When human love will evolve…

Just like me, you have noticed that everyone talks about Love, dreams of love, and runs after it. The only problem in all this is that everyone puts his / her own definition into the word love.

Some like weapons while others like non-violence, etc. Human love, seen by an alien, would look more like a totally egotistical and selfish projection of its own needs.

When an individual declares a brave “I love you” to another person, what love is he/she talking about? Does she/he express a real feeling or rather a thank you because the other fills his or her needs? There is likely a mix of both.

So, what should we think when love is combined with action, like: “making love”? Apparently, this expression seems rather imply the physical side where intercourse would be in order. As a matter of fact, making love to a child would send you directly to the High Court of Justice!

What is behind this human love that does not really tell its true nature? The answer seems unequivocal to me: it is a very easy catch-all to make believe anything.

A soldier defends his homeland and is ready to kill because he loves (or thinks he loves) his country. Likewise, for a “terrorist” who will terrorize because he loves his God. Ditto for the deceived husband who kills his wife’s lover. Same thing for the one who kills her firstborn as it is not a boy. Ditto for the family who kills one of its daughters because she has tarnished the reputation of the family, and so on.

In the name of love, we do not stop killing! It’s a weird vision, don’t you think?! We will give a reduced sentence to a deceived husband while others will get a life imprisonment if not sentenced to death for less than that…

Human love is all-encompassing where both a lot squalid and a little bit of the Divine are found. I dare not speak of those who preach God while hoping to have under control all their flock. In the name of God, they tortured psychologically but also blessed the bombs…

It would be interesting to discern other concepts of Love. We can say that love is energy and that in this world it is polarized. There would be that of “love-feeling” and that of “love-energy”.

Love-feeling is sensed like a feminine energy with characteristics close to magnetism and its warm colors. On the other hand, love-energy would be much more like the projection of the masculine energies, more direct but also more neutral if not utterly cold…

Behind love-feeling is hiding, of course, love-emotion, love-passion. Love-energy is more into love-respect, love-devotion, love-wisdom.

From this angle, it is then possible to understand that human love is only like McDonald’s where several different types of love are piled up, more or less culturally spicy, with more or less ketchup, more or less animal violence.

Human love is a poor dietary love for the Gods.

Human love is too much focused on the personal, on the ego, on belongings, on the ideals and not enough on universal and transpersonal aspirations and not enough on respect. Human love is Elementary class love and it would be nice for us to go to Middle school.

Trapped in a world of high density, we must clarify what we consider to be Love in order to relieve it from the material, spiritual and personal contingencies.

In order to see things more clearly, I suggest you start by taking a person you like but who does not live in your immediate environment, for which you do not have emotions and feelings that are too personal.

Start asking yourself why you appreciate this person to the point of loving him/her purely. Surely, if she/he would leave to the other side of the veil, you would definitely have a real heartache. Try to find out why and into what kind of love you would categorize him or her.

When it’s done, pick other people closer to your inner circle. Once you have arrived at your partner, your children, you will then know what kind of energy connects you to them.

As easy as it seems, this exercise aims to make you realize that there is an infinity of combinations with different proportions of each love for each one. Then, over time, you will also discover why you love the person you have not yet met!

Indeed, some form of love-energy (I am open to the other and I’m being transparent) will make you discover the love-feeling (we belong to the same family, you the human that I do not know not yet).

Thus, with this clarification, you can understand that we can love someone with love-energy while we’re also into love-feeling. For instance, in principle, we respect our competitor because he/she is a valuable person but, at the same time, we blame him/her for the last market he/she stole from us.

It’s surprising to see the world like this because you can find out what are your own projections also what are your expectations. The clearer it will be for you, and the more your love will brighten!

There will come a time when you will discover that you can love without asking for anything in return and, believe me, this is one of the greatest gifts that can happen to you in your life. You will feel what the word “Freedom” means.

This freedom to be oneself, simply, without judgment, without bias, without projection, without requests. Just be yourself at the moment, right now and purely ready to discover another entity with all the strength of innocence.

With your outside behavior, but especially inside, the other will perceive you as an island of serenity in the middle of this permanent chaos. And then, when your eyes cross, a glow will come out almost instantly, as if, two divine beings met.

These are magic microseconds because, at this very moment, you will feel the other as you will never be able to do it later on. This is one of the only moments where we can see the real entity that inhabits in this body. It is pure magic!

Once that is achieved, then, you will better understand what is happening in other worlds where the physical body does not exist as we know it. This is why it is interesting to better discern why we like a person from the energy angle.

That’s when the multicolored palette of love-feeling can occur. It is like a rainbow where we could try to separate some colors from others but it is not easy because the prism is ourselves!

Contrary to the classic image of a light beam going through a prism where we expect to perceive 7 colors, the reality shows us that the prism breaks down, in a different way, the colors according to its internal angle, between its 2 sides.

By opening the prism, we actually get 2 distinct beams that are blue and red. When these 2 beams get closer to each other until slightly overlapping (decreasing the angle of the prism) there comes a time when a green color appears.

It is the meeting between the Earth (red) and the Heaven (blue). This green color is the color of love and that is why chlorophyll is green: it transforms the energy of Heaven (the Father) in motion into animated matter via the red color (Agartha, the Mother Earth).

This is also why in springtime the green color of Nature is so vividly fluorescent then getting darker in the summer and turning into orange and red in the autumn. During the spring, the energy of the father is important but in autumn it declines to make way for the winter season.

This green color is also the color of the heart chakra. This 4th chakra is stuck between the first 3 chakras and colors of the Earth (red, orange, yellow) while the 3 superior ones are blue, indigo and purple and are connected to the energies of the Heaven.

This is also why our TVs use the 3 RGB grids that are Red, Green, and Blue, to recreate the full range of our color palette. Well, the red depicts the energy of the feeling/the emotion while the blue represents love-energy.

The love-energy is always there except the night where it makes way for the energy-feeling entirely. It is also one of the reasons why, at night, so many bad things happen in this world. Then, love-emotion reigns supreme because the light of wisdom is absent!

But when the sun rises and the day breaks, a greater wisdom allows us to better control our emotions, our instincts. Without the sun, Life would not exist (no photosynthesis = no life) and therefore the emotion would not exist either because we would be dead…

By discovering the energy of love that animates your relationships with the people you claim to love, you will only better control the emotion of love that you will then experience. If there are so many variations of Love on Earth it is because we are subjected to seasons more or less luminous and more or less cold.

Look what happens within you when the weather is nice when there is plenty of sunshine. You feel clearer, more open to communication even when it’s cold. On the other hand, if the darkness prevails then your feelings will be much more in the energy-emotion.

Human love is, therefore, that love where the best and the worst stand alongside. It is the misunderstood mixture of our duality between the wisdom and the ignorance, between the beauty and the detestable, between the innocence and the manipulation, between the scarcity and the abundance. It’s a real weather…

Therefore, look first for love-energy because it will allow you to better understand and live the love-feeling. The opposite can only be true if not by those who are totally dependent on drugs that annihilate their reason.

Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, medicine pills are just toxins that kill life within you. Photosynthesis is not happening very well anymore and leaves of your tree of life are fading or catching all the diseases that are hanging around.

To live the love-emotion without the guardrail of the love-energy, it is certainly to commit suicide while making sure that we will not be the only ones to die. If people do not smile at you, it’s because you simply do not do it yourself!

Everyone wants to sit beneath a beautiful tree to flirt and not beneath a sick one. Because under the sick tree, there is only a disease waiting for you. You know it instinctively then why want to persist in the destruction of your body by a dissolute life in the name of pleasure?

True Freedom begins internally and ends inwardly. Do not seek love-energy or love-feeling in others because when you love yourself unconditionally you will be the energy and the sensibility at the same time.

Do not try to follow the standard ideas of happiness imposed by cultures and ways of thinking. Learn to feel the energy of Nature and the Sun, and you’ll see how much your body will appreciate.

But above all, how much your heart will be able to spread this energy, this huge drive that is missing from many of our contemporaries nowadays. In Love, when we have it, we give without a hidden agenda. When we are in need, we maneuver and manipulate.

Therefore, into what Love are you? In the one that gives or the one that takes?!

The giving of love-energy ensure that you will have a great quality of love-feeling on a regular basis. On the other hand, if you want excitement, emotions, great adventures, it’s simply that there is still a void in you that has not been filled…

Laurent DUREAU

Article originally published on the blog Boost Your Influence, July 25, 2008, and updated on the blog 345D July 20, 2012.

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