The 5D-Booster Gift

What is the Vibral booster?

The Vibral booster is a way to increase your connection to the crystalline grid of Ascension. Ascension means letting the vibration of Light enter your body and your daily life.

Through  their strong relation with higher Light Beings,  Laurent and  Corinne have acquired the ability to intercede for other people and help them enhance their connection to the crystalline grid .

They now offer you the possibility of being more accurately connected to the crystalline grid and they do so for free as it is their way of serving mankind. With the world being on the verge of great changes, mankind has to rapidly increase their level of consciousness. The Vibral-Booster can increase your consciousness along with the Ascension energies.

The Vibral booster is not a technique nor any kind of exercise. It’s a session performed by Laurent and Corinne from where they live, in France, using only your name and that is stored in the Invisible until you to accept to receive it. (See below for more details)

The Vibral Booster has no connection to any religion and doesn’t require you to change any of your beliefs. It’s a gift from Light Beings living in the Invisible on the other side of the veil. You could call them Guides, but they are more like parts of yourself trying to reconnect with you.

The Vibral Booster Gift session needs to be performed only once in your life. It’s very simple to receive it and doesn’t require any specific effort from you, except that you ask for it !

How can I receive it?

You need only fill and send the form, and you will later receive an email stating the date upon which your session will be available.

What do I have to do when I received the confirmation email?

In the evening of the stated date, ideally before going to sleep, you need only say to yourself or out loud “I ask to receive the Vibral-Booster”.  The session will then start, provided that your Higher Self agrees with that request.

Why would my Higher Self refuse the Vibral Booster?

The main reason your Higher Self would refuse it, is  that your body  may not be ready to be connected to the Ascension Grid. In that case, don’t be disappointed; you can’t lose the benefit of the session.  Its energy will be stored in the Invisible and delivered when your body is ready to receive it. Meanwhile, Guides will start working on your body in order to prepare it but in a more gentle way.

Are there any ways to make it more effective ?

On the day of the session: It is better to avoid substantial physical exercises and tiresome or hard work because the Vibral Booster will require  a certain amount of energy from your body. Remember that it’s like plugging your body to an energy flow; it will have to withstand it!

Few hours before the session: No heavy meal, alcohol, drugs and no medication if you can avoid it.

During the session: try to choose a quiet  room where nothing will interrupt the session. Turn off your cellphone to prevent calls and messages,  inform your children, companion, friends not to disturb and keep your pets out of the room for the duration of the session. If you have a connection with some minerals such as stones, crystals or crystal skulls, keep them in your energetic field (your aura) so they can help you with their own energy.

How do I know it worked ?

You are unique and so is your vehicle, that is, your body. Thus, giving a general answer to that question is difficult. However, if you observe yourself after the sessions, you will feel different, more luminous and more “at peace” even if your body seems to have been shaken up or tweaked in some areas.

When you find yourself experiencing a change or something new, you might also feel weird or feel some discomfort. Depending on your own mental blocks and the crystallizations in your body, aches may occur as the Light works to dissolve them.

You may also feel tired for a few after the session: your body will keep “working” in order to establish a lasting connection to the crystalline grid.

What should I do after receiving the Vibral Booster?

Nothing special except listening to your intuition or inner Little Voice. Being unique, you are the sole master of your life.

Afterwards, if you feel that this gift has had positive effects on you and your life, you might want to spread the word about it. Please feel free to do so but under no circumstances should you force it on anyone. Everyone, as master of their life, should decide for themselves.

What should I do if I’m not available on the date specified ?

Do not worry: as stated earlier, the session’s energy will be stored on the other side of the veil until you are ready for it. It allows you to delay your session at will. When you are ready, just say to yourself or out loud, “I ask to receive the Vibral Booster”. However don’t wait too long in order to avoid energetic congestion on the other side !