The 3 laws that governs the whole Universe.

Once again this is some rubbish behind a misleading title just to get you like a trap would get mosquitoes. Perhaps you might think that but when you’ll reach the end of this article you are going to think “I did not think it was that simple!”

Yes of course to better control you, some big conceited Egos took over for decades, leaving you to spin around in a circle by using a rather confusing technique that the expression “to drown the fish” implies per example. This common expression is known but rarely understood. The first thought that comes to mind is that we are overwhelmed by a lot of material with the purpose that we would get lost with the main meaning of the subject. This technique is used when we lose our ground, so we then feel that it would be better to change the subject before our limits become or our incompetence to find a viable answer get exposed.

This is a highly spread out technique and it explains why everybody knows it, excepts if to resume the terms used and analysis it to the second degree and that if we also take a second look this technique tell us simply ‘’I will suffocate you with your own oxygen‘’.

Confronted with the absolutism of clergymen who were preaching ‘’The Lord mysterious ways are impenetrable’’ some notorious rebellions tried to oppose to the brainwashing that was making people becoming like sheep therefore obedient. Beside why we assimilated the knowledge of power in order to dominate.

Today we could almost say that the less we know the more chances we have to save ourselves. It is our uniqueness that makes us stand out. Since to serve anonymously in the little toy soldiers army made in the same mold doesn’t fit so well any longer.

So what are then those 3 laws that direct the world? I am going to tell you a little story which I am holding the secret.

The Almighty in his ultimate wisdom and knowledge told himself this; if I am the power that knows everything and is everything so why am I so bored? What is the point of eternity, power and authority if I waste time not doing anything?

But how do I get to know myself he thought without creating what doesn’t exist? How can I stay in one place since I am everywhere at the same time? His idea (and I think he must have spent a few eternities) was to be able to locate himself in the non-existence. How? By applying the first law.

The law of gravitation

It consisted of, first of all, create a sufficient strength that would compensate for the non-strength all around. Taking into consideration that everything must be in balance, so that is how the first notion of duality was created.

It was ingenious but as usual, the operation was a conceptual failure. How was it possible to create a force and another different one that would be complimentary but opposite? Obviously, it needed to have a boundary somewhere, an identifiable space in order to make out each force. The concept of the interior created the one of the exterior. The first identifiable duality was born, but another problem arose quickly. How to separate what doesn’t exist? Of course, all of this was conceptual, a theory, a virtual concept, so the evidence was to go to the second stage. To create what is not virtual, therefore create the matter.

How to create matter since I am pure energy? It’s then that the next solution occurred; lets split my energy into two equal polarities that are opposite to each other as I did with the void and the non-void. Clever isn’t it? But not yet sufficient enough.

Where would I create matter since space doesn’t exist? So I must connect the space to a polarized energy field. I will start from a central point where I will be able to concentrate my energy and at a certain distance there will have to be an equal quantity of energy opposite to that one that is in the center.

That is how the notion of the inner and outer density was created.

To resume, imagine an atomic hydrogen, a simple atomic core positively polarized in its spherical orbit with its opposite counterpart with a negative charge. That would be called an electron. The first atom was born!

This was still insufficient not to mention the technical details and in order to avoid a huge catastrophe, therefore, the notion of time needed to be created so to understand that one reaction will lead to another.

In the material universe the notion of time is present, while on the exterior of those spheres of matter, time doesn’t apply (since there is no matter). The law of gravity is the first cosmic law that says; each particle of matter (or atom) will be more or less close to the center of gravity according to its density; meaning the electronic weight (Mendeleev periodic table) and incidentally the space volume that it occupied.

An atom is known to be heavy when it possesses many electrons (and their counterparts in its core). That is why metal is known to be heavy, while gas is rather light.

To avoid tons of comments of some readers outrage by my knowledge of physic and to remind them that I am only a physician trying to explain simply that the shortcuts taken are castrating! I will remove all comments on science consequently, thank you for your understanding.

The second law is the law of attraction.

This law is the result of the duality concept as referred above. The only atoms attracted to one another are those that share something in common and belong to the same family. So that is the reason why we will not try to cross a Carp (fish in the water element) with a rabbit (terrestrial animal evolving in the air element).

The third law is the law of resonance

Meaning that the energy movement of one force will accelerate the energy movement of the other by giving it extra energy without any loss of energy of the one that is giving. This is the type of formula that 1+1=3 is but being able to continue onto infinity meaning physically until auto-destruction of the system itself. This phenomenon is known as fragmentation. So all that said, why is this useful for me to know in order to go on with my daily life? Briefly, this is how the law of Trinity (known under God’s justice) does its job to solve major problems of all chaos in general.

I quote here that if you believe that a God is watching over you and takes notes of all your doing, all your thinking believe me if I say that he’s got better things to do and virtually that would be totally unmanageable for him. That’s why those 3 laws are called ‘’God’s justice‘’. Those are simply the laws that represent the infinitesimal to infinity.

If you violate those 3 laws by intermingling them without respecting its hierarchy you would simply be crushed. We can’t be stronger than the universe itself. This reminds me of a quotation by a famous personage who once said; “who is not on my side is against me”.

This was just to mention specifically among other things that the divine creation do not appreciate those who are half-hearted and don’t have determination. You must make a choice otherwise you can’t continue to coexist. The universe is dualism just like 0 and 1, yes and no are. If you can’t decide the universe will decide on your behalf.

Going back on a day to day basis, by the law of gravity, you would be on the level corresponding to your density. Once attracted the law of resonance would be able to take action with a number even lesser than before. Let’s look at it from a professional point of view.

If your work relate to electricity you would look for a job in that field, you would meet other speaking the same language but still only a minority would attract you and at last among those that attract you , you might have the opportunity to resonate and find genuine affinities with them (evidently finding the best of friends).

Now if you want to attract someone that you have nothing in common with you, you would feel out of place. No hope for resonance and attraction here.

Basically, the human being is a bit more complicated than an atom in his creation, it exists tons of possibilities that I can’t even address here.

If you are not at the right place with the right people you will pay a price; first of in term of energy (health), in an emotional term (frustration, anger, bitterness, and much more), on a professional level (financial) and intellectual and philosophical terms as well.

As a matter of fact, the harmony level of a being is nothing more than the harmony of its 5 primordial life plans not just between them but also depending on the outside. First of all, it is a matter of feeling of each plan in the first place if we are in the right density to meet the all right people that will bring joyful resonances (that brings joy ).

Secondly, look at each plan if it’s compatible and in vibration with your own genetic makeup. Therefore each time that you will try to be on a frequency level not suitable for you, you will inevitably suffer a drop in your own energy level so consequently reaching self-destruction more rapidly.

Being in peace with oneself signify simply to be attentive to each of the 5 plans and to make sure it coincides with what our vehicle was created to sustain. We would not give an SUV to someone who desires to drive a race car.

This is the reason why you must listen to your body (feeling, instinct), your heart (emotions, urge) and your intuition so that your mental can tune in to those different needs.

Stop believing that it is your mental that decides of everything and that it is him the big boss in charge and that it is him who register, remember and coordinate everything in order to serve the body, the soul, and a spirit in a state of constant evolution.

Your mental is your worst enemy, those outside are only friends that desire all good for you but since we believe the opposite we attract those who think like us (law 1, law 2 and unfortunately the 3rd one when you believe it strongly)

You attract to yourself what you fear the most, so now that you know the 3 laws you have no more excuse to say ‘’I didn’t know ‘’. If you don’t want to get hurt anymore, change your density to feel lighter. If you are in an airplane the gladiator sword can’t reach you from the ground.

If you can’t swim do not pretend that you are a fish. Perhaps imagine to be a rabbit or a horse and if that still doesn’t work then imagine yourself being a fly or a ladybug or an eagle. Don’t try to live in an environment that is not suitable for you if you want to save your skin. This explains the density level. If you are a soft water fish such as a smelt or a roach fish you will not feel attracted to a pickerel or a perch (law 2 of attraction). And at last, if you are among a shoal of fish you will find your resonance with the one with whom you can share what is dear to your heart (law 3)

So if you, the smell, try to breed with a roach fish or a carp you can understand the difficulty here and if you also like the rabbit or the bird to share your pound you will face serious existential problems.

Are you feeling ready to fix certain situations that come to mind?

Laurent Dureau

Original article from Boost your influence published 02/13/2008 and updated on blog 345D on 05/12/2012.

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  1. Am glad I came across this document, have not read all published articles by Laurent from back to 2012 or so.
    Thank you for the translation as well.

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