The magic of Illusion and the Illusion of magic

Every day that passes in this new year 4 (2016) is, in itself, a blessing if one happens to be super cool, super open, in order to just let things fit together naturally and effortlessly. Then, magically, you discover that you live in an absolutely illusory world, because made from scratch by a set of vibrations, collective as well as personal.

This is the magic of illusion which, for the specialist, will be translated by the words ‘synchronicities’ or ‘random’ according to the frequency level (and by then understanding level) reached. Everything is constantly in front of your nose to the point that you can’t see anything if you don’t take a step back. This “informational” maelstrom then transforms into the illusion of magic.

So, when a wayfarer is used to see things coming with a certain discernment, the non–wayfarer talks about magic and about dark forces that assail him. The latter do not understand why flies (or microbes) come to him in such numbers and with such enthusiasm to the point of antagonizing him severely.

He does not understand this focus on him and complains strongly, believing he is cursed. He, therefore, comes to mention destiny or fate thrown to him. He desperately seeks a culprit lurking somewhere beyond his immediate view. Then, he starts to invent an unhealthy world where magicians curse him to take advantage of it or laugh at him maliciously…

He then feels attacked when he realizes that all is not as he wants. His world becomes a struggle, a fight, and not a place of wonder, due to discoveries. So, facing the shortage of good things according to his visions, he clings desperately to “positive” souvenirs, while trying to ignore or forget his “negative” moments.

He then starts to dream of a better world, a world of gentleness, generosity, and respect. He dreams of harmony, love, and evanescence mentioned mainly by New-Age images or “Holy” pictures. He expects the change especially by the intervention of something external because, on his side, he is too small and insignificant to be able to change the game…

He complains about duality, injustice and all the other stuff and institutions that are, non-stop, stripping him and bothering him. He would like to have a “quiet flow life” because he is really fed up with this crappy life. He then mopes heartily, from all its neurons and all its cells because, obviously, he is unfortunate because he is misunderstood.

Yes, he feels that nobody understands him because he is different from everybody. Then, to keep up appearances, he forces himself a little, much, passionately, to play the “I’m like you” game in order to get a little attention, a bit of affection, a little love from others, because inside of him, he doesn’t dare to love himself for what he is.

He is torn between the outside, society, the world, the social bonds and what he feels in himself. His head tells him something while his heart says something else. He is divided between the invisible and the real. Then he tries to combine the two as he can. Also, as “part of the common herd of sheep”, he immerses himself into esotericism, spirituality, he even attends established or downright new communities.

According to his desire to stand out, it will show his revolt with dress codes not compatible with local atmosphere. Thus in the country of the suit and tie, he will prefer a good Rastafarian haircut rather than the shaved skull of the “warrior-business man” ready to kill father and mother in order to get both financial and social promotion.

In short, the white sheep likes to see himself as a black sheep without really understanding that he still is a sheep. It is hard for him to take some distance and to discover that if “shit flies” come permanently around him, it is precisely because he is a super “shit producer”, and of good quality, in addition, otherwise the flies would fly elsewhere…

Indeed, a fig tree could not give pears, it means that there is obviously harmony between what you make and what you offer to the world. And logically, if the world around you is crap, it’s simply because you have to be in that place, now and not elsewhere.

In other words, if the world that surrounds you is a world of shit that you don’t like, then ask yourself the question: why are you there? Indeed, the laws of attraction and resonance are there, only to ensure total harmony between the creator and his creation. So if you build crap, you will necessarily be invaded by crap in a crappy place. So everything is perfect, isn’t it?

So, if you are humble enough to admit that a Rasta in the tropical countries is normal but absolutely abnormal, in meeting rooms, in a country far from the tropics, you’ll understand that the more you will increase your frequency level, the more you will escape the crappy areas where the lower vibrations reign supreme.

It will not be possible for you to sit between 2 seats (the toilet bowl seat and one of the verandas drowned in Nature) without having a discomfort over a period of time. However, if the appeal to Nature is strong, you have to keep in mind that you will not find there a heated toilet seat with a flush! Of course, the comfort of the toilet in the city is not something that has been planned in the scenery of Nature…

It will, therefore, be difficult to combine comfort and safety of doing your small business peacefully in any local provided for this purpose, with one outside, even if you are stashed behind a bush…So, you understand easily why so many lemmings struggle to emancipate.

In other words, everyone will be faced with its own mess. In doing so, he will discover by extension that flies (or microbes) don’t want to harm him, because they are there just coming to facilitate recycling so that he lives in a better world. They are there to help him and not to bother him or hurt him.

We therefore, fall back into the magic of illusion (we’re all scum, and so can only serve as fertilizer for the system) and the illusion of magic, that “evil forces are at work here on Earth and they have decided to piss me, hence necessarily a passage to act in the toilets because I crystallize everything inside following unnatural intakes…”

“Life is beautiful” will be the favorite mantra of the “Care Bears”, hoping that the Coué method will succeed to make them forget the reality they perceive. But, all in all, they will still remain lemmings.

So now that I portrayed you, in a “materialistic-romantic” way, this dark and smelly world, do you really think that changing the color of the toilet wallpaper will change anything? Do you think that by writing colored mantras or by printing New–Age pictures on the toilet paper will change something?

The answer is Yes, a little bit because we all know that once sat on the toilet bowl, we have time to read, time to escape from the obligations of the 3D, and more… So everything is perfect, except that once emerged, we necessarily fall back in this world that weighs us.

So how to move away from this world where it is continually annoyed and that in addition, we feel boring! We wish so much to live something else, to be in the lightness of being and not in the heaviness of matter, and yet we’re here, trapped in a body, itself prisoner of a world that I hardly believe that I wanted to come in!

“Savvy spiritualists,” say that it is the will of God while others “connected,” say that I volunteered. They even say it’s me who creates my own world, my own environment and I’m responsible for all this! They are really lame to tell all this. They want to really make feel guilty me and push me even further down in the (toilet) hole.

“There are sick! There ought to be jailed because really they go wrong! No, I want a better world and I know it’s not here on this planet! Hey, the E.T., when do you come and help us to get out of here? Hey, Saviour when is it that you come to sweep the vermin with your magic wand?

Hey, the change, Mary’s call, the “big event”, why it’s still not happening? I’m tired of promises, I’m tired I am told stories to make me expect something that would solve everything! We are really cheated. The torturers are villains, who enjoy to hurt us, especially me. All of them are false prophets, illuminated, show-off, I-know-it-all, liars, etc…

I know that by writing this, you all more or less recognize you. It is normal and well because it is actually a collective illusion which for the moment is not yet recognized by everybody. Indeed, many of our brothers are still in full 3D and so in the doldrums by asking again and again “why is life so hard” (assuming they find some time to think about it).

From constipated (3D effects) we will go through a fluidization stage called diarrhea (4D effect). Indeed, as breastfed babies (fed from 4D Vibration), we have very loose stools in our diapers of “Care Bears”. The latter do not understand why the dark is flowing from them while they expect to light…

They have not yet understood that The Light dissolves best crystallisations, blocks that prevent the movement of higher frequencies in our motor of the Earth (1st and 2nd Chakras) and called our guts. We cannot skip this step of the constipated cleaning the hoses.

So I reassure the wayfarers: to have diarrhea (both physically and psychologically) is the necessary step to break free from the past that we would love to keep (the memories). It’s once again this famous “let go” I mention so often. So any rise in vibration will inevitably bring rinsing of dirt that kills you because it is stuck in your body.

This year 4 (2016) is a year of fluidization. So, expect queues in front of the toilet…

Seen from another angle, you’ll be a “light” despite your will, and those who will twist the belly in the queue (due to urgent need ) will discover, thanks to your relaxed and serene look, that you have found another solution. Don’t be ignorant of this fact and understand that those who will ask you questions will be really all hearing.

Although initially, it might shock them, the internal pressure will be strong enough for them to take the step. And then you will see that what took you years to go and do your little business in Nature, will take a few minutes for those encrusted who taunted you…

Don’t take advantage making them feel guilty or boasting because it will not help you in the future. The other thing to know is that there is no need to advertise or scroll with billboards to indicate that you have alternative toilets. It would be taken as of manipulation and will, therefore, lead to questions.

If you are North American where everything could be converted into business, I recommend not to do it in areas where hard capitalism is not appropriate. In this, understand that using people distress to enrich themselves is not part of the law of one. Keep you from becoming a false prophet, a messiah or a channel who has the privilege to contact the afterlife.

Humility, kindness will demonstrate a compassion that is natural, not forced. For this purpose, you can offer addresses of blogs on the internet. As the reading of some of these blogs will bring noticeable mental irritations, it is, therefore, better these “irritated” readers connect to the Source pretty quickly.

It will inevitably fall back on the notion of unclogging of pipes because, as you know, the main feature of the pre-human is to be clogged. You surely understand, now, the why of my plumber outfit. Indeed, according to you, whom do you call when the toilet is clogged?

Laurent DUREAU

Published originally on the homo-galacticus blog on January 26, 2016

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