Is self-mockery a luxury?

In fact, self-mockery is as natural as an immune system in relation to a living organism. So, the more serious a person is, the more they reduce their ability to step back and therefore laugh at their own reactions, often due to unconscious programs that actually happen.

Self-mockery is the outlet that makes us understand that if we only look at the cork floating on the surface and, from time to time, wiggles; causing ripples in this interior lake that we would like so quiet. We then discover that there is a fisherman who throws the hook and fishes that attempt to rob you something behind your back…

Therefore, self-mockery is a luxury that it is better to offer oneself regularly in order to realize that we are often puppets who react according to patterns that are often unconscious. So, why not have a blast watching how our own false-ego gets highly confused in its own fishing line?

Isn’t that funny: this false-ego which knows everything and wants to control everything?! In short, you can understand that a cork cannot do anything by itself because it is a puppet hanging on a wire as transparent as possible. First of all, indeed the fisherman does not want it to see that it is manipulated and terrifically rocked in the water.

Secondly, it also aims to mystify the fish as well, which, sooner or later, will bite the bait and then be eaten. That, it succumbed to the desire to eat but at the end, it will be eaten by bigger than it. So, between a cork that ends up wet and a fish that tries to run away, there must be someone, to whom it benefits, isn’t it?

Hence, who is this someone if not the player itself! The cork is only the incarnation here present in a body of matter but it is not the purpose of the game. Surely, it gets enough burdened to remain very straight in the water because a cork lying on the side is not really operational.

Thus, instead of cursing some god who has put you in the shit and weighted your butt to make you drag deep in the water and then have you fly at one time or another with karma at the end of the line; it would be useful to take a step back to realize that all this is only a game so that the player itself can experiment its own reflexes against fishes invisible yet present.

Yes, your Guiding Spirit (the fisherman) likes to do different types of fishing. So, as much as he can fish in freshwater and for small fry as much he can look for big fish such as zander or pike. He can put more or less large hooks with either maggots or even alive flesh (if possible a small fish still alive) to catch some predators that are a bit hungry.

If he wants some starving shoal of fish, evident big worms will do the trick. In short, the fisherman has something in mind so do not grumble if your cork is similar in size to a match (to fish small) rather than the one made for carp (very big cork).

We are not all the same and inevitably the diameter of the wire (our ability to resist the load) will not be the same because it will depend precisely on the prey to get out of the water. In other words, if in this life you have come to fish a bleak (15 grams to 50 grams) from the depths of the unconscious, it will not be the same with a carp sizing up to 1.20 meter long with a weight of 40 kilos…

It will not be the same if you go for carnivores (a pike of 1 meter and 10 kilos or a pike perch of 1 m and 15 kg) or for 100% predators (an eel up to 1.20 m and 9 kg). Therefore, the first ones will be relatively easy to get out of the water whereas it feels like driving a high-speed train gone mad in the case of an eel.

In short, I’m not going to give you a course on fishing because you can imagine that there are numerous different techniques, according to the wide variety of fish.

In other words, each of us is a cork dipped into the freshwater or the sea. In the first case, it is quite soft and not very deep whereas, in the second case, it is rather salty and can go extremely deep… Thus, if you feel you’re going through a tough and unpolished life and more or less salty, be aware that this is also proportional to the fish size to take out of the water.

So, how does self-mockery helps you in the experimentation process of staying steady when you are pulled down by programs hidden in your unconscious mind. How to have enough weight so that every tickling doesn’t imply too much shaking on your usual waterline or even during a period of strong wind when the swell of emotion reaches your chin if not higher.

It’s true that swallowing water is not always pleasant, but what about when a fish bites the hook and takes you down for a freediving exercise for an unknown duration? Surely, for the most experienced ones, we know that a few quick consecutive shakes usually prefigure a dive often followed by an aerial exit (a spiritual one).

Usually, it’s pretty brief (the fisherman sees that the maggot is still at the end of the hook then he sends it back to the water) or there is like a time of lull (I’m feeling euphoria while the fisherman puts back a maggot) or it becomes a period of intense happiness (the time that the fisherman picks the fish and replaces a maggot) but, sooner or later, we know that we will be plunged again into our favorite environment.

Our usual environment is indeed water (I’m soaked in emotions), my head is swinging (the mental resumes its activities) and the body feels pulled downwards, to the bottom, to the mud, to the sludge, to the density, to the non-light, and towards all the living things that revolve around it.

We feel presences as much underwater as on water because sometimes there are insects, flies, water spiders (astral entities, angels, Light Beings, etc.). In short, the little cork would like to stay still and peaceful on calm and predictable water, and especially without any hook in order not to be dragged down… Even the lead sinkers would be too much because if we could lay down, we could then look at the Heaven and chill while waiting for who knows what…

However, all this is an illusion because necessarily, if there is a cork, there must be a fisherman and therefore an expected endeavor. In other words, do you have any idea what exactly the fisherman expects from you? Surely, it’s already great to have discovered that you are like a cork but what exactly does your Guiding Spirit fish?

Hey, do you know? Have you discovered it through observation or do you expect to be in the recycling section to find out? In short, this is where self-mockery comes into play because thanks to it, you understand that your body is only a cork and that your Spirit spark is what connects you to the hand, the heart and to the neurons of the fisherman who is You and therefore the Almighty trying to retrieve what fed on the decomposing matter in order to analyze it and eat it…

Yes indeed, a fish is an unconscious program that will become ONE-conscious for the fisherman. So, do you understand my brother, my friend, that your life is just a game of hide-and-seek between an emerging part (the Heaven) where hides a fisherman far away from you (especially if he used a 3 meters fishing line at the end of a 4 meters rod) and the bottom (the earth) where hides the fruit of your creations bathing in an ocean of emotions…

Thus, when you feel dragged down or up in the sky, you need to understand that every spiritual experience is just the beginning to go check the bottom. And, that each time, you go down there (and do reach it) there will necessarily be a rise to Heaven so that you become aware of what has dragged you down and what is the blessing related to it.

Behind any darkness there is light and behind the light, there will be a future darkness to seek out.

Do you understand that you cannot stay in the air forever and ever because without a hook you are useless. Because, in fact, your life depends on your ability to retrieve what is at the bottom. So, any sudden flying inevitably implies a return from where you came from, that is the place where the fisherman decided to make you paddle.

As a matter of fact, it is known that fishermen like some fishing spots because there are lots of fish in these locations and for good reason. Indeed, due to repetitive bait throwing, the fish, from one generation to the next, view these spots like a cafeteria. Yes, the more a fisherman wishes to catch a type of fish, the more he attracts them.

However, it happens that the fisherman changes of the duck pond and goes fishing in a small watercourse nearby but he will never think of taking you to a mountain torrent or at sea because the cork and the sinkers, piled up over the course of the experiment, will not be suitable for this new environment.

Every fisherman knows this too, if he wants to change fish (in terms of ranges), he will prefer to throw another line with a new cork (a new body, a new incarnation) even if it is to use the same kind of sinker as before. The sinker is karma or accumulated energy node and the fisherman has, at his disposal, a little box filled with it right by his side.

In short, now that you know you’re a cork, put yourself in the fisherman’s place and laugh when you see yourself sink a bit. Giggle when you see how your mental-ego is overwhelmed and panicked because he cannot see in depth what is happening. He tries to define himself through matter, by the color, by the form but, in the end, he will get wriggled anyway, whatever he does.

The self-mockery is therefore this step backwards that makes you understand that you have no control over the actions taken towards the cork itself so stop believing that you can make your life according to the understanding of your mental-ego because anyway, sooner or later, everything will be challenged by tremors due to a fish wriggling tail and stomach.

The fish needs what Heaven sends him (which is hanged to the hook to lure him) otherwise he would have enough with the decomposing products in the water. Hence, a little gift from Heaven cannot be refused but there are risks for its ascension and generally, it does not escape if it gets caught…

What about the cork itself? It simply observes while being careful that algae does not stick on it (or the oysters or the mussels) or the floating detritus like the small branches for instance. It knows that it is not good to get heavier or to have been deviated from its course.

A good cork, it’s a clean one (because it will oppose less resistance to the plunge), sparkling too (this way the fisherman spots it well) and, above all, not dragged by the crap passing by (allowing it to stay on course and therefore remaining centered). Then the rest does not belong to it.

It is the fisherman who indeed decides the diameter of the wire (the lifespan and therefore also the size of the fish to get out). It is the fisherman who decides which sinker to put (the weight of the karma to solve) but also the size of the hook and especially what it will hang there (your sex appeal, your charisma, and your dynamism).

Actually, if the bait hasn’t wiggled for a long time, it will lure less than if it wriggles with all its strength. In short, as you realize, you can play with the cork, but for the rest, it is almost impossible. Thus, take the game lightly and be happy every time you enable the fisherman to fill his net.

We do not change a cork that is effective. On the other hand, if the fishing is disappointing despite numerous fisherman’s attempts, it means that the cork is useless as is (dull colors, becoming porous, damaged surface, broken tail or head, tangled in all beliefs that pass nearby, becoming too heavy versus anticipated sinkers, and so on…) then the fisherman will change wire and will recycle the cork in a bin so-called cemetery in the 3D world.

And then, what you also need to know is that the fisherman (our Guiding Spirit) entered the fishing contest in this galaxy and not in another. He has to demonstrate the experience he has accumulated in all the fish reigns, both at sea and in fresh water. Also, the sooner we will catch the fish he wants to acquire and the sooner we will have the chance to reincarnate in other corks or, else, he will give us back the same cork one more time!

Laurent Dureau

Original article from published 05/02/2014

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