The Super Universes and Us

19 September 2018 0

In a recent past, it seems that we were believing that we were alone in the Universe.   Of course, there was less access to information than today, but it’s not the most amazing. Which leaves […]

When human love will evolve…

29 August 2018 1

Just like me, you have noticed that everyone talks about Love, dreams of love, and runs after it. The only problem in all this is that everyone puts his / her own definition into the […]

Is self-mockery a luxury?

22 August 2018 0

In fact, self-mockery is as natural as an immune system in relation to a living organism. So, the more serious a person is, the more they reduce their ability to step back and therefore laugh […]

3D or 5D: What is this big dimensional mess?

13 August 2018 0

Whatever the disciplines, there is always a specific terminology which annoys a lot of those who are not aware of it. However nowadays, considering the “new world” terminology, the descriptions as per 3D, 4D, 5D […]

The Humanity’s cube, watzehek?

1 August 2018 1

Is this again a drift or a vision of the raving chief who particularly likes small cubes? The answer is no, but I have to proceed gradually because, as you know, we have a lot […]

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