The 5 Stages of the Ascension Awakening Process

Throughout the process of frequency elevation we are currently experiencing the temperature rises inwardly as well as outwardly. We can conclude that the material world will react according to the law of the universe we all know.

Indeed, if we were to heat up a solid matter it would sooner or later dissolve into a liquid form. In physics it is known as a phase of transformation and one of them is particularly of interest to us since we have to go from a solid state to a gaseous state. Coincidentally, this is called “sublimation”.

If an entity has a life experience in this third dimension (3D), it will obviously follow 5 distinct stages of evolution or initiation under spiritual guidance or term. Time does not exist in this transition since the planetary clock has already decided on all the milestones, checkpoints and the end result.

Clearly it is somewhat like a Monopoly game where we go back to the starting point but still reap the rewards that we accumulated in previous turns. It is only after a while that the final score earned will move you to the next destination.

In other words it will be done according to your level of vibrations obtained so far. Indeed in accordance with this law of resonance, you will then move forward to the next dimension compatible with that level of frequency. So there is no need to show up for a last judgment because in this reality it is nonexistent; therefore it is useless to fear, and there is no injustice or unfairness that could be committed. Each being receives the capacity needed to live in this new existence.

Everyone gets assigned a life that is convenient and suitable at this level of ascension. If you can imagine an electrical device that can support a charge of only 100 volts which gets plugged in a 220 volt electrical outlet, what do you think will result from that? Simply put, it will not support the stronger charge. Based on the same principal you must trust in who you are, and you will acquire the proper voltage… Let’s now move on to the next 5 steps!

1st Step: The first step is essential because it corresponds with our capacity to encase the 3D light. To be clear, it is what we call “birth”. Your first initiation in your life is to be born in this world, and to happily participate in this chaotic environment.

2nd Step: This step corresponds with the metaphoric acceptance of playing in the sandbox with this 3D light. Many are not satisfied and desire to live in other dimensions at the same time. Those beings end up in hospices but we should rather turn our attentions to those like you and me (despite all ailments or disabilities) are able to cope in this 3D life even if we have to look at the bigger picture.

This step is called the “Christening or Baptism”. We can then comprehend why the church is so eager to baptize the newborns rapidly. They gain a sure followers despite their lack of consent and through way of fear (that the darkness will overcome their soul).

FYI, here’s my personal anecdote. I was baptized twice; once right after birth while I was still in the hospital. I really wanted to get out but the aggressive therapy made me stay. Meanwhile, the local priest had baptized me so that I would not go to hell. Later on, when they saw that I would stick around for a while I was given the right to a real christening in a church.

Two things resulted out of this. First of all, the second baptism certainly nullified the first one since by age 18 (the legal age) I relinquished the Catholic religion because my little pinky told me that something did not add up! It’s quite neat to listen to your “little inner voice” even though you have no clue why it is telling you to do so.

Secondly, I must have gotten a boost of illumination since I never stopped listening to my little inner voice afterward. I apparently became gifted and it would appear that I was illuminated from an early age; today I find myself metaphorically speaking on a mountaintop via a keyboard. Now let’s move on to the next step!

3rd Step: It is then that I started using an inscrutable and enigmatic form of verbal expressions. This coincidence comes with being in full and unconditional acceptance with that little inner voice.

At this stage that it is of importance to have made contact with one’s little inner voice and be able to distinguish the true one, and the fake one. The pathway is quite vast since it requires going from a stage of reasoning to one of resonance; in order to accomplish this, one must leave the survival mode of the mental mind and connect directly to his heart center.

At this moment we realize that true faith is no longer a desire to serve but a genuine alignment of self that automatically switches you to a state of service. We are therefore far from the conceptual of compassion advocated, trumpeted and justified by the preaching of all religions.

This step is very revealing of the transfiguration process and it is at this stage of trans–figuration when a being, acting in the 3D realizes that they are only a toy or a puppet; here to serve a bigger power above him. It is at this instance that beings know that everything around them is like a scenery in which they are acting to test their devotion to the “Divine Source Energy”.

When reaching this state, the being becomes trans-figurated; meaning that the world no longer appears through his mental ego where he must try to find his place. Unconditional love will then reveal itself with evidence; therefore a trans-figurated being is someone who has set foot in the 4D world in a sure manner.

4TH Step: This stage is the principal path to the 4D and corresponds to the complete abandonment of his 3D personality. This means that this being lives in the present moment, and has freed themselves from all the heavy burdens of the 3D.

The being will also become very conscious and aware of all that there is and will no longer react to the primitive way according to the law of action-reaction, significant in the 3D. The being will have a clearer vision and see what really happens in the true reality; so they will be at peace, and in harmony with their surroundings.

They know that the life is a play and with that in mind, nothing is serious or urgent because they live their being in their own way, calmly and with no fear. This stage was rightfully called the crucifixion. The personality do not drive the person anymore, but still exists in this 3D body.

In fact we can gain access to our spiritual coronation in step five, but only under the condition that we are still incarnated in a physical living body and that in this body, the personality and the ego still exists. It is also imperative to keep a positive attitude towards this support system, this “temple which is what it is.”

Since this era is the end of many cycles, beings who no longer possess a physical body and who stay suspended in the astral dimension will still be subject to a certain exercise taking place during the coronation of Urantia/Gaia. We can then capture the meaning of this parable that recites that some of the deceased in the valley of death will rise from death.

As for the living, as mentioned before, be sure to love yourself; and especially to treat your body, with respect and care. Do not put it through what you believe or decide might be good or right, but rather listen to what it is trying to tell you and it will reveal exactly what it needs. You must not listen to your personality and mental ego which is always trying to fix things in its own way.

You are what you are, and in the same regard the body is, what it is. If you respect it, it will reward you. Pay attention and listen to it carefully since each atom that makes up your body cells is nothing else but a replica of the universe; where your atomic self (higher self) resides. Understand that the next stage is crucial and you must not interrupt the communication established because this next stage depends on it.

5th Step: This is the last of all the steps since they correspond to the genuine and definitive path in the 5D. That’s where you will transcend physically since your physical body will literally evaporate and shift into an immaterial one adapted for this life in 5D.

Since your 3D body has a carbon base it will disintegrate and instead take on a crystalline and silica structure. This transformation is called “resurrection”. Indeed resurrecting our “divine self” comes from the end result of an increase in the vibratory state which the physical body is able to sustain. The “resurrection” will take place in full sacred consciousness, since you have in fact chosen to come back home by your own means. This demonstrates that you have mastered all the laws of duality in the 3D.

At this moment you will have the possibility to continue on your sojourn. This newly acquired body will be fully in tune with the authenticity of the divine light and its energy will allow you to create what you have in mind. Darkness can no longer be in this existence because of the pure light that emanates from your inner self (not that of your outer self).

If your “auric envelope” is perceived in the 3D, a halo will appear on top of your head; you will be seen as a fluid light and a floating body; wondering if you are real, those in the 3D will desire to touch you to verify if you are indeed real. You however, won’t be able to withstand it for very long in the 3D because reversibility is not possible.

Once in your 5D crystalline body, you won’t be able to roam around on the 3D platform. This explains why it is impossible to exist in those 2 dimensions at once. Whether you choose to live in the 5D or linger in the 3D, it is imperative that you are certain of your compromise. You either choose to live in “unity” or to stay in the stage of “separation” which is “duality”. Everything else is of no interest but rather nonsense from the egotistic mental mind. Remember that there is no last judgment; therefore giving no possibility for negotiation, maneuvering and corruption.

Those in the 3D still warming up to this process must not worry, since worrying never fixes anything and shortens the life span instead of prolonging it. When the selection will be done, it will be a fast process. Not to be unkind and mean or to instill fear but if you choose not to do anything the troubles will only continue to mount.

Briefly, I just described the principality of the ascension process step by step and in the next article; I will explain when you will have an encounter with the “Dweller of the Threshold”. In fact, the latter will determine a simple and technical tactic to assure that you are really sincere. Of course all of this is to eliminate the residues attached to our DNA and to expel those that are cheaters.

Laurent Dureau.

Published originally on the 5D6D blog on September 2, 2011 and updated on the 345D blog on October 24, 2012

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