When human love will evolve: the colors

In a different article, I talked briefly about the big rules that allowed us to understand why the piano keys are laid in a certain way and why the whole world agree with it.

I will now continue with the explanations of the fears related to Nirvana or to the Spirit (as you wish) and also why the chakras were attributed their colors. Not an accident!

Let’s look at this basic drawing.

Now let’s take a look at how the colors interweave between each other. We said that red corresponds to the color of the lava that could be called the blood of the earth. This lava only spits out where there is a cut in comparison to our body.

Yellow is the color of the sun and blue is the color of the sky. Typical you would say? Yes except that it corresponds to the masculine essence!

1=red, 3=yellow 5=blue. The other colors are only the secondary colors since they correspond to the feminine essence. Red and yellow become orange and so on…..

To simply capture the whole concept take per example a rose or a bouquet of flowers that you would like to offer to someone.

A nice red rose said openly  “I would like to make love with you”. Imagine the same situation with a blue rose? There would be a big disparity since blue represent rather the Spirit and not the body.

The yellow rose would express “I would like to feel some emotions with you”. It is a lot more cool and less physical. In such the blue rose would signify more like “Let’s get intellectual with one another”.

The pink rose is composed of red diluted with yellow, perhaps white. This would mean “I would love to be intimate with you but with the intention of starting a family”. That is the reason why this flower was named Rose…..

Then there is the white rose ( the note B or love-unity). It says “I desire you and to become you. I want to live the divine with you”. It means that we add up all the colors of the spectrum in additive synthesis.

With subtractive synthesis (all the colors added up create black). It is clear that the black rose is for people who have a darker or demonic vision of things. Black doesn’t express what is exposed to all but rather what is hidden and is perceived as degrading and demonic.

It is a morbid color because it’s a color that absorbs all radiation. It’s the opposite of all that shine ( the gift ) it is a black hole that gobbles up everything. In a printing company, we talk about black color because it is necessary to have something strong/ ink to print but, in fact, (black is not a color but the lack of).!

That is why it is not recommended to wear black since to the contrary of what you think you demonstrate a lack of something that pushes you to attract what you’re missing!

Just take a look at who is wearing the brightest and most Fluo color in all the cultures. The majority are those who have darker skin tones. Life needs color where it’s dark. And where it’s luminous we reach out for darkness…..Life is duality, therefore, the contrary, the opposite and the complimentary co-exist.

So, coming back to the chakras and their respective colors, white is right on top ( the 7th) and black is non- existent. In fact, like I mentioned black is not a color, nor a vibration but rather the lack of vibration since it absorbs everything.

Black is therefore before the first chakra, before the DO note and it indicates that you don’t belong to any octave of life. You are simply dead. Dust you will return to dust.

Black is the symbol of the No-life. It compares to the image of the black notes on the piano’s keyboard. All energy that does not circulate properly between 2 notes, between 2 different loves is a death, an absence, a blockage.

The objective for a human is to raise his vibration, to increase the different type of loves and especially by cleansing to the max where there is a blockage. According to you, why are you reading this article?

Simply because you have a need in you to improve yourself, otherwise you would not be interested to know about your own personal development and at this present moment you will be doing something else. It’s your desire to feel better and be better that pushes you to read this article.

And, if you answer me that it is by curiosity, then ask yourself why are you curious? What pushes you to do so? The desire to do better but also being fed up to get kicked in the butt by life!

Just look at those babies. They are born explorers and are tireless curious, why?. Because they know they do not have a choice and if they want to fulfill their destiny, there is no time to laze around especially from the beginning.

They know that they came here to experiment what they messed up in their previous incarnation. They know they will get knock down, that they will be trapped and some low-blow will happen. They are fully conscious of it, except that the veil that covers the mental in adulthood is hiding the truth.

So if you knew all the troubles that awaited you sincerely would you still volunteer to come? You knew you will be misunderstood, bullied, ignored, sick, suffering and lacking this love that you cherish.

Sincerely no, except if you are a warrior, deeply convince that he will battle his demons and inner enemies. All human beings born on earth is that warrior who took the step to fight with himself.

The others are nothing else then actors that will assist him, as much in good than bad, It’s up to him to use his judgment before becoming a pact member with other warriors. Some are luminous and other much less.

None of the camps are better than the other, except that one takes and the other gives. But the problem is that it is not simple to draw the line between good and bad. Not as simple as Bush’s logic.

Indeed we are in the two camps at the same time, otherwise, we would not exist in this world. The only trick that changes is the proportion of white and black in you. Less black there is, the more white it will be. Simple isn’t it!

Fundamentally, we are on Earth right now to do our dirty laundry. Our detergent brand is Love. We start with the pre-wash called knowing. We then proceed with the wash that is the knowledge, which is the knowing in action.

The spinning cycle corresponds to the mastery, which is the ability to evacuate the useless and the superficial to finally come out of the washing machine to be hung to dry. The last step corresponds to the teaching that says “see, it is possible to be more white, more luminous, more fresh but not necessarily softer”.

It is for that reason that it is recommended to add up some scale remover ( joy) and a softener ( wisdom) which is perfumed with love (of your choice).


This obviously implies that we are dirty but that we came with the right detergent. So no need to panic, we have all that it takes to do our job with a smile, in joy and happiness.

So let’s love ourselves deeply and let’s help those who did not yet find the key to the laundry room! This blog is just a little pamphlet to help you find the way to the laundry room while reminding what you already know deep inside you behind the veil….

Laurent Dureau

Article originally published on the blog 345D July 23, 2012.

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