WHEN HUMAN LOVE WILL EVOLVE (4): Love Energy and Chakras (2)

We have seen in previous articles that love-energy is the highest form of vibratory energy that can be transmitted to someone. It is by definition a “cold” energy because it does not involve emotion.

This may seem surprising, but if you look closely, you can understand that in the less dense realms (for instance when you are no longer incarnated in a body of matter), the energy of love that circulates is no longer in relation to the emotional world at all.

Indeed, the emotion belongs to a certain form of evolution. For example, the mineral and vegetable kingdoms do not really have emotions. They have another form of consciousness, another form of vibration.

On the other hand, for animals, we must make a distinction between those who are warm-blooded and those who are cold-blooded. By this simple definition, it is obvious that we have naturally classified warm-blooded animals as classmates of the human being.

This is largely the main reason for vegetarians who do not wish to integrate into their bodies the soul of another emotional species. They feel that it hurts them, and they are absolutely right!

Then, there are vegans who go much further by excluding all animals and derivatives altogether. They too are right! Simply, they go further because they have a greater sensitivity.

What differentiates animals from humans is that they have a group soul instead of an individual soul. Yet, some species, like cetaceans, are extremely close to the individual soul. The dolphin is the typical example.

Love-emotion and love-feeling are a difficult way of experimentation and this is only reserved for souls that have already lived through other types of love. Indeed, these beings will be in the middle of two dimensions linking them.

Stuck between the reproductive instinct / affective instinct linked to matter and love-energy / tenderness of non-matter, the love-emotion is tough to manage because it’s within matter; while the love-feeling is difficult to grasp because it has some instability.

The constant back and forth between this masculine and feminine polarity really has something to destabilize the most experienced ones. By resuming what I said in the article the human’s being 7 plans of harmonization (2), (not translated yet) we will now marry the respective information.

Starting from the level of the 1st chakra (red color = the Earth), we understand that the physical love is the base of the physical construction of the human being. It is the seat of matter’s brute force in its masculine aspect.

It is matter’s most powerful energy. It is red like Earth’s blood, the blood of volcanoes. She gets quickly infuriated and proceeds roughly. Her keyword is indeed the FORCE. A destructive and constructive force at the same time.

Nobody can control the strength of a volcano and so is the sexual energy. We can only channel it but not stop it or store it. In Hindu science, it is known as the Kundalini, a snake that sleeps in your sacrum, your root center, and can wake up at any time.

I will come back in a future article on this most powerful energy that, for now, brings more destruction in the human being than construction. It’s the unpredictable volcano that releases tons of sexual energies for the sake of good, but especially the misfortune of all.

Indeed, when a man is no longer strong enough to dominate his instinct then it turns against him like a deadly poison. It is the energy of Agartha, the masculine energy of the Earth omnipotence.

It’s a raw binary force with all the bestiality associated with it. This is also the reason for the alcohol and sex association. Alcohol puts the mind to sleep, hence, making way for instinct, for physical love in its lowest, most selfish level of vibration.

Then getting at the 2nd chakra (the orange color), this force is transmuted into a feminine energy and looks for delicacy. It will seek to extract the best of this brute force that generates as much matter.

PURITY will be its motto. It will bring more tenderness, more patience, more maturation to make a coherent whole. This energy will take the color of maternal love.

This love will be a possessive one unlike 1st chakra’s that gives with profusion. This love will be selective and endearing and always opposed, in its functioning, to that of the 1st one which makes exactly the opposite: to inseminate all it can without distinction.

The maternal love pushed to its extreme is a suffocating love while the physical one is liberating. One looks for the rare, the refined, the expensive while the other gives it all in a rough and cheap manner.

At this level, we understand the perfect complementarity of the first 2 chakras. This opposition of styles, and especially the great misunderstanding that exists between male and female beings, is obvious every day in romantic relationships.

The woman thinks about the Family while the other thinks about pleasure. The woman thinks about fidelity while the other becomes unfaithful on the first occasion. One looks for jewelry and classy stuff while the other is wrapped in a blanket of mediocrity and commonness.

One is a brute force that gives without much thought while the other wants to transform and keep in order to build a family. Everything opposes them but one without the other, they cannot do anything. So they compose as they say.

Then going through the 3rd chakra (yellow color, the Sun), the energy of love is transformed into emotion energy. Of masculine essence, this energy has got the same attributes than the 1st chakra’s in all its brutality, its power and its incomplete state i.e. raw and rough.

The male values this energy that resembles him. He likes to have emotions, to get thrilled, if not being consumed by passion. Whether it’s for a woman or for his car, it’s the same thing for him. And that’s where the word JUSTICE comes in.

He must distinguish between what is good and what is not. He must control between the destructive and the constructive aspects. He must realize that the lava of his emotions can as much build as destroy.

I will even go further and be more precise by calling it “constructive destruction”. There is no need to make long speeches about emotions wreaking havoc among humans. At our stage of evolution, our inside geography looks more like an active volcano than a peaceful greenery near a calm sea.

And this is where the shift happens to pass through the 4th chakra (green color) with its keyword BEAUTY. Like the second chakra, its energy of feminine essence will have the same qualities of purification, talking then about love-feeling.

Feelings are refined emotions like precious stones. In a mega pile of garbage, “concentrates” having affinities gather to build something unique. In this case, it is not a biological child but an emotional one.

If precious stones are set in gold, it is because gold is the Sun’s blood. It has all qualities without any known defects. It is the same for the love-feeling’s jewels from this 4th chakra. They must be crowned by Love-tenderness belonging to the 5th one.

The 5th chakra (blue color) is the seat of WISDOM. It understands that the gentleness of words and actions is essential to compensate for the male brutality that is expressed through it. The lava of words can destroy everything as it can build anything.

It has Heaven’s Word and it can, therefore, kill with it as it also can comfort and encourage. Its word is only thought materialized by an energetic vibration called sound. This vibration of matter is communicating because it transmits pressure.

This is when the 6th chakra (indigo color) comes into play with its feminine essence. It will try to fine-tune this raw and rough Word to give it beauty in its occurrence. And that’s called GRACE.

Love-energy is the grace of inaudible sound. Opposed to noise, love-energy is not heard by the ears but by our heart. It is not perceived by the physical body but naturally by our soul.

Love-energy is the equivalent of love-feeling but at the level of the Gods. As such, it is no longer blocked by matter and can radiate with a force that pierces matter. The love-energy carries the human being into the Antechamber of the Gods.

This love is fully non-possessive and totally universal. It is understood by the totality of the existing life forms in the Creation. There is no more word, no more articulated language, no more grammar, and syntax, just a state of being that radiates in all its power.

When we are in the grace of love-energy, peace and serenity are acquired for each moment of eternity. Past and Future no longer have an impact on our consciousness because we are beyond matter, beyond destruction, beyond death.

We are only beyond what is perishable. Our vision becomes a look of permanent love and infinite understanding. The judgment no longer exists and gives way to this total acceptance of what is.

We are aware of what is because we have become One. The inside and the outside have connected and the surface of our skin becomes the equivalent of the drum skin of our consciousness.

Each vibration spreads with harmony to give a unique sound, a sound of our own and that allows playing in the symphony orchestra of the Creation with modesty and a strong urge to share this beauty of being with all those of our brothers still stuck in the gross matter of their fears and emotions.

Laurent DUREAU

Article originally published on the blog Boost Your Influence on August 20, 2008, and updated on the blog 345D July 21, 2012.

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