The Wayfarer Experience : the Beginning and the Management (2)

In my last writing, we have seen how Mother Urantia moved to the Gaia’s state. Now, to see how she is managing her move to Elea, let’s have a small feedback through history in order to understand what’s going on. As a matter of fact, her transition is completely related to our ability to resume the game where we have stopped it.

Indeed, when Atlantis collapsed, not only was it the end of a civilization, but rather the end of a whole mankind. This latter being completely linked to the entity through whom the game was possible, is no one else but Mother Urantia-Gaia. In other words, humanity will be able to escape from its future self-destruction only if this latter can help Mother Earth to rediscover some hope. On the reverse, she won’t be able to experience any hope again if we go on with the relentless destruction we are all inflicting on her.

Such a statement might seem to be a truism, however, I know that the wayfarers do understand the meaning of my words. Indeed, being eco-friendly is a good thing, however, it’s like offering a manicure to a person whose life is in great jeopardy, when she still has just a few more days to stay alive. Once again in this field, the Care Bears will assert that I am pessimistic and that I am nailing on the head so as to undermine their morale even more downwards.

However, if they were to know about the true reality which cannot be found either on the internet or in the newspapers, they would understand what I mean. In fact, the “few days” I am referring to may be compared with the million years Mother Urantia-Gaia has on her “speedometer”.

In other words, in order to rectify our rotten behaviors there are neither 30 years, nor even 10 years ahead of us, but perhaps, maybe if ever we could go till the end of 2014 it would be fine… Well, Laurent are you kidding? Mother Earth would never do such a thing to us because she behaving with much love towards her “little feet” as she calls us!

Don’t be mistaken, it’s not because you have barely opened “the eyelid” of your heart-mind that you are out of the sleeper’s bed. That very sleeper whose body is aching so much each time he’s trying to move, at the most, a single joint (figuratively speaking). Indeed, Mother Urantia-Gaia is just “kicking hard the bed” so as to take you out of your “Sleeping Beauty’s comfortable bed”, and to let you somewhat feel “the chilly temperature outside”…

In other words, Mother Urantia-Gaia is just being launching such an intense «cellular » program that a great number of her “tiny feet” will be yelling to death saying that God is a bad guy!!! Therefore, in order to illustrate what I’m saying, let’s go on with Mother Urantia-Gaia’s story.

In fact, the galactic clock had foreseen the end of the game on 21.12.12. When I’m talking about the end of the game, I don’t mean that we’ll all go back home to start another game. No, I mean that our planet could have been completely cleaned from 3D4D in order to welcome the famous Golden Age which is 5D6D.

The Almighty is patient, but still!

Well, as you know it, the whole entities belonging to this Galaxy are watching us playing, since, on one hand, they are us… Indeed, they are present to ensure the game is well installed and to help those who raise their hand requesting assistance. To be poetic, we call that a prayer, which is said when we are behind the eight balls… Look, even this behavior is lead through our instinct since it has been pre-set in our DNA.

However, as it is well known, the Almighty dislikes brutal solutions. He allows a certain period of time in order to let the species evolve or just naturally die over generations. Therefore, a 2.000 year short period of time was allocated to let the players “pack their suitcases” before the entire cleaning of the stage setting. In 3D4D this is being called an advance notice.

Please, don’t forget that you are immortals and that your body is nothing but a biological vehicle. This latter remains within a holographic matrix, whose aim is to make you imagine things as real, whereas it’s untrue since you are in a dreamer’s state. Therefore, needless being frightened with cold sweats, your ego is the only one which doesn’t like hearing that it doesn’t exist…

In short, at the end of the Aries era, the bell rang to signal the end of the game. This is exactly as if it were a signal for the students to leave the classroom. However, in that case, there was a problem: in fact, no student could have left the classroom since everybody was practically dead… As a matter of fact, the students were too good at their homework, and as a consequence, they finally succeeded in being separated from the Real Life.

Then, was sent a player, he came with the complete mastery of his manifestation body (a Christ). This was implemented in order for him to visit the classroom and check if he could find any potential survivors. Thus, on the world stage appeared a man called Yeshua, and unlike what is written in the Bible, he had been traveling all around the world.

Thus, globally, its last speeches in synagogues took place when he was 12-13 years old. And then nothing is mentioned as per what he has been doing in between his teenage and his thirties! The answer is simple: he was in others places, somewhere around India where numerous pieces of evidence of his presence could be found. Then after he was 33 years old, nothing can be found in the Bible, even though we know he was somewhere on the American continent…

Indeed, Yeshua’s life who is considered as one of the most important individuals in the history of our humanity is limited by the Bible to the life of a young boy who has lived in the public life until 12 years old, plus 3 years of the priesthood (from 30 to 33). Moreover, this man could generate miracles, and bring back to life the dead people, and could help born blind people to recover from their blindness, and could walk on the waters, and so on and so on…

What are your feelings about that? Don’t you feel anything rather strange? It might be hurtful for a Christian to realize that Yeshua was an Arabian-Jew, and as well as for the Puritans who have, as a rule, killed human beings who were not white people. Would you be ready to read and hear a different truth from the written ones in the Bible? If positive, let’s go on.

The prime reason for Yeshua’s coming to the Earth was to check if there were still any players fully conscious of their playing a game. Of course, he met lots of people. Some of them told him that there is a Maya, however, nobody knew how to find the way out from it. However, the near majority was absolutely neither conscious of their own divinity nor of all the powers pertaining to it.

In opposition to what is written in the Bible, Yeshua did not travel with an entourage. He was always traveling with just a few friends who offered him a stay in their home, good food, and clean clothes. He had a wife who did appreciate his presence and his showing her all his love…

Indeed, his mission was to regain the mastery of his manifestation body, since he was born from a lady. Thus, he had to restart his learning through his biological body. This was the prerequisite in order for him to be able to teach what he had experienced himself.

Thus, in such conditions, he managed to find a few “brothers” who were quite willing to proceed with their return Home, towards the Almighty. However, his brothers were often busy taking care of their 3D duties. Thus, almost all of them were remaining in an awkward position for they wanted to continue building their reputation. Yeshua’s teachings were very tinted by the imagery proposed via the local display of the Jewish religion.

Despite all the miracles Yeshua could perform to convince the crowd, he felt tired of being misunderstood. Therefore, he decided to leave again in order to exhibit the resurrection authenticity. It was the final proof to show the “dead-alive” ones, that they could exist beyond illness, suffering, and death. As a consequence, it had been agreed that he would take action with the only apostle who had understood clearly his true mission.

Yeshua did appreciate this apostle. In fact, the latter had been raised in a rich environment and he was well educated. Not only knew he how to read and write but owing to his knowledge he could call what Yeshua was telling him into question. However, the other fishermen who became apostles did not have the required background to also call Yeshua’s speeches into question. These latter where followers only, and they all have disavowed him when things started being hectic.

The closest person to Yeshua’s teachings was this apostle (Yeshua had a tough nut to crack with him due to his developed intellect). He was the one who had caught Yeshua’s final intention. Thus at Passover time, he requested Judas to report him to the local police. In fact, Yeshua was being prosecuted on the account of public order offense. So, he decided to comply with Yeshua’s request, for Yeshua trusted him as the only one who wouldn’t call his will into question.

Then, Judas decided to end his life for he could not bear anymore to live in this 3D rotten time. Was he in fear of that world? None of that, he acted that way to offer a chance to the world. Indeed, the purpose of Judas’s hanging was to shoulder the humanity karma. In fact, not only he knew that he was an embodied Creator, but he also knew that his DNA was also that of Humanity.

That was a completely unexpected behavior, as well for those dwelling in the Celestial Realms as for Yeshua himself. That being said, through his own death Yeshua ratified the holiness act Judas had offered. Taking this fact into account, Judas showed that at least a student was still attending the class. Thus, the Highest Celestial Realms took this act into account, and therefore 2.000 years of time extension was decided to be allocated to humanity.

Of course, the purpose of Yeshua’s coming back after his resuscitation was to impact the people for it was the genuine idea of his plan. Thus he had the opportunity to succeed owing to the only apostle who had never denied him.

My Brother, my Friend, would you still agree with the story told by the churches that claim to act on behalf of Jesus, or are you ready to acknowledge another version? Would you agree with the “traitor’s” version knowing that the people have requested Jesus’ death anyway for the benefit of Barabas (the people are the lemmings who have followed the guidelines of the priests and the religious).

Do you still believe that only Jesus has been the humanity’s savior? Yes, of course, he really did it, however, he wasn’t quite alone. Nevertheless, the religious officials have decided not to bring this to light, for this would have led other pre-humans trying to do likewise. Have you ever wondered why such a “loving” religion is showing the symbol of a dead body on a cross? Even though it has been brought to your attention that this body is nothing but a vehicle made of material and that it’s none of the entity who was temporally within.

Do you realize how the politicians false-ego, (those who have been at the origin of the Catholic Church) have hidden so many truths from the genuine history? Would you imagine that the Vatican is the very center of all the dirty tricks within our world?

Indeed, taking into account the above-mentioned facts, we should keep in mind that the Age of Pisces should have been the final cleaning of the game and not an extension of it. Therefore, do you think that you can still benefit from a few decades or even several more centuries in order to get things right again? No, here and now you are in your last physical embodiment, for the next ones you will be somewhere else, in another realm. There you’ll have to clean the whole of the erroneous information embedded in your programs.

Would you realize that some people are yelling to death when they are told they will be driven to jail-planets, this keeps me smiling! They just don’t realize that the worst of the jails is the one where we are dwelling now. Moreover, our planet is completely falsified whereas the others will be unified, otherwise, how could you find the clue to come back to the right way towards Oneness?

In other words, we are requested to proceed with the highest possible increase in terms of frequency. It’s not only to save our lives, for that is just an illusion since we are immortals. The aim of that is to help Mother Urantia-Gaia to move to Elea, and thus keep her away from the hell we have locked her in.

Since we are totally linked together with Mother Urantia-Gaia, would you understand why sending her your love is soothing her? However, you can do even more: what would be the greatest gift throughout the ages you could offer her? That is the relentless increase of your frequency and your return to the state of Christ Spirit.

In fact, only 1,2,3 Christs or more among the 7 billions of embodied humans, would be enough to tip the scale on the right side. Since each individual is fully connected to the inseparable humanity-Mother Urantia-Gaia. If ever each of us is doing his/her best, the snowball effect will be sufficient to reach our goals. However, do bear in mind that we have neither 20 years nor even 10 years ahead of us to succeed.

Therefore, the whole galaxy and beyond are taking care of us. That’s why Father Sun is so active together with Mother Urantia-Gaia. Since we are the key to liberation, do you understand why any thought you are having, and any judgment you are making, and any action you are undertaking, will have an incidence upon the frequency of the whole which will either decrease or increase.

Understand that all of us are embodied Creators and that your assistance is needed right now. This is neither when you have consolidated your finance, nor succeeded with the balance of your emotions, nor when you have fulfilled your own desires that this will be possible because it won’t be possible anymore. In fact, now we have no more free will anymore, unlike your mental-ego is delighted to make you believe the opposite.

All of the forces and all of the energies are moving towards the same place. Thus, there is nothing to discuss about that subject, neither to find any possible arrangements. There is only one thing to focus on: are you ready to serve the Wholeness, yes or not? If positive, you are welcome my brother, my friend. Should you decide to do otherwise then be aware that you will be working against all of the forces of the Universe, as a result, your future might not exactly be restful.

Well, now that you have a better idea of the situation, are you going to deny the evidence, or are you going to let you gently carry you on the stream of the frequency increase?

Please, neither should you try to compare yourself to the others, nor should you try to know how many of them they are. In fact, these ones won’t be interested in the 5th dimension, since most probably they will prefer to remain in the 3D. Thus they will be rewarded in accordance with their will.

The Golden age is none of a utopia of the mind, but a heartfelt gesture offered with all our guts. This should be offered in a seamlessly relaxed way, and particularly with the full command of our thoughts, and of our acts, and of our words.

As you can see, it’s simple. However, in order to achieve your goal, it’s high time you were out of your Sleeping Beauty’s bed. Wake up, and get up. In fact, your false-ego loves to be “hugged and cuddled in bed” (metaphorical expression of course). Your false-ego is playing this selfish trick upon you in order to prevent you from finding out your genuine essence, and as a consequence to prevent you from finding out your genuine strength and power.

Laurent DUREAU

An article previously showed on the original blog 7d12d on 21/02/2014

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