WHEN HUMAN LOVE WILL EVOLVE (3): Love Energy and Chakras (1)

In the previous article, I discussed the 6 forms of energy-love that coexist within the human being. To complete your understanding, this time I will make some small drawings to go further.

Of course, like any summary, everything is debatable and numerous comments are welcome. Nevertheless, to keep things simple, I do not want to be too mild therefore confusing the first understanding.

Being in a world of duality, I’m going to discuss this topic according to 2 possible angles: the masculine one then the feminine one to finish with a more mathematical vision since the universe is in fact only mathematics in movement.

A – The masculine approach

Our Chinese friends, through the science of I’Ching or Yi King, brought up the energy and masculine approach of the chakras. They represented each chakra with a stroke that could use 2 values: Yin and Yang.

Yin is feminine energy represented by an open line whereas the masculine Yang is represented by a solid line. And then, according to the principle of the Trinity, they formed the basic trigram that is the stack of 3 lines.

There was, therefore, the lower trigram which represents all that is bathed in the matter and the upper trigram which corresponds to non-matter or in other words to heaven.

Each line is related to one of our chakras. As this drawing shows, the chakras 1, 3 and 5 are masculine whereas the 2, 4 and 6 are feminine in their first principles.

To go further in understanding, the human is at the meeting point of the two worlds. His/her physical body is the vehicle of his/her soul that makes the connection with the seed of spirit that is in him/her. The body-soul-spirit trinity breaks down like this and demonstrates that the spirit has come to experience matter through the human and his/her soul.





By looking at the different types of love energies, it becomes clearer that by developing Love-Feeling, Love-Caress, and Love-Energy, the human has a much better chance of awakening and experience a less destructive type of love on the physical level and particularly on the internal one.

By looking at the different types of love energies, it becomes clearer that by developing Love-Feeling, Love-Caress, and Love-Energy, the human has a much better chance of awakening and experience a less destructive type of love on the physical level and particularly on the internal one.

The other observation we can make is that in the lower trigram the Yang energy is the strongest (2 Yang for 1 Yin) whereas in the upper trigram it is the opposite (2 Yin for 1 Yang).

This explains why our society today must be feminized in staffs and senior management in order to achieve a gender balance. This is the famous parity that is so difficult to establish. However, humanity does not really have a choice if it wants to survive.

Now, let’s look from another angle, that of the feminine energy.

B – The feminine approach

We know that the masculine principle is linear whereas the feminine one includes roundness, the circle. Let’s use the diagram above and add circles.

What do we find out?

1 – Love-feeling and love-emotion remain together. This seems normal since the human being truly exists only by his/her soul. It’s the only indestructible part of what she/he is. Indeed, at its death, the physical body returns to dust as well as the mind… Obviously, all the pride of the material plane is out.

2 – The maternal love and the love-caress both belong to dedication and devotion. The maternal one is the feminine aspect while the other is the masculine aspect. The first relates to what comes out of the belly while the other refers to what is external to us.

The man caresses his child and even if the latter has half of his genes, the child remains outside of him. Which is not the case for the mother…

3 – Physical love is close to love-energy. The first renews the body (and its genes) while the other addresses the renewal of the group, of humanity. The first has the energy of the Earth (the sexual energy) while the other is the energy of Heaven.

And what happens when the energy of Heaven meets that of the Earth? A lightning flash that might merge if the current is strong enough. And the amperage (the amount of current) will directly depend on how much the doors of each chakra are open.

The power of orgasm will be proportional to the power of the generated love.

Again the physical love (masculine) must meet the love-energy (feminine). Hindus have called this science Tantrism…

We can, therefore, understand that adopting a few Kamasutra positions is not enough to give the big thrill when the notion of energy is absent. So, knowing the 6 fundamental energies helps a lot if we implement them consciously, and for both partners obviously. Hence, a certain renewal of the exercises…

C – The arithmetic approach

I will do a quick review just to give an idea of energetic combinations that lead the world and the universe. Those who already have good notions of numerology may choke a little but sometimes popularization requires making concessions…

Using the image of the chakras with Yi King lines (1 to 6), we obtain the following small formulas starting with the masculine approach:

1 + 2 = The Trinity

Physical love + maternal love indicate that when the both of us use these energies, a third entity will appear sooner or later…

3 + 4 = The Creation

Number 7 is the figure of Creation where the human will experience love-emotion and love-feeling.

5 + 6 = The Galaxy

In numerology, number 11, is THE number with the greatest power. And it’s perfectly normal because it is the largest energy that keeps and animates our galaxy. I will not say more as the subject is so vast…

Then by the feminine approach:

3 + 4 = The Creation

We fall into the same pattern as in the masculine vision and this confirms that our soul must experience both ways: the masculine and feminine approach in the same body. So, ladies do not forget your “masculine” chakras and, gentlemen, make a little effort to balance your feminine energies so buried within yourself. We understand that this equation tells us that it is an approach of the soul that is totally personal.

2 + 5 = The Creation

Definitely, the feminine approach is tenacious! So, what can we do with maternal love and love-caress? Well, simply love other souls like our own soul. Indeed, at this level, it is always the soul that acts but, this time, outside of you. It’s no longer personal as in the previous equation but now it’s transpersonal.

1 + 6 = The Creation

Good, there we can speak of an obsession with the creation. The body really wants to mate with the Heaven. And the spirit is letting itself seduced because, after all, it’s so nice to have so many suitors… When physical love wants to meet its counterpart, love-energy, then, it is highly likely that it will be necessary to regularly increase the power of the fuses.

So now, if we mixed the two approaches, it would give us for instance:


By adding the first 4 chakras were getting the decimal system that is so dear to us. Well, yes, 10 is so ordinary except when you consider it’s 5+5. Five as 5 fingers one a hand plus another 5 fingers of the other hand. The number 5, in the scriptures, represents the human. Thus, 2 times five represents the couple. If the latter wants to succeed at least, it must share the first 4 types of love (feeling, emotion, maternal and physical). This is the minimum required otherwise procreation would be impossible.

Indeed, a “female” individual necessarily has a level 4 energy otherwise she cannot welcome a new soul into her body. This also explains why the man can kill so easily because he is mostly stuck in the 3rd chakra.


If we consider again the above equation and add the last slice, we can say that the couple playing love-energy with physical love is probably going to reach orgasm and become inseparable!

It is the magic of the number 21 that is also the 3×7 that we find via the feminine approach. That means, that madam will see the same thing as mister and that a creation (7) that is added to a creation (7) gives another creation (7).

Unfortunately, many men are struggling to take off from 1+2+3 and discover the splendor of 4+5+6. Please go ahead gentlemen, share your feelings, express your kindness with caresses and stop killing everything around you.

You may have noticed that in this article I spoke of love-caress while in the previous article I spoke of Love-tenderness. This is due to the “mental” approach of this article while the other article had a rather feminine approach.

Everyone looks for tenderness and this often starts with a verbal caress for the man (5th chakra = throat) that may lead to a physical caress (action). That’s why ladies, your dear partners are often the eldest of your children.

They are big kids who ask what they cannot really give spontaneously. But a simple caress on your part will trigger in them this Love-tenderness they hold back because they have always been impeded to show their sensibility because of weakness and machismo.

Help them to take this step, and they will be more vigorous to join you at the 6th chakra that opens to Heaven’s 7th. Ladies, you live the even floors (chakra 2, 4 and 6) so do not hesitate to take their hand because they live on odd floors (1, 3 and 5) to go grab this 7th floor that everyone is talking and dreaming about!

Help your man by unlocking his 5th chakra and you will save the Earth and her children. The world is dying because the man has not received as much tenderness as he needed to blossom. It is said that the hand that makes the cradle swing is the one that makes the world.

So dear woman, stop being submissive, raise your head, take your rank and resume your place. You are the equal of man and without you, he cannot do it. Certainly outside, he’s bragging, he seems proud, he behaves like a rooster but at home when he is naked near you, you only have one adult as fragile as a newborn.

Help him to release this Love-tenderness that he oppresses by accepting that he discovers himself and that he shows this giant pit of misunderstanding that he has of his feminine energies. Help him, as you do know what it really means to love because you are strong and full of maternal love, love feeling, and love energy.

In return, you will be rewarded with his physical love, his love emotion, and his love tenderness. Then, you will discover the lover that you have always wanted to find, full of tenderness and attention without counting bouquets of emotions.

So, begin to remove the cultural thorn he has across the throat, and I can assure you that you will find energies that will rejuvenate you manifestly. Love is powerful especially when you drink on the 7th floor…

Laurent DUREAU

Article originally published on the blog Booster Votre Influence, August 12, 2008, and updated on the blog 345D, July 20, 2012

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