The moon, its secrets and its effects

The moon has always inspired poets as much as authors of scary novels since men kind feels that this astronomical body possesses a powerful influence on them. They have no clues how they know but they do know.

On the other hand, scientists denied the effects of the stars ( planets ) while admitting of the lunar effects on humanity ( and the planet earth ). The high numbers of people going to the emergency, being hospitalized and the rise in crimes and including the tidewater of the ocean leaves no doubt about the full moon effect. So physically speaking where do scientists go wrong?

First of all, the moon is not a totally a dead celestial body that just rotates around our planet earth like a satellite. The moon has a very precise function in relation to all forms of life on earth.

The moon fulfilled numerous functions thanks to the stratum and the configuration of all the grids surrounding mother earth on many levels. I will lay it down more simply.

I am going to affirm here certain things that might bother you since you did not know or worst you might have a totally different idea about it. It is not in this article therefore that I will unveil all the details. Only in small doses in each article.

Lets first take a look at things that do not make anyone sad since it appears normal.

  1. The moon always shows the same facet.

  2. The light that the moon projects is white except in rare occasion.

  3. The moon has different types of influences depending on its phase.

To a mere scientist, the number 1 point is explained by complicated equations that would brim the majority of us. But the scientists would only explain how and not why we can only see one facet of the moon.

The point number 2 point has been covered up; meanwhile, all astronomers recognized the planets of the solar system thanks to their yellow hue (reflection from the sun) among all white stars in the firmament. So then why is the moon an exception to the rule?

The point number 3 is noticed in our daily life routine but absolutely no scientific evidence can explain how, even less why things occur during the full moon. Except for the warlocks who enjoy performing spells to the max.

The answer is quite simple and it will take your breath away. Just take a step back and draw your conclusion with something that is used on a daily basis: a computer hard disk.

In order for a hard disk to exist on a functional level, it required many physical aspects; on an electrical and software application infrastructure aspect. Let’s address the 3 plans and after we can look at the operational analogy of the moon.

A – The physical level:

A computer is needed with its motherboard (microprocessor, memory card, computer chip etc ) as well as a hard disk including a spindle motor that is read and written by the head device.

B – The electrical level:

The computer must be plug in to be able to send and register the data in the hard disk which must also be connected to the spinning platter in order to download the info.

C – The software level:

The operating system manages the input and output according to a precise application code thanks to a data capacity but also the whereabouts of the information recorded on the hard disk (partitions, categories).

If everything is in perfect order you will have a computer (A), that you can turn on (B), the operating system start (C) that is giving you a good starting point. Afterward, you can utilize as you please (usually).

Let’s take a look at it from a different angle.

A – The physical point

The PC is the sun, the hard disk is the earth, the head (PC) is the earth’s crust that rotates around a motor just like the principle of the rotor-stator and the head is the moon!

This completes the explanation of point 1, it unravels the reason why we always see the same facet of the moon. Have we ever seen a PC heads spinning on its own self?

This PC head demonstrates that each rotation ( one day ), is the same every day but under a different angle since the PC head moves in such way that in 28 days the whole disk must be swept.

This explains the point number 3 as well as 2 (white light and not yellow). In fact, a PC head thanks to various electric currents will write magnetically on the hard disk.

So it is a polarized light. We see the electric aspect (white light) visually but we fell its magnetic effect in our heart.

This influence is directly proportional to the point 3 because of the 28 days scan that will provoke regular variations called waxing moon and waning moon.

B – The electrical point

The solar system function being under the Almighty technology means that we don’t have to worry about the tab or any power failure.

C – The software plan

There as well, the exploitation system is totally controlled by our Father-Mother Helios and Vesta who coordinate the 4 primordial biggest forces conformed with the 3 grids of the Creation.

A future article will explain further more but for now, let’s stay on our main subject. Our sun is the computer of the solar system where each planet is a specific peripheral type of hard disk.

Said differently, our soul is nothing more than a load of information searching back and forth from all the hard disks depending on the needs of the evolutionary program itself. I know it can make you sad but that’s what it is!

To resume, the moon is a PC head that obeys the Sun’s commands. It is in itself some kind of artificial celestial body that program us. And we can’t escape it!

It was written in our magnetic field to make us experience things. I will come back on that subject later since the moon waxing and the moon waning have a different impact on our capacities.

Other information (while being on the subject) shows that each birth corresponds to a new file that become written on Urantia’s hard disk and that each death corresponds to a return to the computer to be scan.

Worded differently, our soul is an information file that would be more or less harmed by viruses that have infected the hard disk. It will be revitalized thanks to the multitudes of rewriting of its existence while under the Urantien program.

Our divine life essence carries the genuine program, while the soul will register all the quacks during the files reorganization or usage of it during the humanity programming happening on Urantia.

See how simple it is: your life is nothing else than an experiment metaphorically speaking, like a folder going through a configuration. When the folder get corrupted that means that it loses its physical integrity (so software) and that it is ready to be debugged in order to sort out the good and the bad.

Later on with the debug done, it will restart anew with a lighter version ready to face multitudes of new procedures according to the bugs and experiments in progress on the hard disk.

Fundamentally it is important to acknowledge and comprehend that every day in consideration of the moon function that we are considerably influenced. Inevitably those who are fully immersed in ignorance would conclude that each day is identical.

There is a sort of breathing between us and the sun and it’s the moon who is the main leader. Indeed thanks to its magnetic reading- writing side it will allow the hard disk to breathe energetically.

The magnetic compression will be considerable when the moon reaches its maximum power (the full moon and the black moon also called the new moon for those who fear black magic)

Like in all 4 inevitable moon phases corresponding to the 4 polarities (yin-feminine, yin masculine, yang masculine, yang feminine) Those 4 phases correspond to the 4 phases of the moon used precisely by the astrologists.

The identical moon crescents would differ in polarity depending on it being a waxing moon or a waning moon. Now that you know that the 4 phases of the moon have different polarities, could you tell me when it would be more favorable for you to be under the masculine and feminine programming?

Furthermore, do you think that it would be the same for men and women? When do you feel the most romantic, ladies, and when do you have the most clarity? Same applied to you, gentlemen!

As an exception to the rule, I will not give you the answers now, since you must learn to decode your own body chemistry that is under the moon’s command. Be logical and look at the different angles of compression and dilation.

In fact, the magnetic field dilates in order to be encrypted and it feels compress when encryption is done. Feel it when your mind is compress-dilated in the same manner as your mental and emotional polarities would.

If the night of the full moon is subjective to lots of accidents and criminal activities as much as emotional one, that is because we are dilated and compressed in our mental and emotional polarities.

If you like to know more, check out which moon phase the addicts of black magic and white magic like. Find out which moon phase programs your mental and which one programs your heart.

Wishing you good discoveries and at its best, a forum could be started to compare your experiences and deductions on your own polarities.

Now that you understand that the moon is the head (of PC) I am going to give you more physical info concerning the <<how it’s happening>> so that you can understand that you are here for the experience…

Here is a little sketch of the earth with its 3 primordial grids necessary for life.

The crystalline grid is attached to Urantia core center since it maintains the heart of the planet.

Then there is the earth crust (outside) that that rotate around the core. In between, it is empty, since effectively the earth is empty.

A biological life is therefore possible inside the earth crust ( intraterrestrial ) and on the outside that is us since the earth is located between the atomic grid and the solar grid. All that is outside of the solar grid is considered to be extraterrestrial.

The solar grid is (often nickname magnetic grid-the feminine pole, the emotions ) get deformed by the transit of the moon which one is polarized in accord with the atomic grid (atom, spirit, masculine pole).

When the moon is full it pulls up the upper side of the solar grid and in this manner create a space of dilatation between the 2 grids. This is the inspiration phase of the earth here where the 2 polarities complete each other.

The expiry phase occurs during the black moon since it is of masculine polarity (yang-masculine), the solar grid yin becomes compressed so become written.

In other words, during the full moon we shake the carpet and during the black moon, we lay it flat. All that gets clearer when we take a look at this chart.

This is a good summary don’t you think?

When you think of it, it is crazy how we are like a folder bunched up with other ones in a program that seems to overcome us.

So each day, each minute is nothing more than the interaction history between folders that are being labeled according to a being that gently watches us through a life monitor.

That we like it or not (consciously), the moon influence us above all the minimal stratagems of our famous scientist who are obstinate to find a magnetic field strong enough to make them more credible.

We understand why the scientists denied the influence from the other planets of the solar system because they relentlessly try to measure the magnetic field while it is only the neutron reflection (atomic grid) that’s concerned.

For the moment and for this article I am stopping here otherwise you’ll get a headache just like a virus that would infect your files data…

In the following article, I will talk about the relationship between the earth grids, your DNA, the 4 primordial forces and the 4 elements that are humbly our essence.

The class will continue for those who like to understand that the world is nothing more than a total holography. Clearly, it’s an illusion that holds true when we don’t know any better.

Laurent Dureau.

An article showed on the original blog 4D- 5D on 09/10/2009 and republished on blog 345D on 08/04/2012.

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