The subject of human love is so vast that I could write hundreds of more pages about it. However, with this article, I will end the chapter by giving you a few more info.

The evolution of human love totally, rely heavily on the human soul. It seems obvious at first sight, but it is like trains: one may hide another one (one idea may hide another one)…

Indeed, we have seen that the human soul is stuck between the body and the mind or, in another perspective, stuck between matter and non-matter, between the visible and the invisible. In this precise location, there is no black key, either E sharp nor F flat does exist.

Hence, there is no intermediate bridge to move from one note to another. So we can say that the gap is twice as big there, and Humanity has been completely blocked right there for several centuries.

Thus, on the left side of the keyboard, we find physical love, maternal love and emotion love, while on the other side we encounter love feeling, love tenderness and love the energy that seems to be the forgotten ones in this story.

It’s like lightning. Everyone thinks that lightning travels downward in an arbitrary way causing damage. Actually, science has shown that it is the opposite.

It is the Earth that launches mini lightning toward the sky, which, finding a path, delivers all its power. It is the same for a man. It is the sexual energy of the root chakra (the 1st, the C note) that going up to the 7th chakra triggers the hells…

In the 7th chakra reigns love-unity or love-fusion. It gets so hot that what is separated merges to rediscover the original state of unity where duality no longer exists. It is the perfect androgyny, like that of the angels.

Indeed, angels have no sex because, on the other side, since there is no matter, there can be no reproduction of a body. An angel is, therefore, a non-binary entity, and is thus rid of the desire’s instinct. Then, we can understand that angels are at peace in term of sex. Which is not at all the case for humans…

We now understand the myth of the abstinence of religious people, men and women, who want to reach the heavens. But here’s the thing: that is much harder to be androgynous on earth than in heaven because we are in a binary body that has the instinct to reproduce himself…

Also, they were not told everything, because the big bosses do not want to see all monks and nuns become exceptional beings. This would be quickly unmanageable and the population would suddenly be much less obedient.

Imagine that you can get your jollies by yourself: the theory of the couple, of the family, would collapse entirely. In order to isolate the possibilities, it was claimed that sex should only be used for reproduction and not for pleasure.

But apparently, it was not enough to keep “sinful sinners” out of the path of vice, evil and fornication. So our dear religious leaders have released the fatal weapon called guilt. They almost won the game but a handful of indomitable women were able to take measures so that men were not entirely fooled.

Many witches were burned during the Inquisition because they knew how to unleash the fires of love within men. Hence, they were possessed by evil, by Baphomet demons…. we can smile now, but the suffering was huge then and our soul remembers!

Returning to the keyboard notes and love types, we understand that women with love-feeling already have one foot on the side of Heaven. It is, therefore, easier for them to go visit the floor above, but for that they needed men.

Fortunately, otherwise us, men, we would still be in caves. And to tell the truth, we are still very much in there when we look at some religions very uptight on these topics. They understand “multiply yourself” but without pleasure doing it.

The most violent ones even impose excision so that evil is no longer in the woman because she must be like a “laying hen” and not a woman of easy virtue. It is certain that when the electric cord is cut, the current no longer flows.

380 million women in the world have become biologically disabled on the goodwill of men who can have up to 4 wives according to the scriptures. Therefore, I have to admit that they have done even better than the Vatican, even though the latter is far from a rookie on the matter!

The man, stuck in the first 3 chakras, only perceives 3 things in life: money, sex, and power. First, money, because it is the equivalent of the survival energy (1st chakra); then sex for reproduction (2nd chakra) and, above all, pleasure, but that should not be said; and, finally, power (3rd chakra).

So, the first black key combines the two possible versions, C sharp and D flat. C sharp corresponds to all its blocking concerning money as well as D flat that corresponds to his sexual blocking (I am too young, too old, impotent, and so on).

The second black key (D sharp and/or E flat) will gather all the sexual freezing related to authority or some form of power with, “I have a tiny dick” for men, or “I have small boobs or a big butt” for women.

My vocabulary is crude here, but it aims at expressing very clearly the kind of blocking we are talking about. Hence, the result is that rich people will often try to gain power while getting hands on a few hot call girls.

With money (1st chakra), you can buy “sex” (2nd chakra) and then go play the fool who has power (3rd chakra). And going above? It’s no way, period! The reason is there is no bridge between the 3rd and 4th chakra and since women have no say, we are stuck in matter.

We understand quite quickly that a man, being cut off from Heaven, has to keep busy. Thus, he drinks, he rapes, he kills, he loots, he breeds, he eats and he dies. A vast program that simply leads humanity to its destruction.

So, if a woman managed to make a man reach Love-tenderness, love-caress that is in him, then he would already soften to the point of realizing that woman is really the future of man.

Therefore, busy flirting with his beloved darling; he’d finally discover that building a relationship in harmony is more beneficial than hitting it off in a rough way. He would discover that the world of heaven, the immaterial world is just as populated as the tangible world.

It would also make him understand that life is not about indefinitely accumulating wealth but above all, gathering as much as possible in Heaven while minimizing his 3D material impact to a fair amount.

Thus, love-emotion could finally fully understand love-feeling and get to the top floor terrace where the bartender serves you nirvana drinks without any moderation. It would be cool, especially since up there, we always see our partner as a goddess. It must be necessarily the altitude sickness that is causing our blurred vision…

In short, today’s world is going round and round in circles in the 1st trigram (the first three chakras) because the man (the male) is afraid to fully experience his feelings and therefore to discover Love-tenderness about which he dreams so much.

Go ahead gentlemen: take a step forward! And about you, ladies, it’s bedtime for the kids because your companion needs you. Leave the dishes; stop cleaning and doing groceries, at least the time for him to shed a warm and poetic tear cry on your shoulder (and more if you are so inclined!).

This way, you will make the world better for your children, your couple, your family and, indirectly, for the whole of humanity. The man also needs a shoulder where he can relax, confide and shed a few tears.

Do not rely on the confession with the local priest, because the latter still lives in the time of the inquisition when material poverty was associated with all the other poverty forms. Only their leaders drive in big cars with clothes that are not sold at a yard sale.

Do not listen to them because they are professional of emasculation (figuratively speaking). They have indeed performed self-castration! They are well aware of the matter, and that is why I pray for them because they are acting in good faith and are sincere too, but not in the right direction.

Laurent DUREAU

Article originally published on the blog Boost Your Influence September 24, 2008, and updated on the blog 345D July 23, 2012.

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