The Wayfarer Experience : the Beginning and the Management

The pre-humans unfathomable ignorance is leading to a lot of failures to understand, and thus to frustrations. They are being sustained owing to their steering System. Therefore, the pre-humans having no idea about the why and the how can’t just figure out where they are going. As a consequence, due to a lack of specific direction, they remain clueless except with the one broadcasted through the voices of the State policy, and the scientific rationality, or the spiritual point of view.

Unless the pre-human has not yet discovered he is a lemming himself, it’s needless to point out its lemming’s like behavior. If ever he would become aware of it, he would then wonder what he has learnt and what he knows. That is to say what he has memorized pertaining to the manipulated information just served on a silver platter. Sincerely, how could he manage to take into account that his neurons have been turned upside down due to fake news, and also things from another era, and also mirrored by a brightly colored dream world?

The New World or the New Paradigm requests some truth to be put at the right place. You may imagine that it won’t exactly be on the line with the authorized official version. Otherwise, we would all have ascended. We might even have come back to life for a long time. It should be admitted that the wayfarer who is on its way to ascension will have to review the very basis regarding the knowledge he wrongly believes in. However, therein lies the rub precisely!

As a matter of fact, how should it be possible to remove the conceptual shores from people who believe they are in their wholeness being, and also in their self-sufficient being, and free from any kind of influences. On the contrary, they feel deeply inchoate, and ignorant (otherwise they would be looking for the truth nowhere else but in their inner-self). These people, anyhow, don’t feel themselves above any beliefs, for these beliefs are nevertheless the basics of what they assume to be or not to be. In other words, it’s like asserting a car driver that it’s quite normal to have a flat tires moving car because one has never seen any car moving with inflated tires!

Since quite a while you have been feeling in the depths of your being that your shock absorbers are out of order. As a matter of fact, you are feeling the wheel rims to be bumping on so many road roughness and potholes. It is falsely brought to your attention that the presence of the tire is solely to protect the rim. However, this latter rather looks like a bicycle chain sprocket with so many indentations. In other words, it’s a hard life for the vehicle, since you have been suggested so many moonshines that you might feel wonky.

For sure, not only the role of the tire is to protect the wheel rim, but its first function is rather to buffer the shocks as much as possible, so that the shock absorbers may operate correctly. The aim of this engineering is to allow the driver to feel like moving on an air cushion. Really, considering what’s still happening nowadays, rather are we moving with a fifteenth-century hay carriage with scrap metal wheels and with no shock absorbers. As a matter of fact, should you be running on a pothole at 6 mph, this would be a bit annoying. However, should you be running at 50 mph, understand that a loss of wheel spokes would be bound to happen to your means of transportation…

Let’s see now how the Urantia’s story started and then how she became Urantia-Gaia and then, nowadays, her turning into Urantia-Gaia-Elea. As far as this matter is concerned, I won’t run into details, for the overview is the most important thing. Should you wish to obtain more information, it’s up to you to refer to other more specialized authors, e.g. David ICKE and Anton PARKS who are considered as leading lights in this field, however, this is over a specific period of time.

Actually, even though I read David ICKE’s one of his first big books, I read none of Anton PARKS’s. In fact, it’s thrilling, and this brings the sleeping lemming to awaken. That very lemming who still believes that Joan of Arc was a virgin and that Vercingétorix surrended at Alésia. Well, this is a kind of help to escape from a sleeping hamburger as high as the Pisa tower and absolutely impossible to swallow it up without any fingers…

Let me tell you a story being more in accordance with our present experience. This will roughly explain to you what the big different steps were, leading to this key-period which is the transition to the 5th Dimension. We should understand that we are playing a game. This one is showing several evolutionary steps, and we won’t be able to proceed on going towards the next step if we haven’t complied with all the requirements needed by the one we are already in.

URANTIA period of time

This is the preparation timeframe for the game in itself. In other words, the players are not on site yet, since the setting of the play is not finished. Thus, when the Urantia Entity “embodied” within the central core of the planet, there was nothing but a clear and specific goal which was the implementation of the stage setting.

Thus, a magnetic grid has been implemented at a distance from the core in order to set up the plan where the play itself was going to take place. This plan was shaped as a sphere. (Therefore, the Earth is round looking even though our forefathers thought it was flat despite obvious pieces of evidence).

This magnetic grid (as its name implies) is intended to bond the Earth material. Then, in the center of this magnetic layer thickness, another one was introduced in order to make the Earth material to appear. It was the atomic grid.

In my former writings, I used the name “electric grid”, the aim of which was to offer you a better understanding. As a matter of fact, magnetism is related to the feminine aspect, which exhibits its bonding effect, and so this is leading to a structure with particles being linked together. Considering an atom, it consists of a nucleus in the center (relative charge +1) surrounded by electrons arranged around it (relative charge -1).

The role of the atomic grid is to allow construction, thus bringing evidence of the atoms. This grid is allowing the play to take shape in a physical life. Thus the magnetic grid, being associated with the atomic grid, is what we imagine as being the truth. As a rule, it can thus be asserted that this grid is dual since its basis is the attraction-repulsion of the 2 polarities.

On this basis, the stage set-up could be implemented. The 1st world has been created by Crystalline Spirits which were intended to produce the basic substrates of the mineral world. Once that 1st world was sufficiently developed, then the vegetable world took place. And then, Nature’s Beings appeared as “elementals” as we like to call them.

Then, once the vegetable world was sufficiently developed, it has been inhabited by Nature’s beings such as Dwarves, Elves, and so on… Then, the animals have been established on Earth. On purpose, life forms were little by little being set up upon Urantia. They were probably coming from everywhere in the galaxy. However, you may imagine that nothing happened at random. This process has thoroughly and carefully been organized by those dedicated to playing that game…

Urantia was such an unparalleled pristine beauty, showing a complete harmony, since it came out of a perfectly elaborated plan. Then humanoid forms have been implanted. At that time, the same set-up operation took place. Over this period of time, about 26 humanoid kinds were implanted, each of them evolving on its own small land.

Finally, at a time, one of these races being ready as far as vibration was concerned, it received the future rules for the play. This scenario took place about 200.000 years ago. A specific population (the Pleiadians) was in charge of the DNA insemination dedicated to the lucky winners, even though there were 16 other remaining humanoid races at that time. The whole of this did not occur within a few days of course. This operation lasted as long as 110.000 years before the generations were renewed in order to make sure the game would be played as foreseen.

For instance, after a certain number of trials through a genetic crossing, the horse-breeders finally succeeded in “producing” particular horses breeds exhibiting specific qualities. While, in the meantime, and progressively, these 16 humanoid forms disappeared because they couldn’t bear the compulsory vibratory frequency our Earth herself had to experience too. As a matter of fact, Urantia was then quite ready to start the very play that began 90.000 years ago.

Therefore, the purpose of the crystalline grid setting up for Urantia was to connect Her to the cosmos, because it was the path the real players would have to follow as well. Indeed, and at first, only came to Earth a reduced part of the players. Of course, the Crystalline Spirit is the typical case. Later on, we will see why these parts of ourselves are back at present.

Thus, connecting the 3 grids to the human DNA took place over a 110.000 year period of time. As a result, the sole DNA is that of Humanity. Indeed, the magnetic grid is recording the sum of our emotions and even more! Whereas, the purpose of the crystalline grid is rather to record the “local” events.

The atomic grid is updating all of the individual DNA in order to generate an impact on each individual as a result of his brothers’ actions. In other words, your DNA is being relentlessly updated as a result of all the actions carried out by any pre-human.

Understand that owing to their inner power the pre-humans are very powerful. As a matter of fact, not only they are using their power to raise their own frequency they are able to raise the whole humanity’s frequency, but also that of Mother Urantia. Mother Urantia and ourselves are ONE, and this is not only a “carebears” theory. Well, I’ll come back to this matter in the future.

GAIA’s Time

When the move from Urantia to Urantia-Gaia occurred then the very game could start, namely wished experiment by the Almighty. Please, bear in mind, and do understand what kind of experiment was being set up. As a matter of fact, the world you are seeing around you is the result of a deliberate wish and none of a mistake. The plan is perfect!

In other words, it’s useless whining over your fate and that of our planet, for it was exactly why we landed in order to make an experiment within this galaxy. Thus, the more we have been able to dive towards never experienced abyss, the more we have the ability to turn the tide. In this respect, the rules we usually abide by, at present, will have to be fired.

As a matter of fact, if you have not kept in mind that you are an Incarnate Creator, as a consequence at any time you are pointing out misery, then, you are forgetting that you are worsening the situation. At any moment when you are feeling tiny, then our planet will shrivel some more. My brother, my friend, may I draw your attention on this fact: if you don’t move your ass due to the distressing reality you have been creating and still feeding, as a result, you will be still proceeding with your devastating effect on the planet.

Please do understand, that I am not mentioning any outward appearances such as citizen ecology, but rather your inner aspects, i.e. the vibratory ones. Therefore, those showing who you are at every minute. That’s what is currently feeding your heart, and this will induce either a painful or a smooth feeling when moving to the 5th dimension. Whatever your feelings anyway that move will take place because this very play, this very experiment has an end date, and in fact, this is precisely now.

Anyway 90.000 years ago, once the stage setting up was completed, the first entities started to embody within fully operational biological bodies. These beings were all Christs, i.e. in the 12 constellations where they came from, these entities were experiencing the full command of their body of manifestation. However, they had to get used to their new vehicle within this new incarnation.

Almost 40.000 years went on, along with trials having led to inadequate results. Thus only generations after generations the correct adjustments were found, as they say. Nevertheless, nobody forgot the aim of the mission: i.e. splitting off from the One, from the Source, in order to experience how far downwards it might be possible to dive.

Thus in the years -30.000, recovery temples started to be built. In fact, the splitting off was beginning to affect everyone on the planet. Even though time is not an argument regarding the evolving processes, it was obvious that things were not going fast enough. As a consequence, it was decided to go flat out.

As a matter of fact, these multiple trials and errors have created the different races we know. However, they belong to only one race since there is evidence the DNA is the same, even though this is being differently shown. Taking this evidence into account, this complete genetic matching between the races can be thus clearly explained. This is exhibiting the complete nonsense of mistaken beliefs regarding a race being on top or in a lower position of the other one. This is just a mental-ego point of view.

We even managed to atrophy roughly 99% of our DNA by disabling it on an individual basis. However this “exercise” showing not enough results, we have also managed to disconnect the crystalline grid (grid being connected to the Galaxy and the Hollow-Earth) so that no more “evolutive” relevant information would ever be received.

As a result, Mother Urantia-Gaïa has been experiencing an extremely hard time, however, she agreed to it, because she had committed Herself to this game. For sure, nobody had ever thought that we would have gone so far away and so downwards within the vibratory density. However, this vibratory decay induced damages to the Galaxy and beyond.

In fact, as long as we were proceeding towards the lower vibrations, we became highly toxic beings. As a consequence, and progressively it has been necessary to securely lock us in order to prevent the Galaxy and its surroundings to be killed. Thus 3 near inalienable “high-security locks” were set up.

In short, as a summary: the first lock is located at the solar system level. This one is not anymore located in the Galaxy plane. Thus this is not Pluton which is no more on our Earth’s orbital plane, but rather the other way around…

The second lock is the Earth’s axis in itself which is shifted in relation to the solar system. The angle has also changed over time according to some evolving parameters. Then, the moon is the 3rd lock. In fact, the latter is absolutely not a normal asteroid, but an “artificial” planet. Not only it is used as a watchtower to prevent any outing, but moreover, it is also a read/write head of the Earth’s magnetic grid.

I have made some writings on this subject. You will find the relevant links at the bottom of this article. In other words, we are living on the most safeguarded jail-planet of the whole Universes and super-Universes. Should we state that it nevertheless is at least a podium, even though it is the most rotten amongst The Creation.

Therefore, the purpose of my telling you that we are no jokers is not only to make a showing off. This is to allow you to understand that since we have been able to go one way we are able to go the other way around, as well. The only difference remains in that statement: it is always easier to lower our vibration than to raise our vibration. This is especially true since we have broken our appropriate vehicle to go the opposite way.

In other words, we have back-ridden a bicycle down the mountain, and now we have to climb it up by foot. Should we rather say that for the strongest ones of us, we’ll have to crawl to climb it up. As for the other ones they might have to slither, and that will happen most probably for those who will be willing to move… However, since we are facing an outstanding event, we should find outstanding solutions…

Meet you for the rest of the story in the next article!

Laurent DUREAU

An article showed on the original blog 7d12d on 19/02/2014

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