The 7 levels of harmonization (1): chakras (1)

Several sciences describe in their own way what the 7 planes of the human being’s existence are. They are actually 12 but in the physical plane, we can only acces the first six knowing that the 7th is a door that opens to the world of the invisible.

In the science of chakras, where each center is described in a rather documented way, there is another interpretation given by, let’s say, a more Western wisdom and which is summed up in 7 words.

We can consider that each plane of existence (or chakra) is like a floor belonging to a building with a terrace at the top. Using this simple metaphor, I’m going to describe what is really happening.

Chakra 1 -This is the ground floor where we find logically: the entrance door but also the machine room (with its electricity meter) and bins on which depends the proper functioning of the building. His symbolism would be money.

Chakra 2 -This is the floor where we could find the first families. These will have a fairly “tribal” behavior where the tradition remains very strong. They use the stairs because it goes faster than waiting for the elevator, especially if it’s busy. At this floor, the sexuality and reproduction take place in the family setting. Its symbolism is sex

Chakra 3 – This is the second floor of housing where, after solving the problems of stewardship and family, we will seek for power. The power to be what we would like to be. It is a floor where we make a lot of noise, where we assert ourselves and where we try to be a master of the 2 lower floors. His symbolism is power.

Chakra 4 – At this floor, we wish that our human values will be acknowledged. At this level, we are closer to the sky (closer to the terrace) than the other 3 levels. We have heart, kindness, a form of benevolence towards others and we’re looking for peace because the below neighbors make a lot of noise. Its symbolism is love.

Chakra 5 – This is the penultimate floor and, because the top and bottom neighbors are in peace, we appreciate to speak, to say things that, possibly, will do good to people. We are benevolent but sometimes, we consider to give a clear bawl if we find it necessary. Its symbolism is the verb.

Chakra 6 – This is the top floor, where the elevator stops. Here, it is allowed to have height and more hindsight than the neighbors of the lower floors. There are no neighbors above, but only a terrace where angels from heaven come to discuss. So sometimes we hear conversations. His symbolism is intuition.

Chakra 7 – This is the terrace. The access is not easy as there is only some kind of a tip-up small ladder hanging from the ceiling. Being able to access it is a privilege. However, there are no security bars and vertigo might occur turning the ascension into a disaster!

In summary, in this brief description, you have learned about the 6 floors with which we play every day. A small drawing will tell more about the physical location of these chakras.

The elevator starts from the ground floor to take tenants from level 1 to 6.

The custodian of the building, for security reasons, usually lives on level 1, that is the ground floor.

Now, let us digress a little bit and give credit where credit is due. You probably know Maslow; this psychologist “invented” the famous hierarchy of needs, represented as a pyramid, and taught in all management schools around the world.

Well, it is coming from these “floors”. Level 1 – the physical survival, Level 2 – the survival of the species, Level 3 – asserting yourself, becoming the leader, Level 4 – being recognized, – Level 5 – having great fun and Level 6 – Self-achievement. So, let us set the record straight, don’t you agree?

Is this truth so obvious to teachers claiming they have been discovered by a scientist (and in addition a shrink) was actually stolen from a philosophy, a teaching that is thousands of years old? I know this is not the only contradiction we ever saw from the modern man!

Ok now, getting back to the subject, and using basic psychology, the first three chakras correspond to the “solid” material planes (from the crotch to the diaphragm). There is, therefore, everything related to reproduction, digestion and the body’s nourishing energy. In short, everything dealing with the heavy stuff, the matter.

So, just imagine, when you take the symbolism of these 3 levels you then get money, sex, and power. These are the 3 primary ingredients that compose the dirty business of our world. And it is well known that when we have the power we have control over money (and the other way around), which will allow us to keep paying for exotic dancers!

Then the 2 next floors, chakras 4 and 5, belong to the air element, as they are located in the thoracic cavity. The heart provides emotion, hence the direct relationship between emotional blockages and respiratory capacity.

The more an individual has emotional blockages, the more his/her diaphragm will be contracted. This will result in a greatly reduced respiratory capacity that will be mainly occurring in the upper thorax. Hence an extremely limited breathing, resulting in reduced brain nutrition, which then leads to regrettable nervousness. Which will also have the effect of blocking the energies of the solar plexus of the 3rd chakra.

A Western individual, fully in the mind, is the very expression of one who cannot breathe. This is why you take from time to time deep breaths that end in a deep sigh. It is also at this level that laughter (which vibrates the diaphragm) allows relaxing but also having a better health.

It all makes sense, but this is too simple for students to learn it at school. So, if we have efficient lungs and breathing, it seems obvious that at chakra 5 (the throat) our voice will carry farther. Thus, you can understand that by breathing well, you will naturally be more relaxed, calmer, but also more powerful to express yourself.

Adding insult to injury is to see an athlete smoking his/her cigarette after exercising. The inhabitants of the last floor are then living in the fog, which makes them operate at a moderate speed. The proof is that people say that it calms them when they smoke. This indicates that the brain is idling.

This is no secret; human mechanics are so ideal that we should be taught courses in physiology with related and parallel behavioral language classes. With that alone, we would gain 10 or 15 IQ points.

Just enough to make an individual become a brilliant one. Surely, not until enlightenment but enough to improve his/her daily life, her/his health and his/her understanding of the universe around her/him. So, imagine if one could breathe better how many more points one would earn! And I’m not even talking about the EQ (Emotional Intelligence).

The 6th chakra can only properly work when below neighbors do their job well. In that sense, if an individual is eating properly, has a fulfilling sexuality, a balanced ego, positive emotions, a full breathing; then his/her brain will unleash its full power.

So, he’ll probably say less bullshit, speak more softly, and deliver benevolent words to get even more power, money, sex, and ego. Happy ending, is not it?

But I’m not done because the best is yet to come in the rest of this article. Therefore, to use a respiration figure of speech, hold your breath until next time to find out how much time you can wait in order to access the knowledge of how to harmonize yourself with your 7 planes of existence.

Sadistic, am I? No, I just like to play like children; athletic ones…

Laurent DUREAU

Article originally published on the blog 5D6D April 25, 2008, and updated on the blog 345D July 18, 2012.


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