When human love will evolve (6): The musical notes & the fears (2)

My last article was about the musical side of love. However, I didn’t go too deep into details. In this new article, let’s go somewhat further so that you will understand the true interaction between musical notes and the different types of love.

By the way, I take the opportunity to show you the relationship between each note and each color. In some other of my writings, you will also find some more explanations related to this subject. In fact, that belongs to a whole and it is always rewarding to delineate its causal-effect linkage.

Here below, you can see a part of this keyboard being achieved and in accordance with the color conventions showed in my previous writings.

Very simply, an octave is related to a primary chakra. However, the individual notes could be related to a secondary chakra. You will find some information about that subject in the article “The 7 levels of harmonization”.

Each note is related to a feminine type of energy or to a masculine one (quoted in red or in black). Each note belongs to one of the three possible realms (body, soul or spirit).

The octave and the 7 music notes range on the luminous spectrum, as a whole. Hence, this is related to the 7 well-known colors of the rainbow. Further on, we shall approach the relationship between color and the different types of love.

What may surprise you, at first, with this kind of representation, is the absence of black keys between the E and F notes. This absence can also be noticed between the B & C notes. This dual absence is structuring the keyboard this way: 5 black keys and 7 white keys.

Since this has been previously mentioned, please refer to the # 3 article of this series. There you can read that not only the soul is really stuck between Heaven and Earth, but moreover, it is a bridge between the 2 worlds in this experimental plan being called an octave.

Thus, the soul can neither be divided nor carry any fear, at least regarding herself. In fact, she is the sum of all added fears linked to the matter (1+2), as well as the fears linked to Heaven (3+4+5).

Whether no fear can be found between the B & C, this is due to a move from an octave to another one. Thus this is a dimensional move. In order to keep its immune identity, each dimension has to be independent of the other ones.

Each chakra is a unique experience field. It is related to a specific technology as per how the human body is working. This is the legacy of one of our designers upon our creation. All relevant information will be covered in a further series of articles.

Hence, each keyboard black key is related to a misunderstanding between the different keyboard notes. This energy remains neither on one side nor on the other one. Therefore, the words C sharp or D flat are used. You see, there are 2 words to describe a similar thing, strange don’t you think?

Now, let’s have a more precise look, as follows:

Fear # 1

It is located between the C and D notes, that is to say right in the middle of the body. Needless to be a graduate from a famous university to understand that health is in question, hence death in the end. Thus, it is quite understandable this fear as being really justified!

Any human being, born on this planet is absolutely convinced that because there is a beginning, his birth, there will be an end, his death. He doesn’t know when, but he knows that he has no other choice. Hence, the wisest of any human beings will be much more careful about staying in good health.

Seeing red, without playing on words, has something to do with blood. If someone is hardly bleeding, he knows that death might be very close. Intuitively, he knows that blood is the medium linking any human-being together.

Blood ties are strong, especially when one has to ensure the lineage. In this way physical-love is understood for reproduction and motherly-love is seen for the preservation of this lineage. There lies the tribal way of life, and thus this means a two-way exchange and charity with reciprocity.

In some countries, stoning is the punishment for infidelity. Many of us are sacrificing to feed our family. Some are turning to crime for protection or even raping if possible! Genetically, life, is leading human beings to get mixed, even though it may conflict with human ethical values.

During wartime, even during colonization, women without any man to protect them are being raped. Of course, today, it is absolutely normal to be outraged. Prior to our present time, it was only the brutal force (Chakra # 1) wishing to impose its own law to chakra # 2.

Today, the mix of populations is not only mainly performed owing to faster means of transportation, but also owing to a higher standard of life. However, there are still some brutes wandering up hill and down dale. Hence, the degradation of the means of control is to be in question more than any genetic reproduction needs.

Fear # 2

This fear can be found between the soul and the body. Paying attention to the different kinds of love is the best way to better understand the deep nature of fear, and especially its different contents.

As previously stated, the soul is trapped between Heaven and Earth. Hence, any misunderstanding induced by a bad experience will propagate on each side of the E and F key notes.

Speaking about the matter, it can be found that the E note (love-emotion) will hit the D note (motherly-love) and then, it will hit the C note (physical-love).

Regarding Heaven (the Spirit) it is working the same way: the F note (feeling-love) will hit the G note (tenderness-love), which will then hit the A note (energy-love) which will hit the B note (fusion-love or unity-love).

This exhibits the second explanation about the absence of a black key between the E & F notes as well as between the B & C notes. This, being explained regarding the misunderstanding about the different types of love, now, you may have a better idea regarding the way our harmonization plans are working.

Thus, fear # 2 will be a brake pedal especially. This kind of fear will alter the health of the physical body resting upon emotion. We do know that a positive emotion will give us stamina. However when generating a negative emotion, this is altering our immune system and as a consequence, our physical body is suffering.

This statement totally emphasizes that emotion is really the generator of the movement within matter. Should you generate no emotion, hence you will get no fuel! Emotion is making our experimentation to become alive within matter.

The destructive effect is induced by a decay of motherly-love which is the biological preservation of any living organism. In other words, any time we are not in love with a part of ourselves, hence we get weaker.

More than often that kind of statement could be “I dislike my breast, or I dislike my fat stomach”, or “my arms are too long”, or “I am too small, or “I am too big”, or “I have pimples, or beauty spots, or freckles, or my skin is too white, or too tanned, or too dark, and so on…”

Any time we disown a part of ourselves stating that “I dislike you” or even “I hate you”, you are just feeding the fear # 1 that will lead to a slow down of your physical body functioning. So, do bear in mind the consequences when, every day, you keep repeating that kind of negative statement enhanced with the emotion-love.

The most terrible thing is when feeling-love becomes in question. This feminine aspect will nurture the storms of the emotion-love. Hence, this is a “kind way” to kill oneself, leading to a compelling claim to God: such as, for instance, “why am I becoming so old, experiencing illness and pains?”

Therefore, all my writings keep hammering: « Do love yourself » unconditionally, even though you do not appreciate your physical body, just be happy to be incarnated. In fact, so many souls are waiting to incarnate into a physical body! You will find more information in the # 7 & 8 articles “May wealth be with you”.

A next life will give you the opportunity to make another choice. However, for your present life do your best with your physical body and don’t argue if it doesn’t work the way you are thinking it should. In fact, you are the only one who originated the decay of your physical body.

It is very easy to start crying wolf when you are thinking you are nothing but a sheep. However the most dangerous wolf is already within and, moreover, you are feeding it every day! Please, Do love yourself very deeply, despite your feelings about your what you think your defects are.

Each failure is just a treasure waiting for you, thus don’t forget to look at it the right way. Today, should you wish to become fair-hair, red-hair or even violet-hair, you will be able to find any kind of the relevant products in the appropriate stores!

Should you wish to read more about the colors of each chakra? Please, read the following article and you will discover why each chakra is showing a specific color. There is nothing at random regarding this subject because everything has been perfectly well scheduled!

Laurent DUREAU

Article originally published on the blog Booster votre influence September 3, 2008, and updated on the blog 345D July 21, 2012.

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  1. Many thanks for your excellent job in translating. I wonder if the translation of the videos of the main topics for a basis wouldn’t be also important, i.e. as a start, the one on Culpability explaining the different dimensions and the aim of life in gross.. ”Competition” and ”l’Effondrement de la 3d”.
    More general, the serie on music is also awesome, as well as the “illusion of death” and ”how to dissolve devoluant programs”..
    I wish I would know English better to be able to help with translation. Feu du Coeur

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