The Evolution of the Atomic Circle of Life

Well as promised in “other revelations on the Atomic circle”, I now address what happened before the ascension to then find out what’s going to happen during and after.

In fact, everything is changing, everything is moving and everything is in motion. Let’s be aware of what will happen.

it is nice talking about how to achieve the Ascension but it limits to the details. However, knowing the big picture allows us to better understand what we are committed to. We’ll be even more motivated!

To better integrate specific cosmic vocabulary (it’s time to start), I will first talk about what is called the Flower of Life. This expression is very significant, as it expresses really what is happening.

The flower of life is the same as a classic flower. Let’s take a daisy for example. You have the center which is yellow where pistils come out and where bees are foraging. And then on the outskirts, you see petals.

Well, it’s the same thing for the development of the Atomic circle of life. The “Central Island”, where all ideas emerge, is obviously at the center while the petals embody the Super-Universes that capture energy from the Source…

The expression “Flower of Life” means that from a central idea, a number of petals of experimentation develop.

Handed over to the “human” level, our solar system is a flower of life. Everything comes from a Sun and each planet represents a petal of experimentation.

As mentioned previously, each planet can only be in one place and represents a specific color of experimentation. So each has a precise place and only one!

So let’s start to unroll what was there before the “crowning” of the last link in the chain: Urantia Gaia. We get the flower of life, hereunder: Overall, we can say that’s what happened until the last century. The central island is surrounded by 7 Super distinct universes. But since then, a new conceptual energy has come to surround the petals.

This new energy layer is composed of 5 sublayers, that match the 5 Super-universes which will be born in the second Atomic circle. Here is an image of the “during” the coronation.

Now you understand why the angels (and archangels, and all others) speak of Coronation. A Coronation, it’s a Crown, which is a kind of ring that indicates the marriage…

Indeed, as soon as Urantia Gaia will pass in 4D with some number of his children, the merger will be able to start and thus spread inside the big one sidereal (1st Atomic circle) while the new flower of life will take shape in the second Atomic circle.

Somehow, this is going to be a real firework where on the one hand, there will be a fusion (by the fire – the Christic love – the consciousness of Unity), and on the other hand, there will be an explosion in sprays of colors (the new Suns, solar love).

In the end, after the completed merger, there will be this below configuration:

Thus, a new round will be definitely launched. Do you now understand how much the latest is important? Those who, in their sandbox, don’t suspect anything? (meaning us on Earth)

They believe that they are alone and that each of them is nothing but a future corpse in a future hole under the dandelions…

Well no, all of us will become, depending on his/her own choice either a Sun, or even downright a Galaxy, and keeping in mind that we will be granted to us the governance of 2 Super-universes anyway (the medals of merit!)…

So, ready for the new adventure or you still want to keep holding to your habits, to your small 3D concepts, to your small and paltry pleasures in this world of perdition?

Well, I added another info about the access doors to the 5 new Super-universes: Urantia-Gaia is one of them!

It means a heavy traffic and many training schools. Indeed, a few Urantians will be the custodians of a Super-universe, while ensuring that the new souls (but in fact, not so young) will keep on track in the new experiment.

Clearly, unemployment will no longer exist on Urantia and full employment will be ensured for all, except that there is no pay, no social security, no pension, but still some leaves in order to enjoy a good reshaping and communicative joy.

In summary, if you take the measure of what is written above, you can blithely understand that dreams of nirvana where we would do nothing in very cosy fleecy clouds seem far from what really awaits us.

I’ll go after a while see what is going on in the new Super universe to see if there is anything I like.

Well, I think that the course should be enough already tagged with my background. However, I expect this kind of choice “do you want to be the guardian of the Museum on the right or the one on the left?»

I love this kind of free will!

Laurent Dureau

Article originally published on the blog 4D5D, August 27, 2009, and updated on the blog 345D, August 3, 2012

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