useless. However, who is the one in charge of that? Finding out the clue should be easy, shouldn’t it?

The Law of Reincarnation

This fake theory was reintroduced in Western culture at the end of the nineteenth century. Today reincarnation is no more subject to any conflicts. Of course, there will still be some people that still questioning it. As a whole, the saying “in another incarnation” is being admitted nowadays amongst the classical standards of languages. Should we think of this expression to be a good thing, however, we should also consider its opposite which is not at all so good. May I go on to tell the story?

Within 3D, thoughts are linear together with the time. The human being “self-lock” within the only dimension it is experiencing. It could be compared with someone who is trying to make a necklace beads of its various previous lives. In fact, there is only one thread. Along with its “spiritual” experiences and meditations, it will be trying to add them to the thread, life after life. Doesn’t it sound logical, does it?

Since it was taught that all its reincarnations are taking place at the same time, and together with its forthcoming roles (its upcoming reincarnations), this is a major obstacle to its own evolution.

Hence, this human being is becoming practically deaf because of its small brain (it does acknowledge this fact, together with that of being away from a complete mastery of everything). Despite this acknowledgment, it persists in saying that it is right and that its brother/sister is wrongly thinking. However, we all know who is hiding behind this arrogance, don’t we?

However, it’s true that it is almost unbelievable that a future incarnation is just being changing our present incarnation, so as to modify a catastrophic future… Therefore, should the land of Atlantis belong to a past future which is trying to be updated in order to definitely avoid its sinking under the sea, thus this situation would become rather comic. Nevertheless, it belongs to a reality.

This is a multidimensional reality and we’ll have to deal with through our moving to 5D within the New World…

So, what about the Law of Reincarnation? We might wonder about it at first! Then, would you imagine some wayfarers wandering and trying to find out about their past lives memories? Moreover, when the latter are just finding out that “brilliant” excuse: “if everything is preventing my ascension at present, the origin is in a relationship with a previous life!”

Nowadays, there are about one billion beings wearing turbans on this planet. During generations and generations they have had an excuse: « their past lives! ». This is to explain the fact that they have to agree with their today life. It is called “castes”, they are living in India. Thus it is not necessary for us to imitate them since they have been experiencing this for such a long time. Then, let’s save some more time!

Should we take into account all the laws recorded in their religious writings, then we ought to remain extremely careful together with a high discernment. Otherwise, we would have all incarnated over there and nowhere else…

The Karmic Law or the Law of Cause & Effect

Needless to have first graduated of one’s promotion to understand that it is just a consequence of the previous law. Thus during the experimental process performed within duality, it is understandable that all the matters we haven’t yet integrated and therefore transcended, have to be recorded somewhere.

For instance, whether an experience is being somewhat stopped on its way (interruption of the flow), then a crystallization will show up somewhere, and this is normal. However, once, it will be necessary to come back at this matter to “decrystallize”, let the flow go smoothly again and to give it back to the Universe. As a matter of fact, any crystallization is leading to a shortcoming within the Law of Balance. This can be compared with people who are hiding bank notes under their mattress!

After a while, there won’t be enough money to buy your bread at the baker. Then money paper will have to be printed again. Hence, this will inevitably induce a depreciation of the currency. In other words, imagine that you just found 3 bundles of bank notes for an amount of 500 francs (or whatever any other old currency) under the mattress of your passed away great grand-mother, or may be of your grandmother. In fact, they are worth neither a dime nor a penny now, except, maybe for the collectors, but still!!!

The same phenomenon is encountered at a galactic level too. The quantity of energy being steady, thus any crystallization is inevitably leading to a lesser movement in the ether. Abundance doesn’t mean excessive accumulation. Its aim is, for instance, to arrange that a $50 or a £50 (or any other currency) banknote keeps circulating from hand to hand as often as possible.

May I recall this story to you: a customer was staying in a hotel restaurant. After he had paid the bills, the various trades were able to clear each others’ books. Then this customer could leave with the money he had paid with. In fact, only a single bank note for an amount of $50 started to circulate. However, $1.000 was “paid” and was removed from the financial liabilities.

Well, to go back to karmic laws, please be aware that it is a mental operation to confuse everybody. It has been especially set-up for the 3D4D. Hence, in 5D, within the New World, karma will have vanished because we will be dealing with our different multi-dimensionalities. This can be compared with the hotel customer who is paying himself back.

As a matter of fact, this karmic law is a sub-law working within the 3D4D, but in the other dimensions, it is none of that. Well, I could mention lots of other laws created by the “merchants of the temple”. So, please, don’t bother with them, just listen to your heart that is to listen carefully to your Little Inner Voice.

And now, we are back again to our Little Inner Voice, which seems to be a problem to many of you. As a matter of fact, many of you are quite convinced that they cannot listen to it. This is normal, how could you listen to the song of a sparrow when your mental-ego is yelling through your hear-phones!!!

First of all, start to stay away from any thinking or watching, for you are the mirror of what your false-ego wants you to think or see. The Attraction-Resonance law is showing its highest best. Therefore, cut the sound off and close your eyes and breathe slowly so as to reach the silence within. Stop running anywhere looking for any petty little things that your false-ego is waving like a bunch of carrots in front of a donkey…

Just take a quiet rest and lie down. Send away all the whatnots, for the Earth will never stop spinning, even without you! So, relax and let the Light do Its job. At present, we are receiving great amounts of Light. The Light knows exactly all the proceedings for the Earth and all her tiny feet and any other alive beings. Just be confident, whilst you are self-confident then you will experiment what the word vacuity means.

Of course, it doesn’t mean to clear your mind (the Buddhist monks are still trying, or perhaps they might have succeeded owing to a great chance). In fact, you won’t be able to stop any of your thoughts as long as you will remain in a world of duality that is in 3D4D.

It is only during your visit to other dimensions that you will discover this state of Beingness. Beingness is this state of detachment, this state of absolute, this state of ONEness. This could be experienced for your intention was to stay quiet and rest and simply let things take place (that is to muzzle your mental-ego so as to prevent it to be the leader of your life).

Laurent DUREAU

Article originally published on the blog 7D12D, March 21, 2014.






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