When human love will evolve (6): The musical notes & the fears (3)

This is the final part of this trilogy concerning this so special piano keyboard. In fact, this keyboard has still some more information to be displayed about the secrets of the human music score. Then, I hope to be finished with the last pieces of information regarding the black keys of our fears # 3 to # 5.

Fears # 1 & # 2 are anchored in our biology, within our physical body. The other fears belong to the Heaven realm, hence, to the invisible world. This non-matter world is showing so deep echoes with the other fears, for they are transpersonal.

As a matter of fact, everyone can destroy its body without a too big detrimental effect upon the others. However, trapped in the non-matter field, our neighbors are going to be highly affected by our vibrations. Should you find no matter, these fears can spread very easily. Thus, we are getting out of the “personal” field and we are entering the “transpersonal” field.

Should someone be trying to hide anything of its private life (that is what’s happening inwardly), whereas everything is demonstrating it so badly outside, that kind of attitude is making me somewhat laugh! A few outer findings combined with some inner feelings will lead you to the famous “first sight”. To all appearances, this image will be very difficult to discard at a later stage.

Whether you disagree with that point of view, this will not change the existence of this fact. Gravitation has always been, even though during millenniums, nobody has had a real clue about it. However, this lack of understanding has never prevented anyone from using it.

Should someone had done a good inner cleansing, that person will look like a white cloth facing another cloth, which is, for sure, not really like white. Since nature dislikes what is empty, hence your white cloth will automatically be polluted by the not as clean one.

Everyone knows that dirt is as sticky as glue! Thus, should you be as dirty as the other ones, you will have no idea about the dirt you are “swimming” in. On the opposite, should you have started to do some inner cleansing, you finally realize that you have to do it on a regular basis unless you prefer to back to the starting point.

And then, you will have to start again with the whole process: more meditation or whatever technique to try to free yourself from any dirt. However, the positive aspect is that you will be in a position to read, and see, and perceive, and feel what the person wants to hide from anyone.

By way of saying, it’s like a piece of white cotton cloth being washed with some black cloths: that white cloth will, most probably, become blackish. However, a black cloth being washed with some white fabric will not become white. The black cloth will at the most somewhat fade, making it anyway quite visible among any white fabric just being washed together.

So, dear reader, please, don’t try to imagine that you are bearing safe protective shields in order to protect yourself from being read. This attitude is a complete illusion. As a matter of fact, the more you will proceed towards the expression of who you are, the more you will find out your light power.

Many people are as bright as a match at night. So well that any stroke of wind may happen any time leading to switch it off. However, a wayfarer going towards the light can be compared with an oil-lamp, or even more, he can be compared with a self-rechargeable torch.

The power of a torchlight beam will be reflective of the whole crappy protective shield of the other ones. Just imagine when you are showing the power of a 500-watt spotlight! Facing the light, darkness is powerless and is absolutely unable to hide anywhere.

Hence, the more a Being is having an enlightened inner life, the more this Being is showing an outer light. Thus, all of those operating in the dark will have a hard time! Have you ever noticed that an enlightened Being is not frightened showing who he/she is?

That Being is freely smiling. He is open-minded to anyone, without trying to hide anything. He can really be trusted, even though one could wonder why that Being is showing abnormal transparency. Despite this questioning, people are confident and wish to follow the same path as he does. Then, that Being is becoming a role model and can be followed, even though it is not its first concern.

Maybe, you have started a cleansing your physical body through better food intake, through a better way of loving yourself. For instance, you have decided to completely quit or at least decrease any kind of body and mind destructive drug. Well, it can be said that you are proceeding at your own pace regarding this field. Now, let’s see how things are running on the upper floors.

Fears # 3

These ones are pertaining to the love-feeling. An emotion and also a feeling is released whenever your soul is being shaken. This emotion (masculine) wants to fight (for instance when you generate a wave of big anger), whereas the feeling (feminine) is acting like a CD burning.

Then, the CD, being completely full, starts emptying using its own way. That could be generated either when this very anger crisis is being held, or when an insignificant fact occurs.

This situation may take place anywhere, at any time and in whoever’s presence. When the vase is completely filled, a single little drop may induce irreversible damage. While you are experiencing a kind of soothing during your verbal expression, your partner will do his best to recover from your verbal aggression.

Through this small emptying action, a scar is recorded in your soul together with that of your companion. Needless to say, the damage when the person who is experiencing the love-feeling is dealing with feminine energy! This kind of energy is behaving in a way of keeping, and ruminating on, and attaching, and sticking, like the motherly-love. Hence, it goes without saying that this is a tenacious and a permanent thing.

Fear #3 is including the entirety of what an individual is silently ruminating. However, this will sooner or later, arise even if it occurs in another life. It is a time bomb which is deeply affecting any human relationships.

For instance, professionally speaking, your competitor has captured some key contracts you should have entered into, using extremely questionable methods. Hence, you are not at all in a good mood towards him.

Imagine that during a banquet, or on a fair, or on any professional event, you appear to meet him. At his sight, you are starting nourishing bad thoughts towards him. However, since you were well mannered, you will politely smile and formulate a “how are you?” completely at the opposite of your feelings.

Your smile will probably look like that of the shark performing in the film « jaws ». Your shake hand will perhaps badly crush his fingers, and you will think that he is a bastard. At the same time, your vocal cords might very well release out of tune notes or a shift to the upper octaves.

As such, this does not belong to fear. However, it is related to a mental block affecting your mental health together with your good mood. As a result, rather than being relaxed and express your good sense of humor, you will rather be on full alert and somewhat nervous.

Should love-emotion induces damages, this consequence has nothing to do compared to love-feeling. One is showing its explosive side whereas the other one is showing its acid side. Should the first one be blowing up, it is still possible to pick up the shattered pieces afterward, whereas there is no possible procedure to fix anything in the second case.

An acid behavior is, at any time, a constant big destroyer, even though you are trying to clean yourself, there will always be something remaining. Besides, women and men are experiencing a permanent misunderstanding regarding the way they design their own life.

Should it be any misunderstanding between the two of them, hence one will probably hit its partner, whereas the other one will spoil its life. In this respect, it is hard to say who may be the winner. However, statistics are showing that women live longer. Isn’t that interesting, is it?

Fears # 4

Well, the word fear does not completely suit me. In fact, I’d rather say that mental blocks are leading to fears. This is offering a more suitable significance concerning that vibration level or harmonization plan.

Here, we are reaching the field of Love-tenderness, love-caress, being unable to demonstrate anything. This is that kind of legendary shyness that a man is encountering when he wants to express his feelings or even live and show his feminine part.

Society wants a man to be strong. Hence, he allows himself showing neither his sensitivity, nor his tenderness, nor his ability to forgive, nor his heart to be touched. As a consequence, he is becoming rigid. His attitude is leading him to get dryer, for the river of love-energy is unable to flow towards the lower levels.

Here we can talk about the G note. G matches with the Sol note (from the Latin word solve) which is found in the first syllable of the words such as solitude, solitary. However, this isn’t properly in resonance with communication and sharing. Commonly, one would assert that it is as stiff as a stake, as straight as masculine energy staying in an upright position or in a laying position. Nevertheless, this masculine energy is having a wish: waving.

As well as for men as for women, heavy and important mental blocks are stored at that level. On the opposite, society allows a woman to enhance her feminine side. However, there is a denial regarding her right to be as tough and insensible as a man.

Being a general manager, a president, and so on… is requesting a certain amount of hardness. This means that they are acting with pure mental behavior regarding a situation needing to be deprived of any feelings. Needless to say that women will become equal to men, (at least at that very level) when men will allow themselves to fully live and experience their feminine energies.

Many laws were voted, and despite that, the parity men-women will only take place when men will have overcome their own mental blocks. As per the ladies, I am not worried for them, for they are eagerly waiting for the very moment they will be able to take action on the affairs.

Fears #5

The note in question here is B which matches with the Si note. In French, the meaning of the word Si has a conditional meaning which can be translated by if. If men weren’t so blocked at a lower level then love-energy could spread at breakneck speed all over the world. Then, what we call fraternity would really expand.

Mentally speaking we agree with the statement that all of us are brothers. However, racism is still really vivid. As a matter of fact, the problem is located at that level, whereas the other chakras are not concerned. The mental blocks we are maintaining on this harmonization plan can be explained thru the fact that we don’t accept the other people’s differences, we don’t appreciate their unicity.

When someone has acknowledged its own Oneness thru a constant deep inward experience then, very naturally, this love-energy is shining. Our inner racism is the gate, the tap, preventing the 7th chakra Divine Energy from pouring freely.

Inwardly there is a part of us experiencing racism and this is valid for all of us. Of course, the first levels such as skin color, cultural and behavioral differences, can be somewhat overcome.

However, things happen to be more delicate when religious differences, and/or vision of the world, and/or different ways of thinking are in question. Some people are talking about democracy and human rights, whereas some others are putting forward order and discipline.

On that point, things are far from being solved. Thus, it is needless to speak about the other realms of living beings, such as the animal, and the plant and the mineral kingdom. These latter are so shamelessly exploited without any kind of restraint.

How do you dare thinking that a bird could step on your hand, whereas your hand is radiating so many negative vibrations coming from all the chickens you have eaten? Would you have a very friendly behavior with cannibals ready to eat you up when they decide to?

As a summary, humanity has still a very long way to go before having « done all its dishes ». In this respect, that’s why we reincarnate with great pleasure: we know that we are candidates to be an active cleaning agent.

Unfortunately, many of us have forgotten that special point while crossing over to the other side of the veil upon our birth. However, everything is made possible as soon as we begin “at home”. Once you have decided to improve and to clean yourself, then you are helping the whole of mankind.

Then it’s no need to be called Gandhi, Mother Teresa or any other well-known unavoidable person belonging to human history. Very simply, go your own way and you will realize that the few smiles you offered here and then along the day are like the bread yeast.

These smiles, while facilitating the fermentation process, are meant to lighten the matter thru well-being. This action is the secret to obtain fresh well-cooked bread ready to be served to the new souls to incarnate. We are a chain link, we are a cell among others, however what a cell!

We are a self-cleaning cell, and moreover, a cell that can help to clean up all around. Therefore, now be happy here on Earth, for you are lucky to be able to read me on your computer! Thus you can reach a knowledge belonging to all of you, and also to those who have hidden it from you during millenniums!

Now, look up towards a better future, in this respect please start right now to be and live what you really are. Just drop any of your old schemes of the past. They will be aging by themselves. Then, they will be recycled thanks to future souls just waiting for that job. These souls have the opportunity to see everything from the celestial realms since here, we have our nose to the grindstone!

Laurent Dureau

Article originally published on the blog 345D July 23, 2012.

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