Other revelations on the Atomic circle of life

In Super universes and us, I summarized what we call the Atomic circle of life. In the present article, I give you more information for a better understanding of what really happens.

For a start, why to create the 7, then, later on, add the 5 in order to get 12?

Initially was the Almighty, the one that can’t be named. Nobody knows where it comes from and even less where it’s going. In fact, it’s the largest metaphysical question of all the super-universes. We may perhaps answer in the future…

At least initially, he was there and he began asking himself what to do in order to know who he was because he does not know more the answer to the crucial question above.

So he began to create 1 circle of understanding that came as a bark put down around him. Then from the 1st circle, a 2nd originated, and so on until the number of 7. Why 7? No real answer yet…

At each of his cogitations, a form of specific energy has been created according to His directives and each circle of comprehension. For example, some of these energies are called primordial entities that physically, are named the 4 elements.

There are of course others, as the “Intemporalities”, which mission is to report what is happening in the Creation. Clearly, they roam around, observe what is happening and then report to the Almighty.

They are also known under the name of “ultra-terrestrials” because they have no living area. They are neither extra-terrestrials, nor terrestrials, nor intra-terrestrials. They are observers having no physical density…

In short, what we call the Central Island, or the Source, is actually made of a core and 7 conceptual layers. It is a concept and not an experimentation.

But even if designing something is interesting, it is better to experiment with the concept and confirm if it really works. We know this on Earth: you may imagine love, but as long as you don’t feel it, it’s just a breeze…

Thus, from the Central Island, the first wave of experimentation was launched in a first Super universe. Each particle of spirit (a guiding spirit) has been condensed in the form of a Sun, to then give birth to a solar system.

Each guiding spirit is responsible for experimenting with a specific idea. To do so, it will give birth to ten planets that will each have to try out a part of the original idea. These twelve parts have been named colors.

Each solar system follows a progression in time regarding the births, in the same way as a human family. There is the first born, then the second, etc. 7 planets will get a specific color, then additional 2 will be black and white and one will become the second Sun.

Among these 10 planets, one only will get the free will ability to explore what was not originally planned. Clearly, 9 of the 10 will not move away from the programmed evolution, while the 10th will evolve with the opportunity to get out of the road.

Inside of a Super universe (1 idea matches with 1 circle of understanding), there is a subdivision of 12 local universes which will be 12 subdivisions of the original idea.

Then each local universe will, in turn, have 12 additional subdivisions, which themselves will have 12 subdivisions, and so on until 12 layers of the original idea, in total: 144 (12 × 12) distinct facets of the same idea. I will cover this in another article.

But basically, there are 3 types of energy at the same time called the Atomic light, the Solar Light and the Light of Life.

Basically, there is a masculine principle, a feminine principle and the outcome of the first two. You could compare this to the body (container), spirit (content) and life that will be the result of the interaction between the first 2.

It is extremely simplified, but not far from the truth. The only thing that bothers me is I use the masculine and feminine principle, but in fact, these words from humans do not reflect the true nature of these energies.

On Earth, this notion of feminine and masculine is far too limited, as Urantians, ignorant, are linking this notion to the sexual polarity of a physical body.

It is as if we say that men are driving blue cars, while women pink cars. It’s nice but a cliché and the fact to limit these two main forces of Universe to 2 colors is very far from the true identity of these energies. Especially when we compare them to black and white!

Then, with the pre-human and its current beliefs about colors black and white, it becomes sensitive to say that the white is feminine and that black is masculine. Anyway, I hope you understand that this kind of association is detrimental to our understanding of Universe, and by then, of ourselves.

White is neither male nor female. You will understand then how careful I have to be when I describe things that are beyond the scope of reference.

Things will be easier when we are in 4D5D and above because there will be no limitation of words to express a concept. We’ll feel it directly in us and say I know, I got it!

It is clear that this will greatly help us quickly recover our superpowers, and therefore our true identity. But we are not there yet.

Anyway, after testing the Super universe 1, the second was launched, and so on up to the 7th in which we currently are. Then, it’s obvious that if I say we are the last to ascend that means we are the last link in the chain.

As shown in the drawing, we will complete the circle (like a necklace) when we will ascend. By doing this, the necklace will know it is a necklace, because before it was just a string…

By then, you will also understand that if we really are the last of the last, it is because we are also the “rebel or experimental” planet in this last solar system.

Once everyone will be back in line with cosmic evolution, in unconditional love, in the respect for differences, the clasp of the necklace will unify the chain which will then become the first necklace around the neck of the central island.

This first necklace was experimenting Christic love, means consciousness of Unity, the awareness that we are all One behind the same will: to know who we are.

From this Unification of the 7 Super universes corresponding to the 7 circles of understanding developed in the central island, it is possible to experience the 5 following levels. However, how could these 5 levels be determined without having been able to verify that the first 7 were valid?

Well, in a way, the last link in the chain is the one who has the most experience as each guiding spirit of the 7th Super universe has necessarily gone through the 6 other Super Universes.

In other words, the Urantians became pre-humans in order to check the validity of the acquired experience, but also to explore new avenues. But today, they have to ascend in order to express what they have acquired in his experimentation.

I said that we were suicide bombers experienced because we had to prove that light could live even when completely cut off from the Source ( unloving, in complete isolation and therefore in fear and ignorance) and at the same time, find some new avenues of exploration for the future Super universes to come.

Clearly, the best of the best of the best were sent in something completely unknown to discover what the Almighty was hiding “in his deepest guts”. It is daunting, but we all were volunteers!

So, for a few thousand years, 5 new circles of comprehension were formed around the first necklace (or atomic circle of life) in order to experiment the second Atomic circle with its 5 new Super Universes.

In the 1st circle, we experienced the fire which is one of the first beings who appeared in the Central Island, because it is the one that comes closest to the spirit in its profound nature. He is the origin of the creation of the other 3 elements (I’ll comment in another article).

So the 1st Atomic circle’s is about fire and fusion. The second circle will be that of water, calming, fluidity… It will be Solar Love and this is simply explained.

Look at your body with its 7 chakras. The 1st and the 7th are vertical, while the other 5 are horizontal. In the 1st Atomic circle, we experienced the fire of the second chakra: the fire of sexuality. The fire of the urge to merge with the other polarity. Everything revolves around that!

Our 1st chakra (the one) has lived the 2 in his flesh while watching the 3 (solar plexus). By unifying the 2 (Trinity 2 + 1 = 3), we allow ourselves to experience the next step that is the 2-3-4.

With the second Atomic circle, we will experiment, in sexed bodies (2), Solar love (3) looking toward the heart (4) which represents emotions (water). Do you understand why we are today on a planet of water?

Nothing is doing by chance, and the more you progress on the path of your own divinity and the more all these truths will be revealed to you. You then understand that BEING is super important to achieve our mission.

BEING, we are and if we are, then we’ll be the regents of what will be in the second Atomic circle. We are both the last door of the 1st circle, but also the 1st door to the second.

Urantia Gaia is that door and we are her children (physically speaking). She was created by our Sun where reign our parents Vesta and Helios. They are responsible for the expression of our guiding spirit dedicated to this experimentation.

Then, while pursuing the logic of Atomic circles, the 3rd circle will be the logic of the 3-4-5 whereas Sun (our next physical body) we will experience the Earth element which will be the crystallization of our emotions from the heart. We will then live the crystalline Love.

Then the 4th circle will come, which will be the 4-5-6 sequence where, as we will have become “pure essence of creative energy (chakra 5 – the voice – the sound), we will be like air experimenting Electronic Love…

I paste below the small overall scheme as a reminder:It’s quite extraordinary, but before we reach this level, let’s start by dropping our logic of the involution 3D, the most possible and begin to open ourselves to what we aspire most.

I know you all, you aspire to the spirituality, but, actually, it’s mostly in the material behavior that you have to do the cleaning. Live in the simplicity of the BEING. Be in the I AM, but in full incarnation in a body, you will love beyond aesthetic selfishness.

Your body is your passport because it is the one who holds all the keys vibrating, not your mind. Enjoy what you really are, it is only what we are asked to do. All other requests are just words…

Laurent DUREAU

Article originally published on the blog 4D5D, August 22, 2009, and updated on the blog 345D, August 3, 2012





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