Involution & Evolution, the broken balance

Along with my peregrinations, I noticed that despite all my efforts to clearly explain what I was meaning, it seemed that essential keys to understanding were still not integrated both intellectually and vibratory speaking. Therefore, it is obvious that it was neither easy to catch the inside story nor to read between the lines…

At any moment, when I asked the audience in order to check if the bare minimum was integrated it leads to a kind of Waterloo. However, I was not addressing only one person they were at least ten of them. Well, as long as I presented the matter in a different way, instantly everyone could catch my words stating that there is nothing better but live explanations…

Thus, I have to review some “elements” and rearrange them in order to induce some triggers. Today, using a different point of view, I am going to talk about an evidence of the duality which, in fact, doesn’t seem to be evident at all. I understand that there is so much stuff dragging on the internet, it’s quite normal that you might be confused, this, leading you not to catch what it’s all about.

As a matter of fact, many of my readers are complaining about such huge publications on the internet, so that the more they are making progress the more they get bogged down. This is normal, it’s done on purpose! In fact, in order to prevent the wayfarers from finding their way, the best way is to multiply the traffic signs so that they stay stuck at the next crossroad.

In other words, it seems that a kind of intelligence being so keen on creating a huge mess within your ocean of ignorance is showing up. The purpose of that is to make it more difficult for the opposite guy to restore the situation that would lead you towards the ONE’s path. It’s normaaaal, would say my favorite guide, for this is duality precisely!

Necessarily, any force will be countered by an opposite force. Therefore, should it be goodness, evil will be found. Should it be kind people, bad people will be found. Should it be beautiful people, ugly people will be found. Should it be smart people, simple minded people will be found. Should it be evolution, necessarily, involution will be found. Should it be a feminine aspect, ineluctably a masculine aspect will show up.

Should it be vibration, hence geometry will be found to restrain it. Should it be some people bearing understanding and knowing, some others who absolutely don’t understand a single thing will appear. They put on a display of such ignorance that it’s breathtaking, and this is deliberately normaaal. In fact, the correct exercise is not to become clever or ignorant, but to find the balance between these two opposites.

Should it be one smart person for one ignorant one, the mean value would be half and half. Then, there would be a balance and everything would be fine. However, another problem is hidden beyond the fringe, which makes echo with democracy. If there are 2 parties showing the same force, the game is over since one counteracts the other one. As a consequence, no more movement would take place, and therefore no more life in a certain way.

Thus, it is normaaaal that an imbalance has to be maintained so that a balance of forces could regularly be set up. Let’s take running as an example. When making a picture every second, you can see that the body static is nothing but imbalanced. However, you can also notice that the runner is keeping his balance all along his track, even though his movements are in constant imbalance.

On the other hand, if the runner stops he will be balanced, of course. However he will not proceed with going, and then he will take root. As a matter of fact, due to a long lasting situation, he will have to move anyway just to go to have a snack in order not to starve, for instance.

This also applies to feminine and masculine polarities. There has to be a movement and therefore an imbalance provided the same intensity of the two forces is equal. As a matter of fact, if one of both is pushing stronger than the other one, then sooner or later a major problem will arise. As a consequence, the more strength one of them is gaining the weaker the other one, since the sum of the two of them should equal one.

In our world, progressively, the involution process has taken advantage of that of the evolution. As a result, this process might be leading to an end, since there is almost not any more counterbalance. Yet, what is involution process exactly? Indeed, we know that the pre-human being* is the most horrible involute being among all others. This is quite normaaal since he incarnated here below precisely for this experience!

That is why I ought to give you more specific explanations about what is an evolving human being (a wayfarer) and an involving one (the one who lives in an automatic mode). Yet any evolving human being is still a remarkable involute individual due to its present nature. Differently stated, if he wants to restore the balance of its forces within, he will have to act on two fronts simultaneously:

First of all, he will have to decrease his involute side, and secondly, he will have to increase his evolving side in the same proportions.

Indeed, should you wish to obtain an increase of your evolving side by 10%, as a result, a decrease of 10% of your involute one will have to be effective. Indeed, since the total has to equal 100%. If you are in the proportion 5-95 (5% evolving and 95% involute) any progress in the first area will request a decrease in the other one.

Keeping that in mind, we need to understand that the evolving aspect of our world is vibratory, that is to say, the feminine aspect (I am not talking about the sexual polarity of a physical body). This feminine aspect spins to the left or counterclockwise. This vibratory facet is known to be the 4D (4th dimension) or the “heart”.

Thus, the devolving aspect is its opposite and complementary side. It spins to the right, clockwise. It is the masculine aspect, the geometric aspect, the mental aspect, and is related to the 3rd dimension. Its mission: to rationalize. This masculine aspect puts stickers on the boxes it has created all by itself. In that, it keeps things separate, precisely because it has to isolate them to be able to understand the usefulness of the Unity-principle.

On the other hand, the evolving aspect makes a mixture of everything, since it is a vibration. This is like music. As a concert listener, we consider neither the number of musicians nor the number of the different instruments. Thus, we can feel we are bathing in the midst of a series of musical notes, and then we can flow through evanescent vapors inducing such a well-being doing so good to us, It’s a complete contrast with the masculine world.

As a matter of fact, the latter, due to his mental specificity, will focus more on notes and thus he will act as a judge. For sure, it will try to find out the musician who is hitting a wrong note, which one is making a time shift while wondering why the tenor is a semi-tone lower than it should be…

Therefore, when we are completely subjected to our masculine aspect, as a consequence our heart is not elated since we are thinking with a point of view based on judgment. Rather, the feminine aspect swallows everything on the basis that a good music is being played. Well, remaining on one side or on the other one won’t offer the best anyway. However, if you take advantage of your masculine aspect you will appreciate the fine finger control and the performance offered by such and such musician so that your heart will be crying reflecting all of its Divinity.

One can see that being blissfully carried away by music is an interesting thing. However, when associated with a technical fine tasting, this induces very simply an overdrive delightful power. As a result, masculine and feminine being associated, this allows the Divine to reflect all Its magnificence.

Nevertheless, there is a priority order and the vibration comes first. As a matter of fact, a geometry, as well it may exist on a conceptual basis (such as mathematics) as well it needs a vibration to show a physical existence. It’s the crossing, the intersection between vibrations which allows geometry to appear. Nevertheless, with no vibration, there won’t be absolutely any geometry. That’s the reason why everything starts with the vibration, and then the geometry will be produced, owing to the miracle of encounters.

Thus, the feminine is the one that initiates, whereas the masculine is the one which allows vibration to raise its self-awareness. A sole feminine aspect does not exist, for as soon as it is radiating, necessarily and almost instantly the masculine will show up. For that reason, they are inseparable, even though the feminine is leading the dance and propelling the movement…

The purpose of involution, or the involution experience, we have been undertaken for such a long time down here on this planet, was to try to reverse the scheme of things. In fact, in 4D, the heart is leading the way, the feeling is its essence, and we are guided by our Little Inner Voice. Then, this offers us the keys to act constructively for everyone within the matter in 3D. However, in 3D we have chosen a reverse behavior: we start thinking, and we use the mind first, and we plan, and we evaluate the pros and cons, and then we check if we have enough cash to implement our project, and finally we see if we can make a profit out of it.

Indeed, Vibration ignores reckoning. Vibration is to be given, it is to be felt, it expands for its origin is the prime Source of all that is. Vibration ignores walls, it avoids them. Vibration doesn’t care for money since it is! Vibration is dedicated to everybody and is not meant to reach any particular person and not the other ones.

Vibration is generous while being hyper diplomatic since any other vibration can reach it and add to it at once. Vibration is federative, it is friendly, it unifies and it transcends the differences. Left on its own, this feminine aspect would get lost in the most disorganized and total evanescence, since nothing could restrain it…

This is the reason why the masculine is its alter-ego. The one which will allow it to understand who it is. Regarding it, geometry is its paradise, its dream, its nirvana. However, a compensation is being requested, that is to be confined so as it can become aware of its own music.

As a result, the involution experiment has led to a shrinkage of the feminine expansion, first of all by depriving it of its priority. In fact, the aim of the involution was to confine the feminine in smaller and smaller boxes ( as concepts, and mental geometries) leading to a lack of free expansion.

The purpose of the involution experiment was to confine the liberty itself within mental concepts that were recorded in the unconscious of the mankind, generation after generation. Thus, over time, the parity 50-50 (feminine – masculine) moved to 45-55, then to 40-60 to reach nowadays something like 1-99.

In our world, the white is linked to the feminine (yin) whereas black is that of the masculine (yang). For that reason, our world became darker and darker, more and more gloomy. This happened precisely since the Light, whose origin is the Source (prime information), became skinnier and skinnier inducing the total confinement of our galaxy.

This confinement has been spectacular since the galaxy itself has been “put in a box”, as well. However, we, on the surface were as well separated from the galactics (our brothers from space) as from our brothers from Hollow-Earth. In short, we have done a great job since each of us was trapped in tightly sealed dimensional life realms.

Inevitably, the same scenario has been identified with the pre-human since we are the player. Therefore, this involution experience has led us to a self-confinement into concepts coming from a brain that has never been originally dedicated to this kind of functioning. For sure, our brain is located in our skull, nevertheless, it is nothing but a physical extension of a mind which is placed somewhere else.

Yes somewhere else, or more precisely it is dwelling in your 3rd chakra. This one is the chakra of power, but what kind of power? This dimension is the one just right above the Earth generator, the one related to materiality (1D & 2D). As a result, gradually, a virtual consciousness, called the Little Ego, has taken advantage of the mind.

The Little Ego is a 3D and masculine aspect whose aim is to counteract the 4D aspect belonging to the laws of ONE. These laws are the laws of the heart, the laws of the Vibration. Thus, with enthusiasm, we went head down, and, gradually, we have transferred the entire range of our powers to rationality, tangibility, assessments and what makes money. Inevitably and as a consequence, we have agreed with the innate corruption pertaining to the Little Ego.

As a matter of fact, in 3D the Little Ego is related to the evolution animal side, which is itself nothing but the survival game. Therefore, gradually, the involution experience leads us to use the survival process. To reach such a state, we have had to cut off our whole relationship to the Source (prime vibration).

In so doing, when the feminine-masculine ratio was enough out of balance (such as 30-70 – one third – two thirds), then it became difficult for our physical body to be maintained within eternity. As a consequence, and gradually, we have experienced illness and then old-age finally leading to death.

This situation just reinvigorated the little ego to be willing to save its life whatever the cost. Thus, it requested to obtain privileges and advantages at the expense of the other dying parts. The statue of its personality was placed right in the middle of the public square. Today we call it mental-ego.

Hence, we experienced all possible abominations, that is to say, the involution experience has been very distressing, and very cruel, and so disadvantageous. However, on the other hand, it should be known that your Guiding Spirit who resides within the sun, has to compensate permanently the imbalance between the masculine, and the feminine. That’s the way It proceeds taking into account the material experience of your incarnation in an involution world and the vibratory experience located within our Higher Self (the one who operates between the 13th and 24th dimension).

Therefore, the more we were going to a lower state, towards the dark, the masculine aspect, in separation, and in the solid state at the level of our lower Self, the more our counterpart (our Higher Self) had to go towards the light, the feminine aspect, and the fusion.

Those you believe to be your ancestors dwelling in the stars and constellations are no one else but the other part of yourself. Therefore, what you experience in your inner world now has a counterpart in the universe. Thus, in those times whose aim is to break the confinement (that is to say re-discover vibration, our feminine aspect within) jointly, we have to break a handhold on what we imagine our foundations are.

Hence, the New World is not the 3D4D improvement, but merely the move towards the 5D6D sky generator. The renowned let go is nothing but the pure & tough way to discard our numerous conceptual boxes which, presently, determine each of us. It’s the little ego crucifixion and as a consequence the illusion that you are your degrees, and your awards or your résumé.

You have to learn again to give yourself over the prime vibration, even though your mental-ego is yelling at this irrational attitude. Its weapon is doubt and especially insecurity versus any future regarding your physical survival. Your mental-ego and your personality are alive only owing to the existence of your physical body. However, after having passed away, none of that will go to heaven, and thus it won’t go back to the sun with your spirit particle.

Please, understand that being an involute person is, first of all, to show a feminine-masculine ratio absolutely unequal. Thus, the first thing to do is to start with: getting rid of your 3D concepts (release of our old schemes) and filling in yourselves with the 4D vibration. However, bear in mind that, first of all, you have to empty a part of the bottle prior to being able to fill it in. As a matter of fact, doing the other way round is impossible.

Since you can’t fill in a bottle which is already completely full, obviously it’s unnecessary to make any trial to become a better person. This is especially true if you wish to get in touch with the invisible ( the ONE-visible) if, at first, you have not made the least of cleaning within yourself. This cleaning would show you as an open-minded person greater than normal.

Please, understand that being an involute person is, first of all, to show a feminine-masculine ratio absolutely unequal. Thus, the first thing to do is to start with: getting rid of your 3D concepts (release of our old schemes) and filling-in yourselves with the 4D vibration. However, bear in mind that, first of all, you have to empty a part of the bottle prior to being able to fill it in. As a matter of fact, doing the other way round is impossible.

Since you can’t fill in a bottle which is already completely full, obviously it’s unnecessary to make any trial to become a better person. This is especially true if you wish to get in touch with the invisible ( the ONE-visible) if, at first, you have not made the least of cleaning within yourself. This cleaning would show you as an open-minded person greater than normal.

Giving way to Vibration, to the Little Inner Voice requests a faith that cannot be understood through the rational mental-ego. Therefore, despite any apparent trials of the opening (which are just pretenses) of your mental ego, it operates in a way so that you will never find out how to open the vibratory liberty gate. So as to say, the more you will wish to obtain something, the more you will ride far away from that. Therefore, the more you will wish to get in touch with the invisible (the ONE-visible), the more it will be impossible for you.

That’s why the more you will screw-in within your brain the “bullshit” that is dragging on the internet, the more it will be impossible for you to reach your deep request. As a matter of fact, evolution is just to follow a vibration, an inner call. Therefore, it is suggested that you don’t remain subject to any particular logic pattern, because the others behave in this way. In this respect, this will make a difference, a complete difference.

Laurent Dureau

* Pre-human being is the current vibratory stage of our evolution as we have not yet reached the full potential of our humanity

Published originally on the 7d12d blog on December 2, 2014


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