Cleansing, Letting go and Detachment

It is sometimes difficult to have precise ideas about the actions we must take to reach the proper vibratory state in order to live in a new dimension. Let me talk about it from another perspective

Assume that each one of us lives in an apartment (a metaphor for our interiority), which belongs to a building located in a gigantic city, like in futuristic movies. Outside everything is gloomy, dull and almost without greenery…

The material world squatted it all, thousands of flying vehicles crisscross the gigantic towers where even the Eiffel Tower would be smaller than an actual sidewalk tree. These are the subliminal images sent by a number of science fiction writers, who see nothing but overcrowding and automated life in the name of progress and science.

In that matter, they are not wrong, because our current civilization only acknowledges concrete and asphalt as progress, while “farmers” are busy shaving all nature to obtain gigantic and perfect tended fields for a maximum yield…

I think you’re getting the basic idea pretty well, knowing that you are only a numbered pawn only having for “spiritual” food what is projected on the TV screen. This world seems so real that you believe that you could never leave it… alive!

Everything seems so fixed, indestructible, and you see no way out or a possibility of profound, even radical change. So many people act as machines surrounded by electronic machines; then you can not in any way perceive that you could change your daily routine in a finger snap…

Not to mention that our planet is a spacecraft traveling in space and endowed with a conscience. As such, at first, and like any vehicle traveling in the Universe, it is regularly scheduled to go to the car wash…

This means that water (consciousness) will pour through rotating rollers on the outer body of the planet. Thus, each roll will compress and scrub, at a speed previously unknown, all the inhabitants of this planet.

And, you all know that there are short minimalist programs as well as long ones to make us very bright and shimmering. Today, we are allowed to get it all because the Source has finally decided that we were entitled to the best in order to give us a fresh start!

Thus, for some years, if not decades, Urantia Gaia has entered the washing tunnel. Before, we only had splashes of water, but the rollers were not yet in action. Now, we know that the windshield has been cleared and for many people of this humanity, a kind of new light is grabbing their attention.

Each of us is holed up in an apartment. This apartment is fully inserted in an inhuman institution-organization-society because logical and especially based on financial efficiency. Each of us may now see possible futures by the window…

Each person a bit intrigued, who dared to raise the curtain of 3D, has discovered a special light (the unconditional love – the 4D) that wants to illuminate our inner world. It is true that this light has no characteristics of a bulb’s light at all. First, it is free and it is especially nourishing for our heart.

But although we could see this new light through the windowpanes, we could not really feel the 5D wind, which, in its own way, stirred up the heaviness of the suspended particles in all these artificial electromagnetic fields. It was only thanks to some gusts (solar flares) that sometimes the fresh air could penetrate through the vents.

Although we would like to open this window to take a deep breath, several things prevent us from doing so. First, the windows are heavy because double-glazed by a window of fear and a window of taboos with a void, in the middle, called ignorance. Then, the opening mechanism is secured by socio-politico-religious codes preventing us from throwing ourselves into the emptiness of the absolute. Indeed, the socio-politico-religious system needs us to live and stay alive.

Finally, the far most important thing is the inner pressure that prevails within the room (meaning within us). Indeed, over the course of our lives, we have filled this room, inside us, with all the furniture of the education, with all the tableware of the usual actions we have to do and all the bookshelves of spirituality. And I speak neither of the carpets and rugs of the respectability and the selfishness, nor the futile toys of the body of desire.

In short, you understand that since the arrival of the newborn in this room, the volume of his air has been compressed by all this congestion. But like any door or window, the wings open inwards (we must pull towards us to exit) for obvious security reasons.

Indeed, everyone must restrain his/her own “shit” to prevent the corridors, stairs, and outbuildings from being completely congested. Thus, since our arrival in this life, we have accumulated material and immaterial things according to the laws of excessive consumption. So we are far from the principle of a great master who said that if we do not become like children again, the game will simply be over.

So understand that big housekeeping is needed, not in the sense of purification, which would consist of dusting the books and all the furniture, but by letting go of these bulky objects that we think are useful and that prevent you from opening the window and especially the door to breathe and get outta here.

It is therefore by letting go of “things” that you find important in your life, related to the image of what you think you are, that gradually the sense of “detachment” will come. Detachment means to “de-attach”, that is, to remove attachments, stains that clutter your inner living space, your inwardness.

It is sure that starting with the TV is a good thing, and the sofa that goes with it will follow without a hitch. Afterward, you can get on with the rest of the living room (pleasure and trinkets), then with the bedroom (desire and taking), probably ending within the kitchen.

In the meantime, the library will be cleaned up as well, the souvenir photos and the posters, to finally attack the tapestry of your past and the emotions+blockages that are embedded in it. Finally, a time will come for the removal of the emotional carpet and the rugs of beliefs and prayers.

In short, by emptying the apartment of everything that belongs to your personality, you will find the inner feeling of your arrival in this world. You will be a child again who can simply open the window. Thus, under the pressure of the first gust of wind, the window wings will tremble to finally allow access to an invigorating fresh air.

Thus, oxygenated by the Adamantine Particles (and no longer the Prana struggling to survive in stale indoor air), you will fully enjoy living the moment when the dream will be even more realistic than the one from before. So, by emptying the interior, emptying the apartment of all its cumbersome stuff, you will see the door to the New World open.

As the external pressure is increasing thanks to the energies sent by the Source, it will not be necessary to strip the walls of the apartment of all the junk inherited from the old tenants. Indeed, we carry within ourselves many layers of karma (those of our forefathers as well as ours).

It is therefore pointless wanting to deeply cleanse in order to have the right to ascend because, instead of just having rain falling on the car, it is the washing roller that provides enough pressure to clean to the bone! So, let’s take the opportunity to get rid of all the bulky furniture while the roller is doing its job.

It is thus by the emptying within that we will be able to pull the door of the exit door towards us and cross this threshold which will lead us on the 5D level which has been waiting for us so long. Of course, we will still hit the doormat (called The Dweller on the Threshold) to ensure that the last detritus of our shoes remain behind…

You understand that when your higher SELF knocks on your door, it would be much better if the entrance hall is unobstructed enough to be able to open the door. Think especially of the doormat (religion, spiritual stuff) or the carpet (emotions), because it is a trap that will jam any door!

This is the end of my story that also tells you, in its own way, that there is no time to waste with outside matters, in the “I must”, in the “I can not do otherwise”, “I have to go “,” They are friends “, … The New World is within you and not outside of you. Everything outside your own apartment does not concern you anymore.

So, stop wiggling to improve this world in agony, because the New World will be born in you first and then materialize outside, but not the other way around. Do not wait for all outside conditions to peak to begin emptying, because chaos will grow while the washing roller will really dig the dirt.

Retreat inward and get rid of everything you can, first, stop focusing on the importance of the furniture or why it’s there, then simply you will detach yourself. Everything will happen seamlessly because consciousness water is omnipresent.

Therefore, be fluid, within nonresistance and the apartment will be emptied out much faster than you think. It has been said that whoever wants to save his/her skin (his/her personality, his/her furniture, his/her possessions) will lose his/her life, while the other will win.

So, do not waste your time outside and “let the dead bury the dead”. Find out where the living is, and I can assure you that it is within you, deep inside of you, in the depths of your being, where your Spirit spark is.

Laurent DUREAU

Article originally published on the blog 5D6D August 18, 2011, and updated on the blog 345D October 24, 2012.

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