When human love will evolve (5): The musical notes & the fears

Let’s discover now what kind of musical note each chakra is related to and how it is evolving since the various types of love have already been compared with the first qualities of each of them.

We are a biological music instrument, I know you can feel it. However, the latter is having a hard time finding the very musician being able to take correctly, the advantage of it. This is the main reason why we are so keen at looking for our soul-sister…

In fact, should we compare the human being to a music instrument, the reason is quite simple: the human being is built according to such a pattern. We harbor a certain number of chakras each of them is a musical note together with an octave.

Basically, we know that there are 7 musical notes. They are C, D, E, F, G, A, B, and then you move to C on the next octave. An octave is a range of vibrations moving from C to B.

Here, I am not going to teach you any music theory. Probably, your knowledge in this field is much wider than mine. May I tell you something? Man shaped the music theory to its image and to its resonance. This clearly explains the obvious relationship between his chakras and the music notation.

Thus, it can be understood that the human being is roughly nothing but a 7 octaves piano keyboard. Any of the piano white keys is related to a note on the keyboard however, a small specificity is to be noted with the black keys.

An octave is made of 7 fundamental notes being displayed using the white keys, and 5 black keys being the intermediate notes. For instance, C sharp (C#) is a semitone higher than C. Thus it is halfway between C and D. Should you wish to get a semitone lower than C, you will obtain a D flat (D♭)…

According to an agreement, the notes are written on a musical stave made of 5 horizontal lines. The time-signature is used to indicate the rhythm. Considering the time duration of a note, this is represented by the whole, half, quarter, and eighth. Pauses and rests can be found between the written notes on the staves of the music paper.

As you may have noticed it, the musical vocabulary is very close to the everyday vocabulary. For instance, should you wish to stress a refusal the word “flat” can be used. The tempo is given through the setting of the time-signature. A rest is, of course, shorter than a pause and, it is very well known that a half equals two quarters…

Hence, the 1st chakra is necessarily in connection with the C note. Should we proceed further on, then the A note is in connection with the 7th chakra. Till this point no problem is encountered, everything is all right. However, to be perfectly attuned to one another, the A note has to be set by one of the musicians.

To be logical this should be the C note, however, the A note has been chosen. Why is it so? Now let’s have a look at the previous scheme, the answer seems obvious: this note is the A note which is related to 6th chakra. This is the last “floor” before the “top floor”, that of Love-Energy, that of the 3rd eye. The latter is in connection with the Invisible and as a consequence, it is the closest one to the Divine.

This note is of feminine essence. It is in resonance with purity, beauty, and Grace especially. The A note conveys the moving grace and beauty along with the purity of the crystal. Hence, it is clear that setting the A note is essential so as the musicians can play together harmoniously in tune.

When creating, a musician is intrinsically inducing the propagation of the sound vibration in the air. Its art is to make people have feelings leading to emotions and especially harmony in the density of the 1st and 2nd chakras.

Music soothes the soul (we know why now). Music is a very important communication medium. It is the voice of the Gods which transcends any languages, any dialects spoken by the human race.

Hearing music is a delight for the animals. Music helps them to be much more productive (cows give more milk when they are listening to Vienna Waltzes)**. This also favors their good health provided it is not a destructive music. Unfortunately, many of those which are played on electronic instruments are destructive.

Of course, you may like the hard rock metal music, the techno music disseminated with high decibels. This is reflecting people who drink, and /or who smoke and who take drugs of any kind. Anyone can behave with its life and its body according to its wishes. However, there are things which can be constructive and on the opposite, some others can be quite destructive.

All I would like to tell you is that beyond the veil, in the higher realms, within the non-matter, the destructive side cannot exist at all. Hence, you should forget about meeting there your idols and the music you prefer. On the other side of the veil, there is neither any paradise, nor hell, nor even less any purgatory.

In these realms, there is no possible judgment, since neither any physical body can be found, thus, nor any ego! Hence, it is far away from the mental that wants to dictate its own rules. The energy-vibration you are carrying will lead you exactly to the areas in accordance with it.

« God »’s justice is very simple. Should you vibrate the C note? Spontaneously you will move to the C note family. Isn’t that full of love? It will be accurately given to you what you have requested, nothing more nothing less. However, you will receive it at a high dosage since you won’t be bothered by anybody else. It is fun, don’t you think?

Here, on Earth, not only have we to deal with the people but with our deficiencies too. As a matter of fact, we have 5 little black keys (man’s figure) which are installed between the 7 white keys of the Creation.

The black keys are associated with the fears and the white keys are associated with the Light. As you may have noticed it, the Light is prevailing on the fears. On the opposite, you would say that there is a misdeal. And then, in such a case you would be true.

Any musician could assert that playing only with the white keys is difficult. He would absolutely be right. To be in harmony, the black keys have to be played too. Easy to understand, isn’t it?

We didn’t incarnate on Earth only to play with the white keys, otherwise, we would have stayed on the other side of the veil. We landed in this world to learn from the black keys amongst the white ones.

The incarnate human being is, above all, experiencing fears, and energetic blockages embedded within the musical score of a perfectly built human body.

However, should we make a lot of ink stains while writing (metaphoric), the reading of our destiny becomes a bit more complicated.

While we are incarnating then a rhythm, a tempo is attributed to us, together with a certain number of white pages, printed like music paper. It is just full of staves and measure bars and nothing else. Then, it is our life commitment to write on these staves.

Until our 7th birthday correspondence courses are displayed. Then, we are on our own to write on the music paper, like grown-ups. Then, we turn the first page and we go on with another 7 years of writings and so on…

At first, the musical score looks like a draft, but generally speaking, your first written page will tell you what kind of dance you have chosen. It could be the lambada, or the rock and roll, or the waltz or the tango, (metaphoric). The other pages will only be variations on the same theme.

Thus, it is interesting to remember what was in our mind when we were learning? However, the problem is that we hadn’t integrated our mental body yet… (ref. the 7 plans of harmonization of the human being (5) & (6).

Back to music now, this latter is an energy-vibration that keeps us to resonate. Each frequency is connected with an attitude that we implement. When the drums are playing, we are going to war. The sound of the accordion is encouraging us to dance. When hearing the flute, we are feeling in a romantic mood. New-age music is making us fly…

Our chakras are vertically arranged on our spinal column. Bear in mind that this latter is nothing but the musical keyboard of your body. Each vertebra is related to a specific musical note. In fact, it is the way our body is kept in resonance with the frequencies.

With the sounds of the tam-tams, your guts will be moving together with certain of your basic life needs. You will dance like Africans, and have a nice sweat. In this case, your hope might be to have a super sexual relationship. However, the Magic Flute will make you feel in a state of static meditation leading to the hope of an elegant comment.

Following this reading maybe you could think I rather have an acquaintance with the higher octaves. However, it is far from that. Would you imagine a pianist playing on the 2 or 3 higher octaves only? It would be very hard to hear. The eardrums would suffer a lot!

Should the whole keyboard be played, the player is a fulfilled being. There is a sole difference between the ignorant person and the divine one. The ignorant will play awkwardly on the keyboard without being consistent at all. However, the one connected with the divine will let you hear an outstanding musical score. Hence, you will be crying with joy.

This can be compared with Love. Should all of the octaves be played, then you would be elated by the music being heard. When your left hand is playing with the lower keys, you are in the matter. However, when playing with your right hand, you are in the Celestial octaves.

In itself, whatever one of your hands or the other one could be doing is not significant. The most important thing is the person living in between these 2 hands and who originates their motion. He/she is the musician and that very musician is your soul. Listen to your soul and you will be elated.

Be the mightiest author/composer/performer of all times. The author is your Divine Spirit, the composer is your soul and the performer is your body. All is said when body, soul, and spirit are playing together in complete harmony.

In order to have it written on the musical stave to your present incarnation:

  • Be the author of your destiny through your decisions
  • Be the composer of your dreams, and of your happiness, and of your punishments
  • Be the performer of your life

One of your hands is related to the feminine energies, and the other one is related to the masculine energies. Let them glide and merge on the keyboard representing the different types of love. Then, you will discover that, in the higher realms, on the 7th floor, there is an audience listening to you.

The more beautiful the symphony will be, the more important tips your angels will offer you. They know how to stimulate goodwill. The more in love with yourself you will be, the more you will offer to yourself the possibility to reflect your Oneness and your virtuosity.

Then, maybe, you will have the privilege to meet another incarnate soul. This latter might help you discover the possibilities to play the 4-handed musical scores. Therefore, first of all, you will have to be a confirmed player and the rest will be another benefit to you… This will entail you to forward your everyday gratitude to Heaven until the end of your life.

Laurent DUREAU

Article originally published on the blog Boost Your Influence on August 27, 2008, and updated on the blog 345D July 21, 2012.

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