The Humanity’s cube, watzehek?

Is this again a drift or a vision of the raving chief who particularly likes small cubes? The answer is no, but I have to proceed gradually because, as you know, we have a lot to unlearn in order to learn.

We are overweight in falsified products and concepts. So we must not only go to the bathroom but also think of dieting starting by looking at what we swallow as much by the mouth as in the ears or eyes. For the material food, we can still consider the nomenclature of ingredients, but concerning what we listen to and watch, can you find where is the list of ingredients?

For most of us, the answer is: no! Indeed, the notion of literary, conceptual, scientific, religious ingredients remains at the same level as all additive stuff, printed very small, if not with words in Latin… We are really being fooled and I’m not even talking about the calorie charts where only the pros are able to broadly understand what is the degree of “crappiness” that you are dealing with. It’s a huge scam for the blind person, dumb and consenting…

As I know that everyone does not necessarily understand the images I’m using, the calorie chart of concepts and others is called “tables”: the pundits, driven by the rationality, our experts (in scams) inevitably hatched few statistics. Have not you noticed that the bigger is the file and the brighter are the graphics, the more you believe it to be true?!

In short, you know that we can represent Creation in two different ways: male or female, with breaking geometry or round shapes, with cubes or spheres, with lines intersecting with angles or with undulating lines where there is no angle although it changes direction by 90°…

On the one hand, if I ask you to represent Humanity with a drawing, it’s not going to be easy. You can always draw little men and women, who hold hands around a globe, but it takes time and it corresponds to a feminine vision of things because there are no angles.

On the other hand, if you draw a cube, you can say that all the Humanity’s dimensions and their vibrations are contained in this cube. It goes much faster than the previous drawing which, inevitably, will be more limited, especially when you know the number of costumes available here in addition to the different skin colors and sizes/weights! And not to mention that you added Mother Earth to your drawing: we would have thought of a circle of friends, a children’s round, etc.

We understand that with the appearance of the cube, everything is included and we will not get bogged down in details. It’s the same for any other entity, whether we’re talking about dwarves or Mother Earth. Thus, there is the dwarves’ cube as much as the cube of Urantia-Gaia-Elea. This is how we speak in the ONE-visible (the unseen in the universal law) because, in truth, in our galaxy, everything is based on the Metatron’s cube.

The solar system is a Metatron’s cube, just like our body.

Thus, you will see the world of ONE-visible (the unseen in the universal law) according to the degree of understanding-vibration that you can perceive in your holographic sphere. Indeed, the entities will present themselves to you according to the library of images that you have in own memory database. Let’s cover a few examples.

You are Catholic and, for you, Mary (the Madonna) is necessarily dressed in such a way and has the face of a European. Now, imagine that thanks to channeling ability, you managed to contact Mary (or one of her manifestations legal or not). How is she going to appear? Like a Hindu in shorts and thongs or as the image, you cherish inside?

The answer will be: “as you wish to see her”, otherwise the entity will make a very bad impression and you will cut off the communication thinking that it is an astral entity that wants to harm you. However, even if she indeed emerges from the astral and she wants you hurt, this entity will take the basic image that you have in mind, is not it?

In other words, as the veil of oblivion is going to be lifted, you imagine the spiritual slaughter if the entities come up in their true form. It’s almost impossible. Therefore, we assume that you will only see what you can or want to see.

Thus, if you come in contact with a dwarf, you will see the image of a dwarf that you have seen in storybooks or on TV. On the other hand, if he looks like a spiraling fairy or an ugly demon, I can assure you that you are going to quickly cut off the contact and wonder if, what you have seen, was evil…

There, I am in the field of pictures but it is identical for the borrowed vocabulary. As a matter of fact, imagine that you speak to him in English and that he answers in French, in Latin or in Chinese, the conversation will quickly become problematic. Likewise, although he spoke English, imagine if this entity spoke to you like a doctor while you barely know how to decode a cooking recipe? The result will be the same.

Ditto, if he begins to talk about mathematical concepts while you are already struggling with the 2 times table. In the end, an ONE-visible entity (an entity from the unseen in the universal law) will use your personal library to chat with you and transform as you expect to see it. Any other option will inevitably imply a step back from you!

In other words, if you see Jesus as a blonde male with blue eyes, you will see him this way when in reality he had brown eyes, black hair and a dark skin typical of North Africa (sun is shining there and it is difficult to have a white complexion…). We live in a holographic world and everything is possible.

Thus, you can welcome your favorite dragon in the palm of your hand even though, in fact, it can be as big as the Earth. In short, they can reduce their size at will since it is purely holographic. I know that this understanding may shock you, but until I finish my courses you will not have all the pieces of evidence online. It takes time, but we’ll get there sooner or later.

So now, if I took you to the center of the Earth, where Mother Earth resides, what are you going to see? A beautiful white woman dressed in a robe and floating in the air? A beautiful black androgynous artfully hefty with finesse? A monk or Asian nun? Slant-eyed, flying from bamboo to bamboo? No, you will see a cube if you are beyond illusion!

All this will not prevent you from feeling all the gentle and powerful vibrations emanating from this cube. Your heart will feel all this, but your eyes will watch a living Metatron’s cube vibrating. Tears will run down your cheeks and yet no picture of what you thought SHE was will pop up in your head.

You will then understand that you are free from illusion because Mother Earth in her infinite Love for you would not want to shock you and therefore that you cut communication. She is really all love and it is therefore according to your grasp ability that she will take the form that you will perceive. It does not change your ability to vibrate at a certain level to be in front of her. Do not confuse the two!

Humanity is, in fact, a Metatron’s cube where each one that we are is the equivalent of a neuron in a big brain. What a neuron experiences and thinks will be automatically transmitted to all neurons that it is in contact with via synapses. These synapses are constantly being constructed and deconstructed just like bonds that unite you with other people.

Hence, when you are in love with someone, you weave a link but it can get loose over time if you do not reactivate it regularly. As the obvious saying goes: “out of sight, out of mind”: it’s, however, true because we’ve all experienced it. When no energy comes to renew the need of the connection, then it deteriorates to the point of breaking up and disappearing.

This is why there is a regular deletion of many bonds (school and professional ones, various and varied encounters) while others persist over time, such as family ties. Thus, you alone are a small cube but you are stacked in a larger cube, which is that of Humanity.

The latter evolves like a brain with its synapses. If one of you starts thinking something and communicates it well enough and strongly for a long enough time, then the information will be stored and shared within the entire cube, hence, the theory of the hundredth monkey (which is not a theory but a known fact).

Understand that this cube of Humanity is the box, the jar, of this entity which is constantly renewed (births and farewells) while storing achievements that will be useful according to the changes brought by 2 other cubes (that of Earth Mother and the one of the solar system, therefore, of the Sun which itself is impacted by another cube called galaxy).

Our friends in the ONE-visible (the unseen in the universal law) talk about the cube of Humanity to designate a living organism, that can think and perceive, which aims to continue the experience and chose to do so by coming precisely into this galaxy, in this game.

This cube of Humanity is connected to the cube of Mother Earth through all the networks I mentioned earlier. Each of these networks is connected to a plane of existence and therefore to your chakras. So, when Mother Earth vibrates a particular note in her cube, the cube of Humanity will be forced to swallow it and cannot do anything about it.

Thus, with each revolution around the sun, Mother Earth sends a specific code allowing all the cubes that are contained in her to get the info and act accordingly. Therefore, the crystalline entities will know what they have to do, as well as the elementals. It will be the same for plants, animals, Nature’s Beings (NB) and Light Beings (LB).

Only the “Tiny Feet” (aka the humans on earth) do not hear her well, and one of the main reasons is the control of the involutes of the Hartmann network. So, understand the importance of the influence that the networks recently put in place has on us. They are the rope ladder stretched out to us at the bottom of the ravine, at the bottom of the pit.

The crystal lattice is the 5D grid (the network onto which the cube of Humanity is being connected – this 4D period called New World) while the rainbow network is the network that will allow the construction of the new biological being that we will borrow once Humanity has definitively slipped into 5D.

Indeed, a new vehicle of matter is under construction (a new car based on crystalline technology) that will replace our current vehicles that are carbon-based. This is also why the crystal lattice first appeared and that, thanks to the gigantic work done by the crystalline spirits who could incarnate in crystal skulls and whose guardians helped by their power of incarnate creator in this 3D dimension.

Indeed, there has been a military intervention to crystallize humans in search of power or low discernment about crystal skulls to go to a destination that distracted everyone while enabling in secret those who were truly dedicated to the service.

Then, during Year 1, geometric year and giving the advantage to the involution, the majority followed the illusion. It was a magic trick, a sleight of hand making possible to anchor the essential so that the new grids are implanted-activated.

Now, that they are here, it implies that there will be no turning back. The dark ones know it and the house of cards of outrageous materialism is really going to fall. It’s just a matter of time and I understand that dedicated wayfarers are fed up with all this but you have to understand that the cosmic clock has its own rhythms.

This is how the new Vibral Booster (version 2) will become optimal only when we reach almost the top of the energy curve of Mother Earth, end of May – beginning of June because, after the summer solstice, the energies of Mother Earth will decrease like every year, except that…

Except that … we are in Year 4 (a vibratory year) and that the rainbow grid has just been activated, there is a serious risk of seasonal disturbances. They have already started because here in France, we have had almost no autumn or winter and this is mainly due to the reorganization of Mother-Earth’s networks.

Well, as soon as you move a network or reorganize it so that it adjusts to the new ones, it inevitably leads to significant weather disruptions. In your opinion, how did you think Mother Earth would clean up aside a few earthquakes?

Accordingly, it rains, is freezing or hails down where Mother Earth (supported by grids’ technicians) wants it to happen. Yes, the cube of Humanity does have an existence and its conceptualization makes it possible to truly understand what is happening without falling into the illusion of a fragmented, discordant representation, where everyone wishes peace in the world without realizing that war is in him/her.

I will come back regularly on the evolution of the cube of Humanity by telling you by which end the ONE-visible operates so that the Tiny Feet wake up, get up and walk in full consciousness. It will be the end of zombies, living dead, programmable and programmed robots that believe they are alive by doing everything they can to fight death of which they are so afraid.

My brother, my friend, welcome to this blog because you give yourself the opportunity to access another vision of things, first by reading but then by feeling what is true or not. Indeed, unlike many blogs that broadcast a lot of channeling and others, I do not mention at the bottom of the page that I withdraw my personal responsibility by saying that you must use discernment.

Those who do this, besides the fact that it feels good and that it looks professional, only prove that they do not want to be involved in the multiple experiences of their readership. In this, they make sure that, in any case, it will always be the reader who will be wrong and that as publishers, they are not responsible for online publications.

Basically, they step back by making you believe that you have discernment, while they know that you do not necessarily have it. Besides, it’s funny because those who state this are especially those who ask you to subscribe by paying. So, there is a matter of cash and protection (therefore fear) behind all this.

I do not depreciate what the “photocopier” sites bring into the web, but I find it regrettable that the fear takes on politically dull aspects. One wants to provide beautiful, attractive, sensational stuff but in fact, they are only media that only publish as much good as shitty material, since by definition they are unable to make the difference. So, I understand that they do not want to take responsibility for their publishing choices.

Here, on this blog, I do not borrow information from anyone because there is only one author. He says what he thinks, what he knows or understood, and on top, it’s totally free. And then, for those who do not agree or who ask for help, clarification, I answer to the best of my abilities by email.

Laurent DUREAU

PS: Going through this article again, I just realized this little aside end of it has nothing to do with the title. I think it had to be said; otherwise, it would not come out so spontaneously. So I leave it and come what may!

An article previously showed on the original blog Homo-Galacticus on 02/05/2016

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