The Dweller on the Threshold

Within spiritual mythology, there is an individual that pre-human beings* call the Dweller of Threshold. This one is not the type of character seen in some films or comics. In fact, he has no representation, hence, no sword, no conversation and there is no fighting possible with him…

Indeed, you will not be able to chat with him quite simply because he has no judgment, no brain, therefore, no possibility to weigh the pros or the cons. On the other hand, he possesses an extraordinary aptitude, which is that of exalting the least ego dust that is in you.

Actually, the Dweller on the Threshold is only a computer program that will read the most secret lines of your personality and, more specifically, of your body of desires. It would be like a decontamination room that you must cross to reach the other side of the veil.

On this other side is your atomic brother (your Higher Self) who is waiting for you to get to the marriage of the Authentic Light. It would be like if the Dweller on the Threshold wanted you to get rid of all the 3D vibrations that were crucial for you, except that only you will make the decisions.

As such, there is no outside judgment since you will look at yourself face-to-face without any possibility of hiding anything. The Dweller on the Threshold is, in fact, only a protection that will allow you to cross the veil between your lower Self (the small Self) and the Higher Self.

Once done, you can then go together merge with your great SELF in the sun to join your total ONE-ness. Thus, your body of Beingness is, in fact, only the carriage that leads you to the final ceremony of the union (or re-Union) with your fundamental essence coming directly from the Source and that we also call the ONE or Unity’s consciousness.

So, this famous Dweller on the Threshold is, in fact, only a process that aims at making sure that there is nothing fishy about you and that you don’t hide anything from your eternal partner who was on the other side of the veil of forgetfulness. Basically, it will roughly coincide with the real reconnection with the other bodies (from the 8th to the 12th) that will be added, in a way, to your existing chakras.

As a matter of fact, your first 6 chakras (the masculine hexagram corresponding to the lowest vibrations of the incarnation – the Matter – where the lower Self or small Self is located) will be associated with the chakras #7 to #12 (the feminine hexagram corresponding to your incarnation – the Heaven – where your Higher Self is located). For obvious reasons, the 7th chakra (the crown’s) touches our shell to ensure the necessary energy connection to our conscious life.

Thus, what was separated will be reunited, in order to go to the real wedding ceremony via your body of Beingness (the pumpkin that turns into a carriage when the time has come…). We can, therefore, consider that the Dweller of the Threshold is like the matchmaker that cannot be fooled.

This Dweller on the Threshold has no name, so, you cannot call him because, as his name indicates, it is he who stands in front of the door (the threshold) of the future bride. He is just a doormat that aims at ensuring that all your 3D microbes and viruses do not compromise the health of the future bride who’s been waiting for you for so long.

It’s true that it’s been 320,000 years since you slammed the door, and it is only with messaging (the email) of the heart (your little inner voice) that you communicate. So, we can understand that in the reunion with your other half, the most important was not to find this other person living in 3D within an ordinary body, but something inside you.

Yes, we were tricked for so long that falling into the lie container was not difficult, when in fact we’ve been swimming since our birth as tadpoles in the duck pond located in the middle of the prison-sandbox specially modified by nice guys who wanted to enslave us so that they could eat at will… Yep, we are their energetic cellar (emotions and thoughts).

In short, now that the time for homecoming has come, it is time for the tadpoles that grew up enough (and therefore became frogs) to jump out of the sandbox to fall into the holy water of Unity. It goes without saying that a good scrub to get rid of the grime of different confinements is a prerequisite for daring to go step on the doormat, on the threshold, of the promised one since eternity!

It is clear that the cleaning of each one will be directly proportional to his/her desire to run away with this other part of himself/herself that he/she does not even remember how she/he is. It must be said that he/she has gone through a few thousand incarnations, and that, each time, he/she lost neurons and memories in the process.

In brief, we will be far from being immaculate and smelling good like strawberry when we ring the doorbell of the promised one. In other words, it is not easy for a ghost zombie to be pure light, but as we say, when we love we are ready to endure everything in order to be entitled to a tiny bit of something that we have been dreaming of for so long!

The job of the doormat is to send you waves (as if you were passing through an airport checkpoint to detect any metal) and trigger the alarm due to your information. This phase absolutely impossible to avoid will make you discover in real time all that you have hanging on your chakras or plans of experience as I call them.

It is obvious that this exercise will be done while you are disconnected from your normal waking consciousness. Clearly, your body will be completely asleep, to the point that even if the building crumbled you would not move an inch. This period of scanning is known as stasis or the famous 3 days when the sun will be off for you…

Thus, bombarded by Authentic Light, you will see on your consciousness screen (like on a customs officer’s screen at the airport) all stains on you. And by displaying the 7 fundamental colors corresponding to the vibration of each plane of experience (or chakra), a very colored image will be seen on the screen…

In fact, what will show up in your consciousness will appear to you as real as if you had your eyes open. In other words, you will not be able to make any difference between dream and reality, except that you know that you are indeed kind of dreaming. So, at first, you will have that feeling of being elsewhere, like the dead discover it when they die.

The virus or the most aggressive psychological microbe will appear first on the screen and that, despite the successive scanning of the chakras. Indeed, why bother with scanning everything when the elimination can be done quickly? Thus, once the face right on the consciousness screen, and thanks to the energy of the Authentic Light radiated through the door (in 5D and higher), you will see with your own eyes your own creation performed live (which will be the case anyway when you are in 5D and higher; therefore, this is just a small glimpse of what’s going on there!).

Clearly, the doormat is just a vibration amplifier enabling you to create instantly what you cherish and what you really care about. In this, there is no judgment because it is you who write the scenario in real time. So, what is most important to you will truly materialize for you, and you will have to use your true discernment.

The current flowing first in the little metal quantity that you have left within, what will first present itself to you will be what is most deeply hidden in you. You will not witness the desire to patch things up following your last argument with your spouse, but rather everything that has marked you forever.

Thus, if your wish is to see again your child who died in a car accident, you will see him/her again with total acuity. You’ll be able to talk to her/him as if you had the opportunity to start all over again. Your heart will be full of gratitude and your desire to follow him/her will be absolute, except that in fact, in deciding to follow her/him, you will only go out of the cleansing process.

Yes, any projection (necessarily resulting from a possession desire) will, therefore, be revealed to your consciousness but also projected as real in your consciousness. Possession (it’s mine – it’s my life and I do what I want) is the sign of a significant pollution incompatible with the law of One that prevails in your sweetheart room.

Obviously, any trace of 3D must be neutralized in order to continue the reunification process. Understand that nobody blames you and that you alone are in control of your own detox. So, as soon as you follow, in one way or another, your deepest desires related to 3D, you will inevitably be ejected into the corresponding plane of existence.

It is said that it will be done according to the vibration of each one and this is quite right. It is you, with your brain, your consciousness, who will decide if you will go into 5D to marry the handsome valentine or if you will continue to play in the theater of the personality and the ego. It will be your choice and yours only!

So, for instance, if you dream of having a bunch of money because you have badly lacked it and you have plans, you will have to go to the bank that you have created within your dream. Hence, it will mean “exit” or “game over” if you prefer.

Likewise, if you wished to meet your soul mate, the other half you’ve been longing so much. She/he will be exactly as you had imagined. He/she will be so terribly real that you will be deluded, and your intense desire to experience it will inevitably take you back to the door that leads to 3D.

Ditto, for the beauty of your physical body, your requests for power or having the opportunity to have a degree that you would have wished in order to be elected or even to become President. In short, all the unfulfilled things that you have inside you will appear to you with simplicity and will ask you to follow them.

Realize that this is the same for your dreams of Light, to walk among Angels and Archangels. Yes, you will see so many Beings of Light that you won’t be able to resist their call and their unconditional love. Yes, all projections, as peaceful, loving, sweet and immortal as they are, will, in fact, be 3D mirages unsuitable with the 5D.

Understand that what made the life of a frog in the middle of a duck pond has nothing to do with what happens outside the prison-sandbox. It is therefore in all innocence and with a total absence of mind projection (especially from the “mental” heart) that you will be able to cross the threshold that leads to the bridal chamber.

Thus, as it is said, the prince can come at any time during the night, because, at the moment, it is when you least expect it, when you will be in the night (with a sleeping mind) that you will find yourself on the doormat that leads, one way or another, to unite with the bride.

It is therefore recommended to be dressed as light as possible because each of your clothes belongs to the 3D. Thus, if your tiny pink lace underwear is important to you, and you do not want to get rid of it, you will promptly end up in the factory that “builds-to-order” what you wish.

You will then create a significant tension between your desire to have some tiny underwear pinker (I want it because with it I will feel even better = projection) and your total acceptance to the Light (or to Christ, if you wish, because it is the same). Do not believe that Christ will like your pink panties, because he does not care in the least about it because he is not a person…!

Thus, the more you get undressed of your beliefs, of your emotional ties and of all your egotistical projections, the more you will be able to look at your fantasies with discernment when you are on the threshold that will take you out of 3D. You will then have less effort to provide to resist the extraordinary forces deployed by your personality and your ego to take you back.

Only total surrender will allow you to enter the bridal chamber because what is in there has nothing to do with anything you have imagined, thought or reflected. It is therefore strongly recommended to be open and enthusiastic as children are sincere within their heart. To follow the music is simple when the background noise of the mind-ego has been turned off.

Understand that to be able to go through the door of 5D, you will not have anyone to convince of anything. You will be alone in front of yourself, and with the worst “adversary” of all time in front of you: your ego heavily motivated by its lieutenant, the personality, itself greatly excited by the body of desires. You will then make your choices really according to your vibration.

If money turns you on, or sex, or power (political or spiritual), you will be assured of being able to continue in this way, because the Source does not judge, it grants you the right to live what you wish to live. So, everything is perfect because the world is perfect!

Thus, do not seek or worry about whether or not you will make through this famous threshold, because each one will have according to his/her true vibration. Everything is perfect and there is no fear or anxiety to have. Be what you are and do not seek to fart higher than your ass. Be what you are now, and when you find yourself on the doormat, stay calm and cool and take a friendly look at what’s going on there.

You’ll figure out it’s just a projection, like in the movies, and you have to quietly and softly reach the end of the ending credits to get out of the 3D theater room. If, on the other hand, you heed to the sirens’ call of your own projections, then you will remain stuck in the theater!

Therefore, I wish you a good movie and hope it will be the last one you’re watching. As far as I’m concerned, I chose the short film option with the “naturism” option. Yep, it’s easier to leave as we arrived in this world: naked!

Laurent DUREAU

*Pre-human being is the current vibratory stage of our evolution as we have not yet reached the full potential of our humanity

Article originally published on the blog 5D6D on September 7, 2011, and updated on the blog 345D on October 25, 2012.

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