The Super Universes and Us

In a recent past, it seems that we were believing that we were alone in the Universe.   Of course, there was less access to information than today, but it’s not the most amazing.

Which leaves me rather speechless is that all scientists agree to say that our next neighbors are inaccessible. In order to do this, they refer to statistics, but in the meantime, we throw away billions of dollars in space exploration.

Now that you know a little about me, we can say that the scientific community laughs outright in our face in order to keep us in the absolute need to continue to pay taxes in order for them to get their wages every month, as, in France, they are all civil servants.

Indeed, which private commercial company could tell so much bullshit in this area and still be alive economically speaking? None… and so we are regularly talking “research budget” when other humans are dying from hunger.

Human is so paradoxical that he doesn’t see at all. For him, to send a rocket or to pay for astronomers does not seem weird to him, even when he knows that almost a child dies of hunger every five seconds.

They really want to learn more about these Suns in the sky to keep all these officials dedicated to cosmos. These officials list bright spots in the sky as if we could do something about them…

Honestly, is it really necessary to know that such star is so many light years away while they are not even ready to officially admit that the planets of our solar system have an influence, an impact on us?

Sincerely, until when will they continue to tell us stories in order for us to remain their nice sheep? Until when are we going to pay researchers who do not find much except dirty things to better enslave us?

Today any discovery is first, military, then it falls in politics hands to finally end up in the consumer business. The religious types are the last to pass and pick up the crumbs then they can better brag and go off on a spiel. Taking into account the huge funds devoured by the research for such poor results, I think we will see a very serious correction when we will move up to the 4 d.

In short, without practically touching one cent, I’ll humbly tell you how the local universes are part of Super Universes, which themselves are part of the Atomic Circle of Life. “Only that?” will you say. Yes only that, as the rest will be in other articles…

Come on, let’s go without useless details:

That is, according to me, what we need to know in order to understand the basics. From the Central Island where the Almighty, as well as a number of prime entities, dwell the Circle Atomic of Life consists in essence of 4 separate circles that correspond to each essential element.

Each essential element corresponds with a specific type of love. This is what is existing from birth, but what is not yet fully experimented.

For instance, to be a ship designer is interesting, but as long as this latter is not finished building, it is not clear if it is really able to float… It is the same with experimentation with “I AM” in order to discover who he/she “IS”.

So, based on what has been prepared in the office of the Central Island, a plan has been suggested. There are entities located on Central Island which have very specific functions that I will detail later.

What you should know is that our humble spaceship, Urantia Gaia, is the door key between the 1st Atomic circle and the second. Indeed, we belong to the last of the last planet, with what is the best at all levels, but especially regarding our DNA.

Each of the 7 first Super universes has a predominant color (to be the same as our chakras since it’s the same thing!), and each of these Super universes has experienced all its colors after having transcended the principle of duality. We are actually the last to not have “transcended” this decisive step of duality. When we have done it, we will be able to rediscover our true identity.

Stuck in the 7th Super Universe extreme periphery (and completely hide of all others), we were gods (purple) who have decided to go on a blue planet to experience the yellow.

Clearly, we are on the 7th floor of the building, leaving by helicopter (our Merkaba) to another building (the 2nd Atomic circle). Our spark of life is stuck in blue (throat – experimentation and action in the matter) while our soul is bathed in green (the heart – 4th chakra color) while our body lives in yellow (the Sun – the 3rd chakra – 3D).

As you see, colors self-explain… When you know of course! However, as we have seen, we “fell” in order to look for new opportunities for exploration that we will want to implement in the 2nd Atomic circle.

This reverse direction is far from being a decadence, but can be compared to the gardener who would have said: «Let’s poke around in the bottom of the shelves to find ideas that we may have dropped long ago”.

We currently drive exceptionally, for 52,000 years in the 2-3-4 sequence, while we already were, basically, in sequence 3-4-5 as indicated by the colors.

So, back in our normal sequence called ascension, we just put ourselves back on track just before boarding to the second Atomic circle.

Of course, we will have to hook the sequence 4-5-6 (5 d) to rediscover our fluidity to travel through our solar system. Then switching to sequence 5-6-7 (6 d), we will be able to visit our local universe.

Finally, the sequence 6-7-8 (7 d) will propel us into our Super local universe, while the 7-8-9 sequence will see us wandering around all of the 1st Atomic circle also called Grand Sidereal.

Clearly, we’re not far from traveling on any of the stars you see with your eyes today, the 6 d. We don’t need screws and bolts (means researchers and officials) to discover the cosmos.

Well, you will ask “how long all this?” My answer will be, “the faster you get away from the 3D, the faster you will take off “. Today, there are already humans floating around at this level, but they think they’re a little weird in this world.

I understand their feeling, but the troops will join them soon. That is why we have to practice solar love (3rd chakra – solar plexus) in order to unlock its potential. The Christic love related to it means actually, simply, duality control!

A step only makes sense if it is preceded by another because a step without anything before or after is not a step, but just a hump because something is hidden below.

The solar love pulls us to our destination while the Christic love pushes us to this destination. These are 2 forces going in the same direction.

The only thing is that Christic love is experimenting Fire while solar love is experimenting Water. In other words, we have the butt in fire and the water bowl is straight ahead. Do you understand why we are talking about fluidity?

The fire has no fluidity in itself because it is not a matter in itself. Therefore, the fire heats the water, but water can turn it off. In our case, we will relearn the flow through the water.

It must be said that one crystallized hard since the last millennia. Anyway, I hope that now you have a better vision of what awaits us because by our ascent we will finalize the Grand Sidereal experimentation.

In other words, our first 7 chakras (and thus the 7 Super universes) will become ONE (the flow goes from the bottom to the top and vice versa – you know about the famous kundalini) in order to experience the 5 other chakras which are not in our physical body.

The second Atomic circle will have 5 Super universes as a divine law indicates that any progress is done on a scale of 12. Do you understand now why, in the last meditations, you were asked to connect to your 8th chakra, above your head?

See, it’s simple and it can really bring you big! Indeed, and as a bonus to our great desire to have been the exit door of the 1st Atomic circle and so the entrance to the second circle Atomic, 2 Super universes will we be allocated to us… Which ones? I have no idea!

Indeed, 5 additional colors will be thus visited: gold, silver, pink, turquoise and pink iridescent purple. Still motivated for ascension? If yes, it’s great, however, we can’t be on both sides of the border at the same time.

It’s not possible to merge with the 1st circle and build in the 2nd circle at the same time. So, we will have to choose between the two. Personally, I don’t know what I chose (my little voice has not yet told me) but hey, I trust her, because after all, she is the one who leads the way.

In short, if you are attracted by full unconditional love (Christic love) without having too much of “administrative” as a manager, option 1st circle will be much more favorable.

In order to avoid any question in this regard, the 1st circle corresponds to the human being, while the second circle is that of solar being. Well Yes, in the first circle, our physical body is the most perfect thing, whereas in the second circle we will not need it anymore since we’ll be Suns…

So, if you happen to watch the stars, thinking that there is one that shines for you, well that’s true because it is somewhere in your genealogy.

One last thing, you will create in the second circle, while in the 1rst circle you are going back home. well, I summarize a lot here, but we’ll clarify it later without a problem.

Laurent DUREAU

Subsequently “other revelations on the Atomic circle of life”

Article originally published on the blog 345d, August 3rd, 2012




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