What makes Urantia-Gaia so special?

If you ask this question to a pre-human he will answer you that it is because that the human-kind is the most evolved creature in the Universe. This extra egotistic behavior is of no surprise. Let’s ask him the following question: “why is humanity so eager to destroy the planet?

The pre-human will answer you that it is because of all multinational companies that are controlled by Illuminati. Then ask him this other question:” tell me why do you participate in auto-destruction by smoking and consuming alcohol while eating cadavers and by ingurgitating junk food and injecting all the possible vaccines, also do not forget the killing medicines, exhaust gas and the two cell phones, wifi connected, in your pockets?

The response to that would probably be: “go, check somewhere else if you see me there” and as soon as you turn your back you can hear him mumbling “who does he think he is!” Do you get what I mean? It is difficult for a pre-human to reckon that he is the author of his own unhappiness, and what he experiences on a personal level is, of course, very different of what is happening on a planetary scale.

He (the pre-human) is against deforestation of the Amazonian forest but still, he is currently using pesticide for his own weed-free pathways. He is against chemtrails but enjoys a good cigarette that will provide him with a false sense of peace. He brags about being in control of his body but will let doctors and specialists tamper him everywhere. He is against unfairness but will not oppose when women earn 30% or 40% less than him for the same job.

He is against child labor but will buy “made in China” products as it is cheaper. He is not conscious of the fact that, by acting this way, he is not only feeding this slavery, which he disapproves but also the economic system that has a hold on him. He proclaimed to be a good human, to be humanistic but he only thinks of seeing those who bother him die (the mother in law as well as the boss or those banks scavengers).

According to you, do you think that humanity is worth being saved from self-sabotage, suicide, and self-destruction since he (pre-human) is driven by a mental Ego that is blown out of proportions? Who would like a knucklehead who believes that he is the center of the Universe, and subsequently the most evolved being but his daily actions prove that he impairs his life in one way or another?

Then, if you look with the mindset of an evolved being, why would the Almighty make great efforts towards humanity? The answer would is simple: it is not the human race that the Almighty wants to save but the planet. Selfishly, we certainly wish that He will do it for us, but it is not the case.

Indeed, from higher dimensions, we are perceived like some sort of decays, so far now from our original frequency that we have turned into toxic predators, corroding our souls while aware that we also are top predators in the astral world and other dimensions. For instance, how much do you know about the impact of nuclear bombs on our solar system and beyond? Nothing at all, except (if you read my articles) that it is also destroying your Higher Self.

In other words, we are such toxic creatures that even angels and others beings of light are putting their lives in danger if they get close to us. Indeed we are evolved beings but evolved on the wrong side, the side of involution. Everything that we put our hands on can only die or involute. All thoughts or projections are nothing else then detergent or pesticide in all dimensions.

  • Hey Laurent, I no longer understand since you are telling us that we are very specials beings on a totally atypical journey!

  • True, we are atypical, in the sense that we have decided to go backward, to cut ourselves free from the Almighty and to be separated from the Source, to experiment this unique feeling to be lonely in this cold and dark Universe.

So, we are an intra-uterine embryo who not only consume mother resources but on top of that, we do not want to become born exist (at humanity level). The only possible end of this story is that subsequently Mother Urantia will die sooner or later and the Almighty doesn’t agree to that. Our permanent unconsciousness and our chronic irresponsibility, due to ignorance of our mental Ego who is ruled by a powerful Ego, can only drive us to our auto-destruction.

I can assure you that it is what happens to all humans living in 3D and do not want to elevate progress to 4D. They run down the planet resources and then loot on other planets so they are able to pursue their survival lifestyle based on that powerful Ego. This explains the existence of unkind extraterrestrial beings. They master high-end technologies, but their hearts are as dry as the Sahara desert.

I will not revise again the Creation history, especially the one of Humanity since that is a subject in my 4D-5D agenda. Effectively, in 4D, the big hidden lies will see the light so that the pre-humans can understand that they have been duped since the beginning of time. Secondly, in 5D we will look a lot further in details since we will study how the human soul was created.

When I mention that, in 5D, we are going to lay down all of our past lives and understand why and under which pressure we took certain decisions rather than others, we will discover the true history of Humanity. There will be no any talk about Karma since it has no place in the Spatio-temporal of the 3D-4D. We will revisit each one of our decisions by revisiting slowly our DNA, its 12 DNA strands and its connection to the memorial crystal encased in the heart core of Urantia-Gaia.

Oh yes, if mother Urantia dies, it is much more serious than if the humanity dies. I will remind you that we already self-destroyed 2 times (globally 12,500 years ago – Mu continent disappeared- and 8,000 years ago – the big flood). Each time, we are brought back in a new physical body and I remind you that all sorts of physical destructions of the body absolutely do not destroy the spirit particle, so even less the one of our Guiding Spirit.

In other words, they have handed us new incarnations vehicles but none of the chiefs (or Guiding spirit) have died. It’s only those egotistic drivers that saw their lives contracts shortened rapidly and brutally. This said I hope you will understand that we, incarnated spirits particles, are just like a virtual projection in a refurbished vehicle. It is useless to try to create new with old.

However, and that is the ingenuity of the Almighty, the most important is to save time in such a way that what we can save must be saved in order to avoid restarting all from scratch. Indeed if all humans die in 3D, it means that we will have to restart from the beginning. This is not serious in itself but more serious is if the planet also dies. Effectively, if Urantia-Gaia is destroyed, all memories would be as well, including the Soul of humanity who without any support will dissolve naturally.

In short, the Almighty logic is to save all that is contained within mother earth in order to keep all memories of experimentation while giving a chance to this child that we name Soul. And also this Soul (still only a child) can still remain fed. Therefore, there is a need to still have living pre-humans who are effectively on the path of Ascension.

In other words, all light-workers, whether they are conscious or unconscious (whatever their level of luminosity) has to be supported in its growth while all opponents will have to follow the opposite way, meaning disappear from the sandbox and to continue to reach maturity in a different sandbox. None dies in the meaning of life since the Spirit is immortal. Even the material is immortal. It is only the egotistic illusion trapped between heaven and earth which fears for itself.

Basically, it’s the mandatory technical control for everyone. So all worn out and outdated vehicles will be replaced by others that are more recent throughout the birthing process.

Ok, I got it, but tell me why the exception to the rule when it comes to Urantia-Gaia? There are 3 reasons, not negligible.

  1. Mother Urantia-Gaia is a library-planet. What does that mean? It means that mother Urantia was given all lives forms from the seven Super-Universe. She is in this regard like the caves of Alibaba reuniting the almost totality of the concepts in action in that seven Super-Universe. This is for that reason that she is so coveted, as I remind you that a typical 3D planet possesses in general about a hundred of animals species ( I am being generous here) considering that she doesn’t have all 4 elements together.

As you may know, there are some planets without water, others without air and others without both etc. In addition, those beings living on other planets do not necessarily have different bodies like we have, such as the emotional body for example.

  1. Mother Urantia is a relay-planet. This means that she is connected to all others Super –Universes and notably those of the future, located in the second atomic circle. In other words, all those living in the 1st atomic circle ( means the totality of all existing form of life that are since the beginning of the time of the Creation) would love to be able to access it.

In essence, we can understand why so many ET explorers are in search of the famous planet that leads to the future of the creation. We could say that it triggers somewhat all envies and especially from those who are still in the 3D.

  1. Mother Urantia is an inter-dimensional crossroad. Effectively just by looking at the second reason, you would imagine that Urantia will not end up on a country dirt road trapped between the cows and the forest. by then, 2nd reason leads to the 3), and the cherry on the cake is that she ( Urantia ) is extremely rich in terms of life, force referring to the metamorphic expression of ‘’Library ‘’.

In short, this is why the Almighty, first of all, carries mother Urantia-Gaia in his heart. The second point to bear in mind is that during the beginning of time it was determined that we would be the keepers of the place but a someone named Lucifer (light bearer) wanted to speed things up by making us move through shortcuts.

The first result is that instead of following the normal standard program, we ended up on small roads where evidently we met some creeps who tried to rob us. What could they want to steal other than the essence of who we are? Then they did everything to chain us and gag us and moreover make us work for them. You know what happened.

In short, the Luciferian adventure, even if initially started with a good intention, ended badly. Then, placed in front of the stagnation in those egotistic, deluding swamps Lucifer was confined not very long ago and a fleet of angels and other divine beings were put to work under strict rules.

Conclusively we are in such shambles (on all levels) that it seems that the majority of incarnated beings are in the incapacity of growing at the indicated period, meaning to be in synchronicity with all other Super-Universes. Certainly, we thought that we would go through our ascension process alone in our little corner. It is not the case because, in fact, we are the last one to ascend and that despite all the help provided.

So the little boost given by the Almighty via what is called fertilizer (metaphorically) should radicalize our evolution factor (and also the separation of the wheat from the chaff, metaphorically speaking again) that would normally bring vibratory changes that were never seen since the beginning of the Creation itself.

It is almost euphemistic to say that we must stay centered (in a state of inner peace). And since it is going to rock our world, we should not cry wolf every time, we have an issue. Be assured that this will come from the inside first and eventually the pre-humans (ignorant of their real power) will let go of all around them. In other words, better stay home instead of looking for what is going on outside.

However, I will not go back to this usual directive mentioning that the less you point your nose out the less complicated it will be for you. Your role will be to avoid inner conflicts which one mentioned that all mental or emotional overdose will obviously force you to clean up.

There is something grand that’s coming our way and now that you are aware of it, you can start to let go of the needs to know it all and make sure that there is no room for doubts to come back to haunt you. Your faith and your focus will be your shield against inner storms. Protecting you from your own ‘’ Self ‘’ since you are the only one that can inflict self-destruction.

What happens outside will only be an illusion that will try to take you down.

Laurent Dureau

Published originally on the 345d blog on February 18, 2013

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