Cleansing, Letting go and Detachment

4 April 2019 0

It is sometimes difficult to have precise ideas about the actions we must take to reach the proper vibratory state in order to live in a new dimension. Let me talk about it from another […]

When human love will evolve: the colors

31 January 2019 1

In a different article, I talked briefly about the big rules that allowed us to understand why the piano keys are laid in a certain way and why the whole world agree with it. I […]

The 7 levels of harmonization (1): chakras (1)

24 October 2018 0

Several sciences describe in their own way what the 7 planes of the human being’s existence are. They are actually 12 but in the physical plane, we can only acces the first six knowing that the 7th is a […]

The Evolution of the Atomic Circle of Life

29 September 2018 0

Well as promised in “other revelations on the Atomic circle”, I now address what happened before the ascension to then find out what’s going to happen during and after. In fact, everything is changing, everything […]

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